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Murray Hill  ||  A Superhuman Tale - 1 by mhunyadi
Murray Hill || A Superhuman Boris L. Slocum
Superhumans live among us. It is the greatest secret of the 21st Century. Tommy Haas likes it that way. He wants nothing more than to be left alone, to live a quiet life...
How to: Build Your Fantasy World by amayhh
How to: Build Your Fantasy Worldby Alecs
#1 IN WORLDBUILDING - 03/11/2019 //✿\\ Do you want to give fantasy writing a go; but you're not quite sure where to start? Or Are you a fantasy writer with so many world...
A Selkie Story by toobadsooosad
A Selkie Storyby Kathy Abbey
Sam--short for Samantha, if you please--has been living in Crawley, Maine for about a year in her grandfather's lighthouse. A promising advertiser, she works from home a...
Part-Time Griffin by Sam_The_Shapeshifter
Part-Time Griffinby Sam The Shapeshifter
"Half human, half griffin. That is what I am..." Olivia Linn Davis lives a normal human life by day, but she holds a secret that only she and her family knows...
Son of The Monkey King by RandyJW1
Son of The Monkey Kingby RandyJW1
What if I told you Gods and Goddesses were real? Because news flash they are! How do I know? My dad is one. I never met him before, but he left me a few things for when...
Project: Alternative by Cennonn
Project: Alternativeby Cenonn
Worlds were designed to make traveling between them impossible. While there might be occasional accidents where a person could get sent to another world, it was impossib...
The Pixies Promise (The Broken Fey Book 2) by Pandemonium_Rose
The Pixies Promise (The Broken Pandemonium_Rose
"Mama, save me..." Those were the last words written from my kitten before she was cruelly snatched away. As I despaired over her loss, I was met with a pixie...
Blinded by thescribblerA
Blindedby 𝔸𝕣𝕚
"How do I save someone, when I don't even know what I'm up against?" "Maybe you'll need my help." A teen with powers from an unknown source is thrown...
Short Fantasy Stories by feliciakunesch
Short Fantasy Storiesby Felicia Kunesch
This is where I'm going to compile shortish fantasy stories. I use these to step away from bigger projects for a break, while still improving my writing skills. They wi...
Clear The Slate: A Memoriam by slipperycatt0
Clear The Slate: A Memoriamby Ouro A. Patterson
if the world was perfect, this is where I would be. I would like to add that there are rather surreal descriptions of suicide and/or depression in this book. steer clear...
The White Oak by RomanTheProtector
The White Oakby A.M Barnes
Beowulf White expected a lot from life. Nothing good, granted, but a lot of things he had come to terms with. He had been labeled as a 'troubled kid' early in life. His...
Kaleidoscope: The Fox And The Butterfly by _Cursey_
Kaleidoscope: The Fox And The Cursey
In an urban fantasy world. Ren Kitsuko, A Fox spirit outcasted since childhood. Joins the Knights of the Central City, in the hope to find his missing childhood friend. ...
Ageless (Herobrine X Reader) by TheOddGroup-o-Gamers
Ageless (Herobrine X Reader)by TOGG
The sword in the stone chooses a farmer girl to be Herobrine's wife. The immortal, Herobrine, has ruled over the Nether for a good number of years. All this time he has...
The Night I Had With A Headless Woman by Zenothesama
The Night I Had With A Headless Zenothesama
This is a story about how a person deals with an ever changing world, how they fall in love, how they learn to be with someone different, and how they learn to accept th...
Welcome To The Fckn Family by fuqboibird
Welcome To The Fckn Familyby Fuqboibird
College is trying, that much is true. Between a semester long group project, an unnecessarily obnoxious ex-boyfriend, and class, Revali would consider his plate full. He...
Missions of a Dragon (An Anada Novela) by Sam_The_Shapeshifter
Missions of a Dragon (An Anada Sam The Shapeshifter
Life as a shapeshifter on a government team has its challenges. Anada faces new situations with every turn of her head. It takes the skill and dependability of her team...
Mystreet: When Magic Rises by autumns_vibes
Mystreet: When Magic Risesby Autumn
Ash is an emotional werewolf, left feeling cast out by the other werewolves. A loner, one who eventually left the pack by choice. But she's always loved nature, and find...
Esther (Herobrine x Reader) by TheOddGroup-o-Gamers
Esther (Herobrine x Reader)by TOGG
Two people who are secretly terrified of each other have to get married. An ancient race of eViL creatures once ruled over the earth. They ONCE least. Now, h...
Foston Slacks - Time's Flies by Kymeraent
Foston Slacks - Time's Fliesby Jan Karlsson
[Watty's 2021 Winner - Sci-Fi Category] Clara only wanted to reach her interview on time. Now she finds herself lost in time, space and reality with only an impeccably d...
My Crush is Secretly a Dragon [GL] by Fluffball88
My Crush is Secretly a Dragon [GL]by Fluffball
Sara Waltz moves back to Japan after ten years. She thought she could never meet her childhood savior ever again, but here they are, sitting in the same office right nex...