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Taking the Leap by RegularMisanthrope
Taking the Leapby RegularMisanthrope
Achilles is used to a life with rules and structure. Being attracted to men doesn't fit into what he considers structured. But he's used to burying things deep down, and...
Candy Gram ✓ by Olivaughn
Candy Gram ✓by Olivia Vaughn
EDITORS' PICK (November 2019) || COMPLETE Nick Buckingham is three things if nothing else: salty, antisocial, and the quintessential gay theatre nerd. He's content to dr...
Love-Love || OLD DRAFT by glassEyed
Love-Love || OLD DRAFTby glassEyed
[THIS IS AN OLD DRAFT. Please read the rewrite that is currently up on my profile] ............ "Look, man, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to rob the bank but I'm b...
Shadows in the Dark by pseudoannie
Shadows in the Darkby Annie
(Complete) Rumors aren't new to the beach community. When an unidentified couple is seen kissing in the shadows and a beautiful stranger arrives the speculation starts...
Stolen Moments by AvatarAshdel
Stolen Momentsby LiveLong&Prosper
Transported hundreds of years in the future, Jasmine Sharpe must learn to live, and cope, in a world vastly different from the time she left. Aliens, Enterprise, and an...
A Hufflepuff's Loyalty by HogwartsDungeons
A Hufflepuff's Loyaltyby Naomi
Street urchin Jena finds her life turned upside down when a man tells her she's got magic. He takes her away and gives her a home, on the condition that she serves his L...
Beneath And Beyond by Galactic-Soul
Beneath And Beyondby Galactica⁷
[Highest Rank in Superlove #1] [Highest Rank in SasufemNaru #1] "There is no hero or villain, just different perspectives.." When the Uchiha massacre sweeps...
Stars Align by WritingxNicole
Stars Alignby Nicole
One mishap. One trip. One job. One person. That's all it took for Stella to question everything she thought she knew. -------- (For the #OpenNovellaContest2019)
[COMPLETED] He's a top notch lawyer. His radio show is the reason men think they are mini-gods. His listeners say he's a wise counsellor, his friends know it's a reven...
When it Rains, it Pours by HP4lyfe2020
When it Rains, it Poursby Ashleigh Yates
Rain had a fairly easy life until college. A baby, a deadbeat baby daddy, and no college degree later, she finds herself struggling to make ends meet and maintain her sa...
The Water Witcher (Completed) by Van_Carley
The Water Witcher (Completed)by Van Carley
During a massive drought, a Water Witcher goes trekking across several states to visit a friend but finds himself in danger when a group called The Hounds begins hunting...
The Death Trials by hypergraphik
The Death Trialsby adwoa
"I wanted to give this to you in person," Anubis said, taking a step closer to the girl who was evidently petrified. He handed her a crisp white envelope that...
The Fantastical Death of Todd Travaill (Open Novella Contest) by soundofmusic313
The Fantastical Death of Todd soundofmusic313
(Round 2 Qualifier) (On hold for now) Todd is a normal guy, he swears it. He's also dead. Even so, he doesn't understand why he was chosen for a tournament to get a seco...
The Wavering Hawk [ENGLISH] by diahsulis
The Wavering Hawk [ENGLISH]by Diahsulis
[Rebellion Saga #1] Another warring Era began after The Third World War. Another fractions, another ideologies collision, between those who come from the...
Dark Visions by LLSanders
Dark Visionsby Leslie Lee Sanders
A tarot reader aids a mysterious man who believes she is the only one who can help him return to his true home in the eerie Manaan caverns where they must fight the natu...
Kiss and Spell (SOON TO BE UP FOR ADOPTION!) by CoraWritesThings
Kiss and Spell (SOON TO BE UP Cora Alexander
In an attempt to improve inter-House relations, Pansy and Hermione plan a game of Truth or Dare for the eighth years. It's not long until rumours begin to fly that somet...
Moebius 2157 | ONC2019 Short List [Complete] by taivaan_sininen
Moebius 2157 | ONC2019 Short A. C. Evans
Special Agent Alyssa Caine has been tasked with the most important mission of her life: the assassination of the man who would bring about the end of the world. The only...
Everything about Jacob by Iona58
Everything about Jacobby Iona
Open Novella Contest Entry "Just tell us everything about Jacob." Lucy says. Harvey doesn't fit in at his new school. There is just something that everyone els...
Road Trip To Nowhere (MxM) (ONC 2019 Entry) by IzTerp
Road Trip To Nowhere (MxM) (ONC 𝙏𝙚𝙧𝙥 シ
[COMPLETED] (OLD) Leaving the comfort of your own home is one thing, but travel around the state in just one week is another. William is the type of person to never go w...
Primal Fortune by LadySapphire2018
Primal Fortuneby LadySapphire2018
Glamour, mischief, and mystery made Halloween the perfect holiday for a werewolf fortune teller like Ivy Winters. That was until one meddling tarot card decided to stack...