Noblelady Stories

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The Hunt For The Dark Rose (TLSOTE Volume 1) by dreamcoloredgift
The Hunt For The Dark Rose ( F.J.A.D.
One night of tragedy prompted a clan princess to change her fate and stand up to fight for what was left of her and her retainers' fallen honor. But while doing her best...
I'm finally free... (DROPPED) by RiaaHime
I'm finally free... (DROPPED)by RiaaHasaki
A story about a girl who was abused by her parents and got reincarnated as a villain in her own story. ~~~~~~~~~~ *huff..hah..* a girl is laying on the floor looking at...
Villainous Stories Beyond by Baeyoongi23
Villainous Stories Beyondby Rayamei
this is all one shot of all the stories for every villainous leading them their own characters point of view.
The Prince and His Lady by Detectivelyheartless
The Prince and His Ladyby 𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓶𝓲
The bluenette has lost her parents in the sea, so she moved with her uncle when she was young. She came back to Gilmore because she had to take care of her parent's buis...
The Villainess Is From The Tropics!  by Snow_fox108
The Villainess Is From The Snow_Fox108
Melanie was a Filipina girl, the eldest in her family. Her dream was to become a nurse or maybe even a doctor. But unfortunately she had to drop out of nursing school to...
Becoming The Empress (On-Hold)  by YurikoShirayuki
Becoming The Empress (On-Hold) by YUR iKO
25-years-old Lena Byrne killed herself after being humiliated and raped by the current emperor. Subsequently thinking she was dead, Lena turn back before her time 9 year...
Just Another Side Character by K_1001_
Just Another Side Characterby K_1001_
Escaping her hellish life through death, a young lady ends up reincarnating into yet another pitiful life. The life of a side character in a novel. However, instead of h...
A Happy Ending by RiaaHime
A Happy Endingby RiaaHasaki
A story about a girl who wants a good ending. __________ Her story started when her engagement with the second prince was canceled. She was a little shocked and angry. S...
Reincarnated As A Villainess by Mystie4
Reincarnated As A Villainessby Mystie4
Once you had died from saving a little boy from a truck, you find yourself covered in darkness. You are told that you have died unnecessarily and that now you will be re...
Laticia, the red-haired snow white by Its7with12
Laticia, the red-haired snow whiteby Dynamic
Laticia Cortez died instantly after receiving a weird message through her phone but then woke up as a beautiful young lady from a rich and noble family. While aiming for...
Diary Of 100-Personas by Cuterthanyou256
Diary Of 100-Personasby Cuterthanyou256
From 1st person pov or 3rd person-sympathetic pov, I'll upload short snippets or one-shots of my personal characters. I have a few favorites, but since I have nearly 100...
The doll lady by marijerahluna
The doll ladyby miaa
Luna Munich is the baron Davis Munich the only daughter. She's being known for her quiet personality and for her beauty that gifted from the moon. So this is my first st...
"The Moon Is Beautiful Isn't?" by Rinscarlet21
"The Moon Is Beautiful Isn't?"by Lunarin
Lady Anastasia Ethel is from the family of Arevalous, she is the youngest and the only girl from the family and the protagonist of the story. She have three older brothe...
Living Like A Novel Story? Nah by LiLiCapii
Living Like A Novel Story? Nahby
I have a Villainess mother, she died when I'm 12, then my father brings a new woman, I found out that I have a half-sister!? Well, I don't really care. The story cover i...
The Step Empress by vania_buntaran
The Step Empressby Elinea Estelle
Wen Mei Zhen is the eldest daughter of Wen noble family of the second banner. She got accepted in the concubine selection and now entering the palace to be The Emperor's...
Fur Elise | Taehyung by thcstwy
Fur Elise | Taehyungby thcstwy
Mary Elizabeth Louise Herbart, otherwise known as Elise, is the only child of Julia Herbart - an aristocrat who owns the renowned textile factory, "Vereinigte Stoff...
Reborn villainess mends her ways by KayCross123
Reborn villainess mends her waysby KayCross123
I will not make the same mistakes twice! Reborn with a second chance at life, Octavia Nero is determined to live a long happy life and stay away from men! Born into weal...
Reincarnation of Villainess Noble Lady (Ch. 143-299) by 0MsUnknown0
Reincarnation of Villainess Ms.Unknown
Villainess' Second Chance by trafalgarswifeeee
Villainess' Second Chanceby Grazy
Eloise Ophelia, a noble lady who recognize as the "villainess" in her first life. Her first chance to live as the noble lady went into a tragic ending. Now th...