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Banana Bus Squad x Isekai by TIMEMASTER101
Banana Bus Squad x Isekaiby Artemis099
The Vanoss Crew, a band of very dangerous, slightly chaotic, and extremely hilarious group of lovable, and hatable but yet smart idiots who always mainly loved playing v...
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming & crew by Codmplayer2514
Hololive reacts to VanossGaming...by Codm
(If you want to add others from JP or ID then go ahead and tell me. I'll do my best on translating.) What happens if a famous agency of vtubers react to a Youtuber who f...
H20Delirious X Reader COMPLETED  by WifeDelirious
H20Delirious X Reader COMPLETED by Emily ❤️
A famous YouTuber? A serial killer? His fans and friends don't know what secrets he holds? What else is The famous H20 Delirious hiding from everyone that love him? Soo...
Krii7y OneShots by kyrizz0
Krii7y OneShotsby kyrizz0
i have fallen in love with them and this ship jaren smith is supposedly smittys real name, used to be lukas in the story but i changed it half way into the story oops o...
The Faith And The Omega {Completed} by LunaCray
The Faith And The Omega {Completed}by LunaCray
Ryan is known for the kindness and encouragement through his pack as an Alpha. Annetta is constantly verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend who is NOT her mate...
30 Day writing challenge by bandhoez9194
30 Day writing challengeby ~ Wind 🖤 Song ~
a series of one shots for the bbs under a writing challenge, one story a day. I'll try at least lmao
No Fun | BBS by LunaLuvsWriting
No Fun | BBSby Sunny
This story is inspired by another story I have read and is based off of your character going to school with the vanossgaming crew. But what's bad about that is that the...
Team 6 in Selenus: RATED R EDITION (Vanoss crew x Kuroinu) by SoundBlastersuperior
Team 6 in Selenus: RATED R EDITION...by SoundBlastersuperior
On the world of Selenus, in the land of Eostia, war wages on. The Seven Shield Alliance against the Olga Discordia and her monster armies. When Olga seemed to have the u...
Beneath the Waves by bandhoez9194
Beneath the Wavesby ~ Wind 🖤 Song ~
Brock works an oil rig in the middle of the ocean with a few of his close friends. They all work hard at keeping the ocean clean, keeping the sea life safe, and keeping...
Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshots by DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Vanoss Crew & GBG Oneshotsby DANINATOR_LOLZOR
Includes Youtubers such as Vanoss, MiniLadd, Ohmwrecker, Fitz, Kryoz and many more! Contains both VanossCrew and GBG! Request: open :) WARNING Chapters may include T...
H20Wildcat OneShots by Cam0rra
H20Wildcat OneShotsby Zambi3
They suck, but hope you'll get some enjoyment out of reading them! *cover is not mine, credit to whoever made it*
Get 'em Jonny Boy by summersum1
Get 'em Jonny Boyby SUMMER SKYE
Based in GTA5 Evan (Vanoss) and his friends are all millionaires. Jonathan (H20Delirious) is a poor man, his family killed from a brutal murder, all his family money st...
Damaged Love [Slow Update] by XxZero-HeroxX
Damaged Love [Slow Update]by Mama Hoodini
[Description 1] Vanoss has been fighting for his life for years along side Delirious,Moo,and the rest of the gang.Dr.Pain and this team have been tracking down for two o...
Vanoss Crew x reader by JustHereForWriting20
Vanoss Crew x readerby just forwritting2025
A 15 year-old girl (which is you), has move to a new high school feeling depressed for leaving her old friends back home. Her parents just had a divorce leaving her, her...
H20 Delirious X Neko!Reader X VanossGaming (Finished) by XxXAnimeLover828XxX
H20 Delirious X Neko!Reader X Vano...by XxXAnimeLover828XxX
This story might end with a bit of lemon also I will have different endings for who you choose also to the person I told that I would write a gassymexican fanfic I will...
Cliche Love // OhmToonz by Fan_O_Hour
Cliche Love // OhmToonzby Brick
Like any cliche high school book there's a nobody nerd, this time know as Ryan, and there's a football player this time known as Luke. Will they both find love? Will th...
In love with my bestfriend H20Vanoss by Teddy_Bear2732
In love with my bestfriend H20Vano...by Magic Hoodini
Jonathan (Delirious) was Bestfriends with the crew...Suddenly he meets this guy and falls in love and then he gets into a relationship with the guy and Jonathan distance...
evicted ➳ kryozgaming by obsyd14n
evicted ➳ kryozgamingby ??????????
"its a small-ass world out here but truth be told im glad i got stuck with you"