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The Patient's Painkiller is a Psycholologist by ChickenStripping
The Patient's Painkiller is a Blank Error
Peter Parker, a psychologist, insists on taking a patient everyone strongly advises against. ((Cover art used by: umikochannart on tumblr))
The Youngest's Privileges by Enenyy
The Youngest's Privilegesby Darkie
Being the "youngest" septuplet has its perks, especially if you're surrounded by doting and protective brothers.
My cats are from One piece by shaura96
My cats are from One pieceby shaura96
Stephanie was just your average person nothing special at all. She loved rock/heavy metal music, video games, reading and anime. She lived up in the mountain region of G...
The Norm (IronDad Spiderson Normal Life) ~Complete~ by 7ShadesOfMe
The Norm (IronDad Spiderson Juliet
This is a story of how a normal orphan kid, Peter Parker met his idol Tony Stark. After losing so much.. will the universe gift him something on his birthday? No power...
Temptation by ThePancakesofLoki
Temptationby ThePancakesofLoki
*WARNING* This talks about eating disorders, mental health, child abuse, and drug addiction. If you are triggered by this things it is advised that you should not read t...
What if we don't live forever? by Ninabluesky
What if we don't live forever?by Nina Bluesky
The goal is not to live forever, it's to accept Life and Death as its. It's to do something about our lives without fear, without regrets. Lena & Kara don't have an...
How Many Tears Are Enough? by xirusvx
How Many Tears Are Enough?by Neb
Kara lands herself a new job as caretaker for the Luthor's. She's to take care of their youngest daughter Lena, who's been forced to move back in with her mother after a...
Serendipity [CHERIK] by humanveil
Serendipity [CHERIK]by HUMANVEIL
Charles sends a text to the wrong number. continued here:
Slacker Mercenary's Trash Boss by Allioune24
Slacker Mercenary's Trash Bossby Allioune24
Cale Henituse the son of the Multi Billionaire Conglomerate house. Kim Rok Soo is a mercenary, who by chance, is saved from the battlefield. Becomes friends in the words...
In the Silence by lezziemates
In the Silenceby lezziemates
Kara is working on her family's ranch, Lena's family owns one of the biggest corporations in the oil business. Needless to say, their families don't get along, but Kara...
I used to call it home by Moon_dancer02
I used to call it homeby Moon Dancer
In a universe where Mob Boss Tony and Superior Iron Man are twins, and Peter is their little brother that everyone, even Howard, loves and wants to protect, but Peter do...
Dolce Dissonance // 'Sweet Dissonance' by WordsOfASarcast
Dolce Dissonance // 'Sweet WordsOfASarcast
Nico di Angelo, is a busy man. Don't get him wrong, he loves his job, he's good at it. He loves to write, he loves to sell his songs and hear them come to life with so m...
The Selection by Moon_dancer02
The Selectionby Moon Dancer
After the war all hope was lost, millions had died, and crimes were in a all time high. Until the Stark's took their rightful place in the throne. Two sections were crea...
Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Petir) by Enenyy
Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Petir)by Darkie
He really used to be a crybaby back then... so he couldn't help but wonder what made him change. But, then again, thanks to that change, Adudu had become more scared of...
Am I Dangerous? (Stucky) by cats-in-bandanas
Am I Dangerous? (Stucky)by cats-in-bandanas
When a new patient is admitted to Stark Asylum with a murky past and a singular obsession with his psychologist things are bound to get a little stucky...I mean sticky. ...
Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Daun) by Enenyy
Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Daun)by Darkie
"Hey, Api... wanna hear the story of that time when you guys thought I ran away when we were still with mom and dad?" "I was there when that happened...&q...
Good People In Bad Moments (Serirei Mob Psycho 100 fanfiction) by lavrach
Good People In Bad Moments ( Green gayy
(Repulishing bc AO3 doesn't work rn (pain)) (Cover made by me can you tell it took me like 20 mins max) Reigen Arataka had his strong points. Alcohol wasn't one of them...
Yes, Professor? by ThePancakesofLoki
Yes, Professor?by ThePancakesofLoki
Strange is a college professor and can't seem to get one of his student's out of his mind. (1st POV) Rankings: #11-Playlist 12/29/18 #7-Playlist 1/4/19 #38-Playlist 3/29...
Love in Light by passionwrites
Love in Lightby m
Kara Danvers, one of the most-probably even the most famous singer actress in Hollywood. She's young and have been paired with different people-yes, man or woman, doesn'...
Making our way home by Moon_dancer02
Making our way homeby Moon Dancer
The worst pain a parent can experience is the lost of their son. So when the Avengers lost Peter they couldn't handle the pain, the world became unstable, fear ruled the...