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Twist of fate | [Niall Horan] [Harry Styles] by TheTimeOfAlbion
Twist of fate | [Niall Horan] [ Hezza
Smile for the cameras, smile for the fans, smile for the world, but not for himself. Broken. Depressed. That's who Niall is to his friends; the carefree, bright young bo...
love paragraphs by shaa_baee
love paragraphsby shaa_baee
paragraphs to him or her
Story Starters & Prompts by MankindsBadHABIT
Story Starters & Promptsby your favourite pink cunt
Have you ever been inspired to write but just couldn't come up with a subject? Well, fear not! This book is packed full of prompts, ranging from one word prompts to full...
frame of mind by esd_unsung
frame of mindby esd_unsung
death? lust? love? anger? I gotcha covered. short paragraphs on random emotions
sugar, spice and a bit of advice by Dakotaluvvi
sugar, spice and a bit of adviceby Dakota L.
A bunch of paragraphs and quotes. Your go to place when you're feeling down. In other words, my public diary. (some poetry shit)
3:00 am Thoughts by sunpoetry
3:00 am Thoughtsby A l m a
Excerpts from a book I'll never write.
How not to write a fanfiction by Yeeticantbebothered
How not to write a fanfictionby I really can't
hope someone else hasn't already used this title
School Writing by narutofanninja2
School Writingby Scarla Noai
A random collection of all my essays & paragraphs that have been written on the computer. Feel free to read them if you want. Mainly just moving them from my drive to...
Taboo by CALLBZ_
Tabooby CALLBZ_
its blasphemous
life at its finest . 💔 by deadlyxthought
life at its finest . 💔by jade . 🖤☁️
Paragraphs that will make you rethink your life #complicated #hate #life
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Things I Wish I Could Tell You (Poetry and Prose) by licornesses
Things I Wish I Could Tell You ( augustine
I look at you with empty eyes from across the crowdy room. I never spoke when I was with you, and for a long time I hid from that quiet disguise. Little did you know I c...
It's All Me by GlissWorld
It's All Meby Gliss🖤💛
In this book, I am going to post some random poems, short plots, some story startings, some paragraphs, monologues and basically anything which I write in a form of coll...
For the love of poetry. by ChinuereUwakwem
For the love of Chinuere Uwakwem
Daises remind me of you. Thoughts I will never say but I guess something's are better off unsaid.
Unique Writing Styles by Leopardclaw
Unique Writing Stylesby Leopardclaw
A guide to unique writing styles including: uncommon placement of verbal dialogue and narrative text, dialects, tones, themes, each type of point of view, and mood. Wri...
3:00AM by sunsetsandstarss
3:00AMby Ada Moore
It's 3:00am and I'm supposed to be asleep, but instead I'm lost in my own thoughts.
WHISPERS.  by jazmine060
WHISPERS. by Dilruba Tahseen
Something buried by someone, never to be found .
RaNdOm HOMEWORK ESSAYS!!!  (((feel free to steal these:)) by kitty_meow4ever
RaNdOm HOMEWORK ESSAYS!!! ((( ˜”*°•.˜”*°• 𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐩�...
JUST ESSAYS ON RANDOM THINGS BECAUSE MIDDLE SCHOOL SUCKS!!!! ((idk why I published these, I just did this cuz Grammarly isn't working on google docs and I'm mad at go...
♡Detailed Individual Roleplay♡ by TheMoonlightWarrior
♡Detailed Individual Roleplay♡by Macey
Only my Female characters ♡