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Incorrect Bat-Family quotes/story  by Assassin-In-A-Hoodie
Incorrect Bat-Family quotes/story by Aiah Publius
Mini stories of the batfam and Incorrect quote
The Family of Bats (DRABBLES) by RobinLover4Ever
The Family of Bats (DRABBLES)by RobinLover4Ever
Drabbles of the Batfamily! WARNING: This story covers many topics, each chapter is a new drabble/story unless otherwise stated! More tags later! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHIN...
The New Family Member (Bat family Fanfiction) by DC_Writer_E
The New Family Member (Bat E.
Emily is just a normal girl who moved to Gotham City two days ago. She meets Nightwing and Robin and then discovers the secret her parents kept from her her whole life...
Protecting Robin (YJ story) by MostlySane222
Protecting Robin (YJ story)by MostlySane222
🔸Completed 8/23/20🔸 The team thought the mission would be easy. I mean how hard is it to watch one rich kid? Does have mentions of Abuse I do not own any of the digi...
gotham parent preference by stark1943
gotham parent preferenceby tinypeculiar
How would gotham characters be as parents?
Family by RobinLover4Ever
Familyby RobinLover4Ever
Richard has to take care of his brothers and sisters!
Gotham 🖤Harry Potter and his little sisters the philosopher's stone 1 💰 by tamarayann97
Gotham 🖤Harry Potter and his tamara yann
Brian and Maria Kyle adopted Harry Potter Sharon and Nick Quinzel adopted Rose Potter Thomas and Martha Wayne Adoption sophie Black and lris Potter Jim...
Crossed into my world Damian x reader  by JanetGarcia171
Crossed into my world Damian x ren todoroki
Ok super fast description Damian Jason Tim dick and Alfred have passed into your dimension by accident they are trying to find a way back home or are they ?
Letters To Juliet by devilinyoureye
Letters To Julietby Aline Ingrid
On a trip to Italy, Raven finds an old letter from a Romeo looking for his Juliet and decides to help Alfred, the kind man who wrote the letter in the 1960s, in his sear...
Ghost (Young Justice fic) by RobinMyBirdie
Ghost (Young Justice fic)by RobinMyBirdie
After a mishap in England Alfred Pennyworth's granddaughter, Meg Pennyworth, ends up living in Gotham with Alfred and Bruce Wayne, she ends up going to school with Dick...
Gotham     ♦️Harry Potter and his little sisters the philosopher's stone 1 💄 by tamarayann97
Gotham ♦️Harry Potter and tamara yann
Parallel Universe Mary Kyle adopted Harry Potter Sharon and Nick Quinzel adopted Rose Potter Thomas and Martha Wayne Adoption lris Potter Jim Gordon twin...
Bat Family One-Shots by VianaRomanov
Bat Family One-Shotsby VianaRomanov
Damien's first (and probably last) cuddle session, Jason getting his life back on track, and a young romance that could possibly destroy the Bat family as we know it...
How your first date with them would be, how it would be if they'd crush on you etc. You can make suggestions for future preferences c: Please note that these include hi...
Drowning In A Greenly Death(fem Dami) by DianeCrest
Drowning In A Greenly Death(fem Diane-Crest
it was one of the hottest days in gotham but the batbros decided to swim in the pool unfortunately for their youngest bat who had a bad experience with water
Gotham Imagines by cookiemisfit
Gotham Imaginesby cookiemisfit
This book is gonna feature imagines about Jim, Harvey, Alfred, Jonthan, Victor Zsasz, Ed, Os and Jerome. Hope you can enjoy my terrible writing! Requests for stories, h...
Gotham-all-stories-1-2-3-4-5💰 by tamarayann97
Gotham-all-stories-1-2-3-4-5💰by tamara yann
jade and Ezra Quinzel Selina and Aiden Kyle Barbara Kean brother Richard Kean Tabitha galavan brothers two Theo and Alexis galavan Jim Gordon sister Mirand...
What Happens In Gotham, Stays In Gotham by Dragon-Slayer123
What Happens In Gotham, Stays In Dragon
Gotham City, home of the Bat. Strange things happen here. Criminals run loose. I man in tights and a cowl stops them. But stranger things happen still.... A/N: This wil...
Batman and Robin One Shots by bruce_wayne-batman-
Batman and Robin One Shotsby my best look on my is my logo...
This is a book with a bunch of Batfamily One Shots that I'll hope you enjoy! WARNING! It is extremely corny. Features... -Bathound -The Batbros and sister(s) -Alfred(Th...
Gotham 2🕹 by tamarayann97
Gotham 2🕹by tamara yann
Parallel Universe Ezra and Jade quinzel Selina Kyle had a twin Alex bruce wayne had a twin Ashley Jim Gordon niece and nephew Lucas Gordon twin keeley gotha...
BatBoys X Reader One Shot by JustSomeone_SoMEoNe
BatBoys X Reader One Shotby SOMEONE
This story is about the reader paired with all the bat brothers!