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Classroom of the Elite: Quintuplets by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Quintupletsby derp
The first island exam is successfully over, but something unexpected happened after the students returned to ANHS; Chabashira announced that five transfer students will...
Little Devil (Quintessential Quintuplets x Child Reader) by Creepsies
Little Devil (Quintessential Quint...by Creepsies
The quints have a cute younger brother. Wait, a cute younger brother? ___________________________________________________________________ There are absolutely no stories...
Project NIKA by KingIzaya
Project NIKAby Izaya X
A teenage boy, fell down from a portal, he was found by a group of people inside a ruin. They decided to bring him back to the village they currently stay in.
Music To My Ears by DragonicSlayer
Music To My Earsby Slayer
Y/N is a shy and introverted boy. He doesn't like interacting with people and prefers to be alone with his music. That is until a new girl moves to his school. An adora...
Yotsuba Nakano x Basketball Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Yotsuba Nakano x Basketball Male R...by Senpai Noodle
Searching for a description right now, hold on...
Studying is hard! (Itsuki Nakano x male reader)  by Nicolasig0k
Studying is hard! (Itsuki Nakano x...by existing.guy
Y/n has some problems. Him being a big introvert don't really help him. Knowing Fuutarou since they were little, he became his only friend since he doesn't communicate w...
3 Sides of a Coin by HTDirtyDan
3 Sides of a Coinby Goku-Sa!
Fuutarou Uesugi, the top student at Asahiyama High school. He's a well known person at school with him participating in club activities as a sub in. But, people have not...
Seeking BFF (The Quintessential Quintuplets Fan-fic) by The_Replica
Seeking BFF (The Quintessential Qu...by The_Replica
Would you rather forget everything even special someone but meet new friends or remember the tragic moments but embrace the one? Fuutaru woke up in the woods not remembe...
The Queen's Queen by ILY637
The Queen's Queenby Ca_ily
Queen Leviashkan of the Southern Philippias received a green envelope with a letter inside it, after reading it, she order her butler to find a woman. What was the lett...
The Unknown Idol by NotHuTao
The Unknown Idolby NotHuTao
This is my first fanfic. So please bear with me
One of Five (TQQ Oc X. ???)  by NotHuTao
One of Five (TQQ Oc X. ???) by NotHuTao
On Bright Moonlit Nights Your Graceful Face comes to mind The Star to my sky