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bbs x reader oneshots by worsened
bbs x reader oneshotsby worsened
The Vanosscrew are smol beans so Magic + Fanfic equals this shitty fanfic! This story was made on August 8th, 2017; Date needed for Author Chan~ Date Completed Septembe...
Banana Bus Squad x Isekai by TIMEMASTER101
Banana Bus Squad x Isekaiby Artemis099
For the first time in couple of years, Vanoss, the leader of the Banana Bus Squad or the Vanoss Crew visited their old Minecraft server one more time before leaving it a...
BBS Smut Book  by malk_boi_7
BBS Smut Book by malk_boi_7
I'm just gonna change this a little. This is the biggest book I've ever wrote and I'm so proud of my accomplishments. Thank you all for reading! Requests are open! Enjoy...
Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [DISCONTINUED?] by moshiixoxo
Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [ the one and only
What happens when (Y/N) (L/N) and the 'Vanoss Crew' get in a fight at school? What are the outcomes of it? You wouldn't think it would be being handcuffed together, rig...
Banana Bus Crew x Reader by Stephania101
Banana Bus Crew x Readerby Stephania101
(Y/n) is the new girl in school. And in this school there are a group of bullies that call themselves the Banana Bus Crew, and once it gets to out of hand what will happ...
Strictly Delusional ~ BBS x reader by MaeDisappoints
Strictly Delusional ~ BBS x readerby MaeDisappoints
Los Santos, a dystopian nightmare, only that's what the civilians would call it. A city with the worst police force, perfect for crime and killing, and useful to the one...
Behind the mask (vanoss x reader) by Firery_Ash
Behind the mask (vanoss x reader)by Red_Rose
This story is about a girl name Y/n. She is a famous YouTuber named Hider with about 10 million subscribers. No one knows how she looks like except her gang. Y/n is a ga...
Choose wisely (GBG x Reader x BBS) by DefinitelyNotPanda
Choose wisely (GBG x Reader x BBS)by Not Panda
Your name is (Y/N), your 25 and live in Los Santos. Your in a gang called, "BMS gang" aka, "Big Medium Small Gang". Your gang is robbing a bank until...
Youtuber X- Reader one. Completed by Lanilove04
Youtuber X- Reader one. Completedby Lanilove04
Just going to be of all my favorite Youtubers and also some of you guys if you send me some can be any youtuber but I am also going to be writing about my ow...
Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squad by AnotherRainbowSky
Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squadby AnotherRainbowSky
Banana bus squad fanfic Ships include: Terrorsnuckle Minicat Daithidecalibre Ohmtoonz H2Ovanoss BasicallyIDoScotty Warnings Assault, weapons, fluffy content, mention...
"The Crew" One-Shots (Discontinued) by touchstarved
"The Crew" One-Shots (Discontinued)by dev
#1 in Moo enjoy the book ! *under some light editing
BBS one shots by Gamer_kid46
BBS one shotsby oBBSessed with Moo
A bunch of terrormoo one shots and maybe others
Criminals // BBS X READER by kikimbali
Criminals // BBS X READERby kimbali
S T I L L A " X R E A D E R " S T O R Y Y/N, a craze serial killer. Roaming around the city of Los Santos. She doesn't have any partner. She doesn't...
The Heist That Changed Everything (SLOW UPDATES) by AnIdiot4
The Heist That Changed Lexi🤭
Your whole life has been surrounded by heists, especially with your best friends. But when another gang crashes what could be the best heist in Los Santos, everything ch...
Banana Bus Squad: One Shots by 4321gunner1234
Banana Bus Squad: One Shotsby 4321gunner1234
A wide variety of boyxboy ships from the Banana Bus Squad. //--//--//--//--//--// Requests are OPEN!
Banana Bus Squad X Reader by Anastat1c
Banana Bus Squad X Readerby Mama Smit
You're a junior in high school, your kind of shy and really don't have any friends which makes you become an easy target for a group of bullies. You do know self-defense...
H20Wildcat OneShots by Cam0rra
H20Wildcat OneShotsby Zambi3
They suck, but hope you'll get some enjoyment out of reading them! *cover is not mine, credit to whoever made it*
I Love You H20 Delirious X Reader by MagicHoodinii02
I Love You H20 Delirious X Readerby MagicHoodinii02
Y/n was married and had 2 children a boy and a girl the boy was 6 the girl was 4 Then bad things start to happen with her husband Want to know what happened? Read the s...
Secrets|H20Vanoss|Book 2 by Starb0y
Secrets|H20Vanoss|Book 2by Starb0y
"Delirious has been pronounced Dead at the scene at 6pm today" "The BBS Squad have once again vanished!? Could it be that they were working with Delirious...
Playing with the crew in/out of screen by pastel_twitch
Playing with the crew in/out of Twitch
You are a 14 year old boy who is thought to be a disappointment to the family. You decided to make a YouTube channel to make money if you can even get that high. You wan...