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Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x Blind!Reader) by p0tat0-g0ddess
Eyes Like Mine (Herobrine x potato goddess
#1 in Herobrine! Y/N is not too happy with her life, living with permanent blindness and the well-meaning but insulting overprotection she lives with on a daily basis, b...
Love Him or Hate Him (Herobrine X Reader) by TheOddGroup-o-Gamers
Love Him or Hate Him (Herobrine TOGG
You are taken from home by Herobrine, except now you have control over whether you love him or hate him. We all seek adventure, both in our lives and outside. That is w...
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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
Another Story (HerobrineXMinerReader) by AuthorPwish
Another Story ( AuthorPwish
Y/N is one of the top bedrock miners of all of Minecraftia. She's smart, clever, and a bit stubborn but she works to her very best. But the only thing people have to que...
Minecraft Assassin by gxldensmiless
Minecraft Assassinby Smiles
You're the only female assassin in all of Minecraftia. You're doing the dirty work for someone important. You've never been caught, until now. ⚠️There will be lang...
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader) by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
Golden Throne (Herobrine x Reader)by _-_MashpOtatO_-_
How will you feel when the most sinister person in all of Minecraftia destroyed everything you loved and to top it off kidnapped you?! And how will you feel when he plan...
Nullified by p0tat0-g0ddess
Nullifiedby potato goddess
CONTAINS SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC VIOLENCE - READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Third book in The Nether Queen series. Y/N and Herobrine are happy with their lives, enjoying a balance of lif...
Minecraft Assassin: Take Two by gxldensmiless
Minecraft Assassin: Take Twoby Smiles
✨This is book two in my Minecraft Assassin series✨ After the events from a year ago something else comes up. You come across a problem with one of your friends, an...
Reincarnation[Discontinue] by Just_TheFandom
Reincarnation[Discontinue]by Just_TheFandom
What if there was a 18 years old boy got killed by a guard and must reincarnation every time he died in another realm, world, dimension but also as a different creature...
Herobrine Drabbles by p0tat0-g0ddess
Herobrine Drabblesby potato goddess
I have come across so many interesting depictions of Herobrine, and I want to write them ALL. A place to store my various fanfic-fanfic oneshots! Most recent: "Chal...
×Red in white× by puffyfluffymeow
×Red in white×by puffyfluffymeow
안녕 .. this book is not for kids-.. Warning. smut blood hardcore Info. there was a war between Entity 303 and The Demigod, Madness of something can't be explain, no one k...
Mend The Broken [BXB][HeroSteve] by ZaynBryne
Mend The Broken [BXB][HeroSteve]by ZaynKouro04
So I ask my followers on insta on a post if I should write a fanfic of herobrine and Steve. And most of the comments were lovely and that I should write one. So here it...
All That From A Snowball by ScarOfHerobrine
All That From A Snowballby ScarOfHerobrine
One snowball, thrown accidentally at a mysterious being known for the blood he's supposedly spilled, may just be the start to an amazing adventure that Steve and his fri...
The entity's girl {Entity 303 × Reader} [DISCONTINUED] by Shoutos_Queen
The entity's girl {Entity 303 × tired art student
303 isn't a god, he's a hacker. He kills and slays, he glitches and attacks. But, what if he found a special girl that makes his heart warm from frozen, to hot and warm
Smoke & Flame Null x Fem! Reader by Zemarai
Smoke & Flame Null x Fem! Readerby Zemarai
{short Story} Y/n was a normal girl, with a normal life like any other fan girl. She had researched about the Minecraft creepypastas, Herobrine, Entity 303, but what cau...
Glitching Isn't Bad by GlitchedReality13
Glitching Isn't Badby GlitchedReality13
My name is Alexandria. I am the daughter of Steve and Alex and traitor to Notch. I've grew up training to be like my father, Notch's right hand. I didn't want to end up...
The Art Of Minecraft by Minecraft_Lexi
The Art Of Minecraftby 💎 Lexi 🐉
An art book filled with nothing but Minecraft stuff (maybe more). Also take requests so don't be afraid to ask. Just- No asking anything drawn about dark morbid and sens...
Notch x Herobrine by YaoiFansOnly
Notch x Herobrineby YaoiFansOnly
I hated my last book so I'm starting over. I'm sorry I'm a simp for these crack yaoi ships, but also...ILL DO WHAT I WANT 🤣 To those who enjoy this ship, have fun! This...
Cursed (Herobrine X Reader)  by Amy_CP
Cursed (Herobrine X Reader) by Amy_CP
Legends say there was a battle like no other. A battle between the gods themselves. Though they have fought before, this one was different. Way more ferocious and deadly...
The Great War (Prequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Great War (Prequel to A Todd
Fifty years before Steve. Fifty years before the Resistance. Fifty years before the government, Mojang. Herobrine ruled the world. Now, a small group of twenty year olds...