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Guardian angel | TechnoXOC by GattaGamer00
Guardian angel | TechnoXOCby Gatta_Gamer00
Techno is a hybrid between a human and a piglet but he's not the only one, the whole world is filled with them. Problem is, hybrid aren't seen with a good eye by humans...
Badge of the Abandoned by Avvy101
Badge of the Abandonedby Avvy101
Cambodian Americans are stranded in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan. How did it all happen to end where they are now? And can they ever go back to America? In th...
Something More :: the story of Xerxes and Esther retold by jadagoldpoint
Something More :: the story of jada goldpoint
Inspired by the biblical story of a Jewish orphan chosen queen in the midst of her people's persecution, Esther's coming to the throne and Xerxes' choosing her is told i...
Jesus Freaks: Martyrs (by dc talk & The Voice of the Martyrs) by RickKillian
Jesus Freaks: Martyrs (by dc Rick Killian
This was the first book I ever took the lead on as a developmental editor. Thank you to Bethany House Publishers and Baker Books for letting me share some of it here!
Vice/Versa (Oneshot) by DSComeback
Vice/Versa (Oneshot)by DSComeback
Set in a fantasy world of sword and magic. Niel is an orphaned boy from the slum who dream of becoming an Archmage, but without relatives, money, and status it just a fl...
Superhuman: Awakening by EnderDawn590
Superhuman: Awakeningby (¯´•._.• "Scarlett Dawn" •._...
Book 1, Season 1 Elana and Nick were two normal Fraternal twins living life, not being involved in a top secret war between a split government who are fighting over what...
The Great Purge by fayally1998
The Great Purgeby fayally1998
In a land of myth, and a time of magic, there lives one girl, with the power to change everything. When Nimueh agrees to use magic, to help her friend Uther, have a son...
A Weekend with the Dalesman by Poetictrash_
A Weekend with the Dalesmanby Pluto The Excluded
The holocaust. The Nazi. The Auschwitz. The time of Hitler. The story of this period in the life of the Jews and Germans has been known by the world. This story unravels...
Finding the way by isabellasohe
Finding the wayby Esohe Cole
Hi, I'm Ariana and this is the story of how I lost my self to find Jesus. I wasn't always this way - born again. I started by fighting myself, coming to ter...
"He has done everything well!": Father Do Was Only His Instrument by Scaling_Peregrine_II
"He has done everything well!":
This book proposes whether and what God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints were up to behind the scenes of the life of the beloved late healing priest Father Ferna...
Beef Ban & The Christian Response; How Then Shall We Think? by RajRichard
Beef Ban & The Christian Response; Rajkumar Richard
Hurricane "beef-ban" has inundated the entire Indian subcontinent. If this ordinance attains fruition, consumption of beef would be scarce or virtually impossi...
Cryogenic Sleep by JadeHero330
Cryogenic Sleepby مرانڈا Miranda
Mom warned me I would eventually sleep my life away. Why didn't I listen? .............. This is my 500 word short story inspired by Margaret Atwood's classic, "The...
Close To The End by josegarciajr817
Close To The Endby Moose
A dream of the endtime. It will all come to past its in the book.
Otherworlders by AngieCavanaugh
Otherworldersby Angie Cavanaugh
How far will humanity go to save itself? When a virus threatens humanity with extinction, the desperate and dwindling number of uninfected seek refuge in a parallel univ...
Where Happiness Lead You (Eng) by GaiiaDust-Black
Where Happiness Lead You (Eng)by Stressed Human
adventures of Cala, Tyler and Benjamin. What is happiness? what are you willing to give in exchange for it? at what lengths will you go to keep it yours?
The Followed by DelenaD
The Followedby Candy
There was only one way i could escape- dead.
My Suicide Story by Skye_Peach
My Suicide Storyby Queen Chaotic
My name is Yasmina Brown. I hate life can you understand me? I guess not. My brother, Tom abuses me. My sisters Dakota, Hailee and Camri have to deal with this too. My f...
Why Islam Persecutes Christians? by RajRichard
Why Islam Persecutes Christians?by Rajkumar Richard
Christians are the most persecuted people on planet earth. 'Open Doors' lists 33 countries where Christians are widely persecuted by Islam. In the wake of the recent Eas...