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Reborn In Naruto as a Nara?! by TypicalAdult
Reborn In Naruto as a Nara?!by TypicalAdult
"What do you want?" A gentle voice said. Staring at what presumably god I took a moment to think long and hard at such a question. Ever since I was born I had...
Apprentice Of Death.  by BlackHeart987
Apprentice Of Death. by Black Heart
Lucas Robinson was a ordinary guy living around the world till one day tragedy happened. He got killed by a bus(Bus-kun) and a truck (truck-kun) who both simultaneously...
What a strange girl by EmiYuan
What a strange girlby Emi-chan
If y/n somehow died and got reincarnated into the world of attack on titan while being op as hell as she was blessed by God...with any type of power you could ever think...
I'm the juggernaut  by chomper777
I'm the juggernaut by don't need to know
dc x juggernaut male reader because I need pictures for my other story. I'm making this one for the time being, so I'm sorry if you wanted to read more of the cyberpunk...
A Certain Remnants Accelerator by thedoctorgonepale
A Certain Remnants Acceleratorby Thedoctorgonepale
y/n Nikos ( nicknamed Accelerator) is the younger brother to Pyrrha. Even though he is quite intelligent and has a powerful semblance ( pretty much a progedy since he wa...
100,000 years before the great war between the three factions Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels. The most powerful Demon Lord in history Anos Voldigoad was born and trie...
The Big Three of a New World by TracieNiemeyer
The Big Three of a New Worldby Tracie Niemeyer
as we all know izuku yagi never had a good life but what if he wasn't the only one and what if a dimensional deity had their eye on him and two others follow izuku and h...
Izuku midoriya is a god egg that start living multiple life to became god
I rule the multiverse  by Kaiokengoku
I rule the multiverse by Kaiokengoku
This is a story of a boy who died Yeah I know write pretty cliche if I do say so my self but he got wishes from a Supreme God ND BTW he has 10 wishes ND I BTW I hate th...
the ultimate Greek hero: the heir to chaos (discontinued) by grandmega154
the ultimate Greek hero: the heir...by the void monarch
Adam king is the oldest brother and twin to Hestia once they were burn their father ate them but once they go his the bottom chaos shows up and makes Adam his heir takes...
Self-absorbed  by Fallen1nLove
Self-absorbed by Fundraiser
No description for now
Tanjiro's Revenge by hosekitheone
Tanjiro's Revengeby
Tanjiro lived a happy life with his family till Muzan came up and killed them in front of him leaving tanjiro and nezuko behind they run opposite ways as muzan starts ch...
Halo Spartan Oc X Gwain Saga(Halo X Gwain Saga) by SpartanLeon777
Halo Spartan Oc X Gwain Saga(Halo...by Leon 118
You're a teen (age 20 ) with a strange disease so you've been sent to the UNSC and was immediately sent for study and training in the Spartan 3 program but was too valu...
A New Gamer In a Ninja World(not being worked on anymore by adamisbadatwriting
A New Gamer In a Ninja World(not b...by Anos Voldigoad
YN who died in a accident gets reincarnated into world of ninja's and magic with abilitys that rival even the gods these power must be gain through hardships and loses j...
Halkagenia Void Knight by alucardlevel000
Halkagenia Void Knightby Alucard Level00
Yes, The void itself became a knight by the plea of a certain pink-haired tsundere, and a crazy author idea. Don't take this too seriously, it's more a slice of life tha...
One Punch Man: Void by JC0408
One Punch Man: Voidby JC0408
I do not own one punch man
What if yamcha was stronger than goku and Vegeta and he knew it by Kirio_Gaming
What if yamcha was stronger than g...by Kirio_Gaming
this is a story about yamcha being stronger than everyone specifically Goku and Vegeta. note: this is my first story. I do not own any of these Characters went for the o...
Naruto: Path Of A Prophecy  by Kir_Oto
Naruto: Path Of A Prophecy by Kir_Oto
Naruto Uzumaki, is a boy of many wonders.. Naruto Is a young boy... He is not hated because no one knows he's a jinchuriki He is smarter like his father and looks exactl...
Mega deku (slow updates do to school) by MellowBo01
Mega deku (slow updates do to scho...by Brandon nelson
izuku was just an ordinary quirkless kid he was happy with his life he still wanted to be a hero no matter what but with his shitty parents and his asshole friends and s...