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Lightning Only Strikes Once - Clexa by bedazzled_by_books
Lightning Only Strikes Once - Clexaby @sleepless_clexa_lover
When Lexa dies, Clarke climbs to the top of the tower and is struck by lightning and sent back in time to the dropship landing. This is fiona_249's story from ao3 *** M...
Shift ☆ Louis Partridge by kingdombyers
Shift ☆ Louis Partridgeby bernie
❛Careful what you wish for, darling❜ - kingdombyers© ; copyrighted - Second book in the NOVELLA series -- A Louis Partridge stand-alone novel. [x-reader].
Black beauty by helenabonhampaulson
Black beautyby Cordelias coven x
You and Bella met as students and grew close until something broke you away from eachother. Will you meet again? All characters belong to J K Rowling <3 Highest rank...
Call Me! by Zodiacsigndude
Call Me!by Stupid Cupid
[A Fred Benson x Fem!Reader] [Cover by me] ... Honestly, you wouldn't have been wrapped in all this chaos if it weren't for Fred Benson. That damn paper club thing that...
My Time in Battle City [Tales of Luna, Book 1] by SDKang
My Time in Battle City [Tales of SD
Luna is a girl from our world, fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, collector of all things Kaiba. Growing up hasn't been the best, but she has been adapting and doing her best. That is, u...
Himitsu (Book One of the Kakureta Hana series) by firerose11
Himitsu (Book One of the Abigail
Danger...Deception...Death Can she ever escape the vicious cycle? "The moment I was born, my father walked outside and screamed to the heavens for the mere reaso...
A Court of Old and New (ACOTAR and TOG Crossover) by showeroflight
A Court of Old and New (ACOTAR Asmi :))
-------Takes place after EOS and ACOWAR------ Aelin still being tortured Maeve while Fenry's has had to watch a young queen's spirit breaking. What will Fenry's do to sa...
The Soulmate System by writerkid101
The Soulmate Systemby lucas
[ A VERY Slow-Burn, LGBT+ Soulmates Romance ] Dylan Matthews never wants to meet his Soulmate. So, when the inevitable finally happens, he expects to continue his life o...
The years between||Elijah Mikaelson  by Hale_yeah
The years between||Elijah abbey_june
After the hollow was spilt into Elijah, Kol, Niklaus and Rebekah they all go their seperate ways. Elijah decided not to remove his memories and instead found his way to...
can you hear me now?  by sixsaturns
can you hear me now? by sixsaturns
Josie Saltzman and her twin sister Lizzie Saltzman have been looking for a bass player for their band, saturn's rings ever since their ex-bass player left. That is, unti...
Reforming the Romance Novel's Male Lead by Avaleon
Reforming the Romance Novel's Screaming at an Empty Room
When a girl finds herself accidentally transported into the world of her favorite romance novel, she is pleased to find out that she's become the story's only sensible c...
Everytime by user678518638731
Everytimeby user
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - McLennon AU by Stxrry_Mxcca
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Elizabeth
In the Spring of 1963, Cynthia Lennon gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. However, things don't go to plan, as complications during the delivery go wrong, causing Cynth...
Cupid's Arrow ~♡ (Luxiem X Cupid!Reader) by LucaKaneshiro_
Cupid's Arrow ~♡ (Luxiem X Cupid! Luca Kaneshiro ♡
Unknown to the world outside the screen, there is another world... the virtual world. Where vtubers and YouTube's personas come to life and live their lives. A well kno...
Elseworlds - A Superflash Story by sidka28
Elseworlds - A Superflash Storyby VariantL1130
What if John Deegan changed reality so that Barry Allen is married to Kara Danvers and Oliver Queen is missing. Will Barry try to change reality or develop feelings for...
ᔕᗩᐯIᑎᘜ ᗩ ᗰᗩᘜIᑕᗩᒪ ᗯOᖇᒪᗪ by Hufflepuff1701
ᔕᗩᐯIᑎᘜ ᗩ ᗰᗩᘜIᑕᗩᒪ ᗯOᖇᒪᗪby Hufflepuff1701
Formerly found on old account, Hufflepuff1700, that no longer exists. What do you do when you fall asleep, reading your favorite Harry Potter book, and wake up startled...
A Perfect World by nyle_bd
A Perfect Worldby Nyle
A Throne of Glass Alternate Timeline Fanfic The world of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius is seemingly perfect. Everything appears to be just right, from her parents, to her...
Alternate reality (klance) by aaal_x
Alternate reality (klance)by Alex James
Slav's always talking about alternate reality and universes. The paladins have even been to a different reality once. But what happens when someone from another reality...
Folder 0073 by TheRandomPenguin
Folder 0073by Via
[SANDERS SIDES HUMAN AU] A collection of files from the "Recover and Reform" project, led by Doctor Logan Berry.
Reality Changer by CourtesyTrefflin
Reality Changerby Courtesy Trefflin
One small change can have drastic consequences. Unexpectedly cast out of the Order, Anakin stumbles upon a strange machine which casts him into another reality. On Earth...