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Angel by Nyhterides
Angelby Mumma Vamp
Abused terribly since he was a boy, Kylo dreams of freedom. When his wicked stepsisters get invited to the handsome Lord Vincent's masquerade ball, the women believe the...
Love Bitez by katfeatherly
Love Bitezby Kat Featherly
When I imagined my high school crush would be dying to eat me, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. **** Ava Sterling never expected she'd be the one solution to the...
Riptide by DaniDraven
Riptideby Daniella Draven
So magic is real and the world is taking it as well you'd expect... really, really badly. But the creation of a new dating app that matches humans with magical beings...
We are Guilty ✔️ by CarelessGhost
We are Guilty ✔️by June
From Best Friends to hiding bodies to lovers!! Azazel never expected that Sebastian would go to such a great height of killing people just to get his attention and affe...
The Duchess Cannot Sleep || ONC 2021 by Kehanni
The Duchess Cannot Sleep || ONC 20...by Emilia Ross
Duchess Andreya Marivatan was murdered at the age of twenty-two. It had been during the hours the pool of night was deepest, Andreya soundlessly asleep in silk sheets be...
Unwittingly by happyperson081
Unwittinglyby CJ Powers
"All of the noble ladies, aged 18-20, and all of the noble lords, aged 18-25, are invited to attend a betrothal celebration. On the first night, a masquerade ball s...
The Last Werewolf (Vidar #1) | ONC2021 Grand Winner by Dante_Greywolf
The Last Werewolf (Vidar #1) | ONC...by D. Greywolf
[ONC 2021 Grand Winner] After the events of Ragnarök, the God Vidar has settled in the nice and quiet city of Antwerp where he keeps an eye on the local paranormal commu...
The Trouble with Women by rdracine
The Trouble with Womenby Renee Racine-Kinnear
A woman suspects that her government-imposed birth control implant is controlling her. As reports of uncharacteristically violent female behaviour begin to surge, it bec...
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021 | LGBT by elveloy
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021...by L.V. Lloyd
(HONORABLE MENTION) Rik Sandro is a dimension traveller. Jumping from one version of the world to another was intriguing at first, until he discovered he can never go ho...
Heart of Stone by xMishx
Heart of Stoneby TM Watkins
To make ends meet now that her husband has died in combat, Patrice accepts the only job going in the small town-backbreaking work picking fruit for the local farmer. Whe...
Secretly There by NykkyBeeWrites
Secretly Thereby Nykky Bee
The Crown Prince needs to find his match who will take the throne with him. His coronation is only six months away. On the night of the ball he meets dozens of eligible...
How To Rule ✅COMPLETE  by Lukinglass
How To Rule ✅COMPLETE by Lu king lass
When Rin imagined meeting her mate she did not expect their first meeting to be of him wounded and kneeling in her father's throne room slowly dying. What was more shock...
Dangerous Memory {ONC 2021} by FmEver
Dangerous Memory {ONC 2021}by Foteini Manoli
Alba Rivet is struggling with the aftermath of a car accident. The doctors said that she's a miracle, but she doesn't believe it. What kind of a miracle doesn't remember...
Hearts and Stars by destinyroberts375
Hearts and Starsby Destiny
"This prom is not my cup of tea. I would rather be on my roof watching stars." When you are the head of your school's cheer-leading team, going to senior prom...
Haunted by JuliaCoffin
Hauntedby Julia L. Coffin
The dead typically want one of two things. Ghosts crave conversation. Spirits seek pain. My name's Bria, and I've been able to interact with the dead for as long as I c...
Bewitched by RobinLysan
Bewitchedby Robin Lysan
Malise is given one last chance to prove herself, or else, she'll be kicked out of her coven. And the world isn't safe for a witch on her own. Elvira hates witches and h...
Burnout | a novel by BornToWrite47
Burnout | a novelby Fallon Elizabeth
An anonymous gamer, a faceless Twitch streamer and YouTube account, Nora Byrne goes by noidentityceptmine on the Internet. She never believed she'd get ten subscribers...
Moth to a Flame by MrsCLSmith
Moth to a Flameby MrsCLSmith
After the unexpected death of her father, Charlotte Yates is sent to live with a grandmother she's never met, in a country she's never been, over a sea she's never cross...
Nora and the Mermaid |ONC 2021| by OctaviaLocke
Nora and the Mermaid |ONC 2021|by Octavia Locke
The world's hottest dating app, Happily Ever After, promises true love between humans and magical creatures. For blogger, influencer and self-proclaimed singleton Nora C...
Weaver | ONC 2021 Honorable Mention by CeeMTaylor
Weaver | ONC 2021 Honorable Mentionby CeeMTaylor
[Ambassador's Pick] When a simple job goes horribly awry, ghosthunter Anya must prove she has what it takes to do spirit work or risk losing her job, her brother, and a...