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The Banana Bus Crew and RWBY by sound0wave0
The Banana Bus Crew and RWBYby SoundOwaveO
The crew's on Remnant and being the most chaotic guys they can be! Lights are shining over Vale and a man in red falls from the sky. The boys and all meet new faces and...
Sparrows -A Krii7y fanfiction by yippeekyay
Sparrows -A Krii7y fanfictionby yippeekyay
"I promise you I'm not crazy. I promise I don't belong in a mental facility. But for a second you have to believe me. I see things. No...not just any 'things', I se...
SMii7Y+ House Oneshots  by DrColeDeKuiper
SMii7Y+ House Oneshots by Cole
Read Author's Note Requests are Open SMii7Y+ House and people related to that group Oneshots
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by Anastat1c
Banana Bus Squad X Readerby Mama Smit
You're a junior in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defense...
Paper Hearts || Krii7y by lumos_candour
Paper Hearts || Krii7yby ~LC~
Jaren is your typical nerdy high schooler. Straight As and only enough friends to count on two fingers, he unexpectedly makes a third. But this friend is nothing like hi...
Team 6 of the Ark (vanoss crew and ark survival evolved) by wildyo
Team 6 of the Ark (vanoss crew wildyo
vanoss was done editing his video and went to sleep for the day. until a mysterious light appears in his bag yard. vanoss went to check it out and found something that w...
Cranial《Book 1》 by Ace_Stories24
Cranial《Book 1》by Ace_Stories24
Smii7y (Smitty) unlocks a cold secret. A power unlike no other. Many crave that power and want to use it for themselves. Smii7y finds himself in tough situations but wit...
team 6 of scorch earth (vanoss crew x ark survival) by wildyo
team 6 of scorch earth (vanoss wildyo
After the event of the island vanoss and his friends have ascended into a new ark. one that will challenge them to survive in a scorching desert ark. it's up to vanoss a...
Vanoss crew One Shots by Fan_O_Hour
Vanoss crew One Shotsby Brick
Banana Bus Squad One shots Vanoss Crew plus others I'll take requests but I mainly just write my own ideas now
team 6 of aberration (vanoss crew x ark survival)  by wildyo
team 6 of aberration (vanoss wildyo
after their event on the scorched earth ark they were meant to ascend to the next ark. but only to be pulled by a strange force and thrown into a destroyed ark. the vano...
The Price of a Life [Delirious x Reader] by BLTrixx
The Price of a Life [Delirious x BLTrixx
He was an assassin, part of one of the most infamous gangs in Los Santos. He was a cold blooded killer. And then a little girl came up to him, his newest client, handed...
Smii7yxOC by I-Got-Krusty-Krabs
Smii7yxOCby EatMyChumBucket
Living together but they have no clue. Until it all goes tits up for them.
team 6 of monsters hunter (vanoss X monster hunter world) by wildyo
team 6 of monsters hunter ( wildyo
vanoss was doing his usual thinks around the house, until night time happened and he received a package. a strange item with glowing bugs that guide him to gather strang...
Sugar|kryoz by crimson_treetops
Sugar|kryozby my math is suck
we are the kids our parents warned us about a kryoz fanfiction after John and her brother Craig find out about a particularly abusive relationship that she's in, Sarah h...
BANANA BUS SQUAD X GOBLIN SLAYER (Discontinued) by VikingZeroOne
Are lovable group of idiots are assigned to watch over the multiverse, they got bored however and wanted to be transported to another world. They then set up a teleporte...
Erasermic by creepycrew0
Erasermicby nogla and brian<3
this takes place in the past and present of my hero academia. (no spoilers just some fun facts about these characters) Aizawa and Mic fall in love as young kids but get...
Umbra《Book 2》 by Ace_Stories24
Umbra《Book 2》by Ace_Stories24
⚠️ This book will have cursing and gore. Art by Runnyunny on deviantart. Pictures aren't by me and credit goes to the photographers. This is book 2 of Crainal, so I high...
OhmToonz- Priest and Devil by Fan_O_Hour
OhmToonz- Priest and Devilby Brick
young priest Ryan goes to a friend's party, wrong choice or good choice? he's alone in a room because he refuses to drink or do drugs. who else is there? bad boy devil...
BBS crack by ImLinJp
BBS crackby 『ImLinJp』
Credit's do not go to me,All credit's go to the people who taught/made these
Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshots by DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshotsby DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Includes Youtubers such as Vanoss, MiniLadd, Ohmwrecker, Fitz, Kryoz and many more! Contains both VanossCrew and GBG! Request: open :) WARNING Chapters may include T...