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Angel by Nyhterides
Angelby Mumma Vamp - be back after th...
Abused terribly since he was a boy, Kylo dreams of freedom. When his wicked stepsisters get invited to the handsome Lord Vincent's masquerade ball, the women believe the...
Sincerely, Mysterious by slimmwrites
Sincerely, Mysteriousby Slimm💕
Adrian Gonzalez knows the painful truth about liking someone you have no chance with-they never like you back and you're left heartbroken. Ever wonder why it's called a...
The Song of the Sea by Jinglebean
The Song of the Seaby Jinglebean
Captain Jacob Riley needs to get home, but the sea is a dangerous place. In a last ditch effort to make it, he buys a weapon. A weapon that is rumoured to be the deadl...
Creator || Lee Jaehyun by AlyssaHyunjae7
Creator || Lee Jaehyunby ✨Aly✨
"You said I should hate you," he told her softly. "But I don't. Maybe it's impossible to hate my creator." *** Kim Yerin finally finished writing he...
Rejected? Deuces! (ONC 2021) (Gay Werewolf Novella) by JayDioncelEvers
Rejected? Deuces! (ONC 2021) ( Jarrick DeWaine Exum
(ONC ROUND ONE QUALIFIER) "I am in the mood to dissolve into the sky" -Virginia Woolf **** Carson Hadley hasn't had it easy being an omega werewolf in the Four...
Echoes - Beyond Threads Of Time by paramagnetic
Echoes - Beyond Threads Of Timeby Paramagnetic
~ A tale beyond threads of time ~ A voice echoes in her dreams, telling her to visit an unknown place, because it's time. Will a companion, who hears similar echoes in h...
Alexis of Troy (Book I) | Wattys 2022 by jusdubs
Alexis of Troy (Book I) | Wattys Justine
🥇Short Listed for the ONC 2021 In the 5th century BCE, Greek poet, Homer wrote a poem called the Iliad. An epic tale of heroes, war, romance and death. Paris, Hector, P...
JAGUNLABI✔ by Evergreen_Ebony
JAGUNLABI✔by Evergreen_Ebony
⭐WATTPAD FEATURED 🏆 ONC AFRICA 2021 WINNER (SPOTLIGHT STORY) "Would you sabotage someone's career to protect your own?" Teniola Oyeyinka travels from New York...
Love Bitez by katfeatherly
Love Bitezby Kat Featherly
When I imagined my high school crush would be dying to eat me, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. **** Ava Sterling never expected she'd be the one solution to the...
WHEN YOU HEAL by AmariOkito
WHEN YOU HEALby Amari Okito
Lee Cook is heartbroken; his wife left him for another woman after twelve years of marriage. He vows to never fall in love again until his dying day. Sana Gulati is befu...
Full Circle (gxg) by Loiosh
Full Circle (gxg)by Hobbes
Princess Knallia's birthday is less than a week away, and her parents haven't given up hope in her finding the Prince of her dreams. But Knallia has, and her parents dec...
Becoming Alanis by woodlander8
Becoming Alanisby woodlander8
Alanis Howell has a lot to live up to considering she was named after the talented and influential Alanis Morissette, whose constant shadow she's been living in since sh...
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021 | LGBT by elveloy
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC L.V. Lloyd
(HONORABLE MENTION) Rik Sandro is a dimension traveller. Jumping from one version of the world to another was intriguing at first, until he discovered he can never go ho...
Hearts and Stars by destinyroberts375
Hearts and Starsby Destiny
"This prom is not my cup of tea. I would rather be on my roof watching stars." When you are the head of your school's cheer-leading team, going to senior prom...
AGENT 23 BLACKOUT (Agent 23 Book 1) by ericdabbs
AGENT 23 BLACKOUT (Agent 23 Book 1)by Eric Dabbs
A sixteen-year-old boy with a love for natural history orders a latte and meets a girl. Then he becomes a top-secret agent battling The Collective forces of evil. Aiden...
Missed the Frame by WritingxNicole
Missed the Frameby Nicole
✨ONC SHORTLIST, HONORABLE MENTION, AND AMBASSADOR PICK✨ Back home in his small town after suffering an accident, U.S. Marine Hayes McAdams tries to find a new purpose in...
Bewitched by RobinLysan
Bewitchedby Robin Lysan
Malise is given one last chance to prove herself, or else, she'll be kicked out of her coven. And the world isn't safe for a witch on her own. Elvira hates witches and h...
The Uninvited Princess ✔ by JJJ000YYY
The Uninvited Princess ✔by ♕Joy♕
A naive young princess gets banished to a tower and is inadvertently trapped with a wizard. Now, she must navigate through a world full of magic while the fury of the ki...
Silk by salemmiles_
Silkby Salem Miles
Going through editing. ~~~~~~~~~~ Genevieve Lynx was supposed to die. Genevieve Lynx lived. Genevieve Lynx is now the most hunted supernatural being in the galaxy. The p...
The Candle Forest | ONC 2021 Shortlist | ✔ by SmokeAndOranges
The Candle Forest | ONC 2021 A.B. Channing
In the daytime, Stephanie-Ann is the quiet girl in her grade five classroom, keeping her head down to avoid drawing attention. She passes the hours daydreaming, imaginin...