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Bride of Alvar (Redemption Saga, Book 1) by SilverReins
Bride of Alvar (Redemption Saga, B...by Katja “Silver Reins”
**NOW AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK** What if your entire life your mother declared you're destined to wed a king from a magical world? Would you believe her? Probably not. I...
Selina by somyasworld
Selinaby Somya Jain
Grief is such an inexplicable emotion. It strikes you suddenly, just like a predator in the dense forests of Gionia, at a moment when you least expect it to hit you, to...
Demons in Medieval Times - Damnation Saga by EcstaticFaith
Demons in Medieval Times - Damnati...by EcstaticFaith
In some medieval historical period, there are three normal kingdoms; Deotilia, Kiweth and Acroton. Deotilia was known to have witches and witchcraft and Kiweth wanted to...
The Tribrid | Book 1  by ozzed123
The Tribrid | Book 1 by ozzed123
At the time of bloodsheds and havocs, an outlawed affair brought the dawn of a new era. The most fatal and rare imbalance of powers that the universe had never seen, eve...
To Claim A Crown Book One: The Half-Blood King by CharnelleRobinson
To Claim A Crown Book One: The Hal...by C.Robinson
NOTE: This story is a Wattpad exclusive!! If you are reading this anywhere other than Wattpad the book has been posted without consent/authorisation of the author!! ~~~~...
The Tribrid Queen - Book One by AkeliaOrridge
The Tribrid Queen - Book Oneby Akelia Orridge
BOOK #1 of the (TRIBRID SERIES) PS: This is not a fanfiction of any sort. This book is completely based on my imagination and every thing such as places and characters e...
The Takers of the Stone by RandomHorseFromGoogl
The Takers of the Stoneby Freddie's Deady
the story of courageous Madeleine and the takers of the stone ORIGINAL FANTASY STORY
CROWNS I: Of Desolate Hope  | ✔ by iStormhawk
CROWNS I: Of Desolate Hope | ✔by UnkwnownRider
#9 in High Fantasy Jaessa had long dreamed of making it in the capital. Sometimes the best dreams become the worst nightmares. Featured on @fantasy @highfantasy @YAfanta...
The Misfits of Ruin Island by MochiStrawberries
The Misfits of Ruin Islandby Dionysus
The Old Ones were the leaders of Ruin. They started out as good rulers only to become greedy and corrupted. The Great War started between Ruin and Iceberg. Ruin surrende...
Scarlett Vengeance by MochiStrawberries
Scarlett Vengeanceby Dionysus
[Rewrite of a story I made when I was in 7th grade] "A boy who uses the name Scarlett created a spell called Scarlett Vengeance to rid the world of those he deemed...
Afterlife by MochiStrawberries
Afterlifeby Dionysus
"You are not going to Inferno or Sanctuary yet." Vixen Kara Elwood and Leon Daniel Day died. They know that much. However, they aren't in Inferno or Sanctuary...
The Trench Wings by Aubreejparkinson
The Trench Wingsby Art3rmis
"Stay secret stay hidden stay safe." That's what Orca was told her entire life. The Trench Wings were hidden in a deep trench until one day, a curious sea win...
Fantastia Academy: The school of fantasy by morphoeye_19
Fantastia Academy: The school of f...by morphoeye
Mia Adiele finds herself in an abandoned forest where she is told not to explore by her mother, but suddenly a group of mysterious beings caught her spying on them and t...
Chances, Tragedies, and Miracles by KingMace
Chances, Tragedies, and Miraclesby KingMace
A brutal beating left his body limp. A collision left her still on the side of the road. The other was found floating in the gulf of Mexico. The last pulled the trigger...
What We Burn by firework_summers
What We Burnby firework_summers
A passionate flame. A barely controlled inferno. A dimming ember. Marina is heir to a crumbling kingdom. Is she bitter? Of course. She's a royal who ended up right in t...
The Festival of the Azure Moon by LarnceHicks
The Festival of the Azure Moonby Larnce Hicks
Don Traveler, an eccentric young magician, embarks on a quest to reunite with his long-lost family and recruits the jaded shapeshifting thief, Shalnark, to escort him on...
All Because Of Me by MsLostvayne
All Because Of Meby Lavender
A Story about two kids named August and Lillia who travel together, fight together, and learn together all for the for the purpose of becoming stronger mages. A Prologue...
Tales from the Island of Theoí by Reuben915
Tales from the Island of Theoíby Reuben915
A combination of stories set in a gritty fantasy world of dark spirits and blood magic with a fairly classic fantasy style, all set on the Island of Theoí. If you've rea...
Rise of Azongaar by WillBHeard
Rise of Azongaarby William B. Heard
A sword can be thrust into the belly of a man, killing him. And even after vultures have picked the meat from the bones there may seem like no more use to him. But thing...
The Phantom Witch by Nil_Nephilim
The Phantom Witchby N.A. Accretus
There was once a girl who spent her life living in the dim, hidden in the mountains, protected by the trees. She lived peacefully under the care of the nun and the pries...