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(Hiatus) Selfishness (Date A Live Fanfic) by AdmiralStriker
(Hiatus) Selfishness (Date A AdmiralKafka
Shido Itsuka was treated with unfairness in the future. Depressed he travel back in time to restart his life in a selfish way Also include some Breaking Bad reference
[2] Date a Live: Strolling Through Secrets (Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader) by HHParadise
[2] Date a Live: Strolling Paradise
----SEQUEL TO MY BEST FRIEND (KURUMI X READER)---- Highest Ranking(s): #1 in kurumitokisaki, #2 in shidoitsuka, #12 in animegirl **DISCLAIMER: If you have not fully read...
Date a Live: Date a God  by Karl_Krafft_
Date a Live: Date a God by Mercurius
After protecting the world from Hajun for 8000+ years, Tenma Yato, knowed also as Ren Fujii found his death by the hand of the Eastern Expedition. However, instead of di...
Date An Anomaly (Date a Live) by HaruruTheTen
Date An Anomaly (Date a Live)by Haruru
デート・ア・ライブ x Male!Reader! Be mindful of the fact that "Date An Anomaly" is a rewrite of the original, "Date A Glitch". If you happen to not skip the d...
Date a live Shido X Reader by AjaxsGirlie
Date a live Shido X Readerby Fern
(Y/N) is a spirit, a being from another dimension who possess great power. Each spirit owns an angel and has its own unique power, however (Y/N)'s power is like no othe...
Shido Itsuka x Reader by mayigems
Shido Itsuka x Readerby 🤍⋆ ♕ 𝑀𝒶𝓎𝒾𝓏𝓊 ♕ ⋆🤍
Right after Mio Takamiya she's the strongest Spirit before Tohka Yatogami. How will she be 'saved'? #1 in shidoxreader :D #9 in datealive :D
Kurumi x Shido Our Day (Date A Live) by LightLoli
Kurumi x Shido Our Day (Date A ♡ Temmie ♡
It's been exactly one year since Shido and Kurumi had their date at the Tanabata Festival (The star festival) and she's returned to see Shido once again. How will their...
Shido's Daily Lives with the Spirits by THAN018
Shido's Daily Lives with the HansenHan
Shido was suddenly summoned to a Neighboring World, and was all alone. Fortunately, the Spirits could go visit him and spend time with him. However, a lot of girls in th...
I'm A Clone (Date A Live Fanfic) by AdmiralStriker
I'm A Clone (Date A Live Fanfic)by AdmiralKafka
Y/n wake up as a clone of Kurumi. The title is pretty self-explanatory
A NIGHTMARE OF A DATE (A Date A Live Fanfic) by KaizerWulf
Remember the trope of the superpowered protagonist having a normal best friend? Futsu Kudomono is the definition of this trope. Unlike his friend, Shido Itsuka, who has...
Dark Empress (Date A Live Fanfic) by AdmiralStriker
Dark Empress (Date A Live Fanfic)by AdmiralKafka
A gangster die and turn into Tenka Yatogami in Date A Live.
Unnoticed Yet Still Living {Date A Live} by Phanzure
Unnoticed Yet Still Living {Date Phanzuru
"I want to be noticed. I want to be praised. I want to be liked." With self loathing thoughts, she couldn't be satisfied with herself. Alone, miserable, and h...
Date a Live: The God of Thunder (Date a Live X Male God Reader) by J_Sawbridgeworth_3
Date a Live: The God of Thunder ( ラブビヨンドライフ
(Y/N) Itsuka, is an average high school student from Tengu city who was walking home from School on a rainy day. But then was strucked by lightning. He was killed but th...
Date A Live x Male Reader by ArthurMelon
Date A Live x Male Readerby Arthur🍉
This fan fiction for "Date A Live" is specifically on the OVA/anime, just with the Male Reader's character to get involved in on the action. Y/N L/N is an ordi...
Date or Hunt by Oramudadora
Date or Huntby Oramudadora
Awakened from a horrible nightmare. Awakened into the waking world. The Good Hunter had slain the Great One that brought him into the nightmare. The hunt for beast was...
Kurumi X Reader(JOJO) by Awen829293
Kurumi X Reader(JOJO)by Awen Gabe Simanjuntak
The following story is going to be a KurumiXReader story: This is a Date A Live story in a world where the JoJo incidents happened. After defeating Dio the Stardust Crus...
Date A Live x Male Hantengu Reader by Kokushibo-Tsugikuni
Date A Live x Male Hantengu Readerby Kamaboko Gonpachiro
Date A Live x Male Hantengu Reader. Hope you enjoy 😊
Date A Live "Assistant Captain's Challenge" (Fanmade Story) by JustOnlySovietUnion
Date A Live "Assistant Captain's Soviet Union Countryhumans
Nothing, just a fanmade Date A Live Light Novel for fun ;)
Metallic Purgatory by Washingmachine1910
Metallic Purgatoryby The Washing
Miyamoto Fumiko, a 24 year old office worker ends up tragically dying in a plane crash. What should've been a ticket now to the afterlife, got transformed into a purgato...
One Year (Kurumi Tokisaki x Shido) Date A Live (Discontinued) by KooperTrooper785
One Year (Kurumi Tokisaki x Shido) KooperTrooper785
Its been one year since Shido and Kurumi went on their date during Tanabata. Kurumi's wish to see Shido again has come true. What will their day behold? This story will...