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Bepanah Pyaarr (Completed ✔)  by behir_and_shrahir_
Bepanah Pyaarr (Completed ✔) by Pari
The Story Revolves How Love Between Raghbeer (Pearl V Puri) and Palak (Surbhi Jyoti) grows...After the Death of Bani (Aparna Dixit) Raghbeer broke into pieces... Palak w...
Life Comes Full Circle by sangietaa24
Life Comes Full Circleby Closet Writer
Ritwik and Palak are separated at the whim of his step mother who justifies her action as a decision to keep the family together. He leads a life wallowing in self pity...
match made in heaven  by Adaamylove
match made in heaven by Mayra
peep into know more....
TWO BROKEN SOULS  by author_palak
TWO BROKEN SOULS by author_palak
SHIVANSH SINGH RAJPUT this name itself holdes power his aura screams only danger how danger he is. But four years ago he wasn't this he is sunshine of his family playful...
Echoes of Our Hearts by AlenaDaniel
Echoes of Our Heartsby AlenaDaniel
"I love you, Amrita!" Advait exclaimed loudly. "Advait, shhhh! Everyone's sleeping," Amrita whisper-yelled. "Then admit it!" Advait urged...
Heart is a Fool by sangietaa24
Heart is a Foolby Closet Writer
Ritwik and Palak love each other to bits but they are caught in their own ego traps each one trying to sacrifice for the other. After separating from each other without...
Arranged Love by Ishi_burman
Arranged Loveby ishika burman
This is the story about two different families, their different cultures, rites, rituals, standard of living and business. The main starring is of a male and female who...
Is it all about revenge? by blue45berry5
Is it all about revenge?by js
Let go of me. She exclaimed U really think so. He enjoyed I know that u r doing this all to take revenge. She shouted No baby. He said U r just an asshole. I hate u. He...
Aloo Matar Masala Recipe - Socialkitchen by Socialkitchen
Aloo Matar Masala Recipe - socialkitchen
Aloo matar masala recipe is basic and tasty gravy prepared from potato and green peas alongside few flavors. This is an awesome accompaniment to chapathi, poori and asso...
Kehidupan Si Bangsat by BagasMulya9
Kehidupan Si Bangsatby AnakwakFerry
adik gw adalah mahluk yang ngeselin dalam hidup gue. kadang bikin paleng, kadang bikin stress, tapi akhirnya ya gue bikin cerita aja, soanya hidup dia juga kadangan unik...
A Whisper of Love by vihaan_writes
A Whisper of Loveby
In the bustling city of Mumbai, Raj and Palak lived parallel lives, strangers to each other despite sharing the same workplace. Their encounters were limited to fleeting...
Perfectly Incomplete by PalakChandra
Perfectly Incompleteby Palak (Lucky)
Hey! this is my first book! I'm Really Excited about starting this and having you all read it! I'm new to all this and would love feedback :-)
RAG DOLL: a toyish love story  by rhythmichearts
RAG DOLL: a toyish love story by Geetanjali
She was an important part of me since my childhood without being a part of my life. She was a precious reason why I remembered every silly incident of my memory as a kid...