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The Underworld's Princess by mnw_27
The Underworld's Princessby mnw_27
You've witnessed the retelling of Persephone and Hades's story. What happens after they have their happily ever after? Let's fast forward eighteen years. Makaria, Hade...
Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows Series) |Old Version| by IrelandBCook
Dark Shadows (#1 of Dark Shadows IrelandBCook
The man on the throne abruptly stood up, his dark black eyes shining with an untammed flame, one that turned everything into embers. It was obvious that this powerful ma...
My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes And One-Shots by AfterAllImAnIdol
My Book Of Greek Mythology Memes Claud/Author/Idol
Mostly memes. And a lot of Persephone and Hades. Also, possibly the home for my comic Gang Gods.
Blasphemy (18+) by byagirlnamedj_
Blasphemy (18+)by Jaimee
He leans closer, cold breath fanning across her face, black locks caressing the side of her temple. "You're quite pretty, you know," he whispers into the shell...
Be My Beloved | a short story retelling of hades and persephone by mylezwuzgone
Be My Beloved | a short story m y l e s
a short story retelling of the greek myth: the story of hades and persephone. persephone is entranced by hades. hades is obsessed. they sneak away, but demeter doesn't...
The Colour Of Pomegranates by AfterJemima
The Colour Of Pomegranatesby AfterJemima
A Poem For Three Voices The so-called 'Rape of Persephone' Her anguished mother or angry lover; where does Persephone's loyalty lie?
Far From Home by KrysLovesYou
Far From Homeby KrysLovesYou
When a sweet good girl like Nalani who's now living in Albany, New York instead her home of Hawaii, falls for a bad boy like Hayden, who's never been loved. What happens...
My Sun and My Moon by couchjeets
My Sun and My Moonby couchjeets
The tale of Persephone, told by Persephone.
Garden of Eden by maddyzzzzz
Garden of Edenby maddy
Atalanta Evans. All-star track runner. Do-gooder. Farm-raised girl. Robert Pattinson. Disgraced professor. Brilliantly intimidating. Devastatingly handsome. When Atalant...
Between the Veils by flowersbykore
Between the Veilsby flowersbykore
I can't move. I am frozen in disbelief. All I can do is watch as my best friend takes her last breath. "No!" I scream. I will not lose her. I begin to sob, &qu...
Poems Until We Kiss                                       ||persephone & hades|| by giftyminiphobia
Poems Until We persephOni
Angry Gods separated them, but only for six months a year. Not a long wait for an immortal, but for a King driven insane by love, the longing felt lingering. So they wro...
Persephone by London_32
Persephoneby Marigold Morelli
The young goddess Persephone's life isn't all as lovely as it appears to be to onlookers looking in. But the young goddess of flowers and spring knew the truth... Little...
black coffee and bright flowers  by stealingstars4you
black coffee and bright flowers by all aboard the fandom express
Coffee shop au Persephone and hades - set in modern time and they're humans If you're reading this I'm currently screaming
Pragma by MGACinderella
Pragmaby Madelyn Almand
He's been watching her, ever since she was born. When she finds out, they meet each day in secret. As they slowly fall for each other, her mother find out and banned the...
Falling Into Darkness by Anaroster515
Falling Into Darknessby Anaroster515
This is a fantasy story that is VERY loosely based on Hades and Persephone but is appropriate for all ages! Side note: all the characters have different names so please...
Of Flowers and Fire (#onceuponnow story) by RobynHode24
Of Flowers and Fire ( RobynHode24
When Persephone said she hated her life, it wasn't an understatement. She had a name as old as the earth itself, a family who tried to hold itself together by only a few...
Persephone's Kidnapping (on pause) by Teah09
Persephone's Kidnapping (on pause)by T.R
*Prequel to Hades and Persephone* The day that Persephone was born and was announced to all of Olympus as the Goddess of Spring, Hades attended, never expecting to ever...
Kore, Kore by r0t__br41n
Kore, Koreby ℜ𝔬𝔱
Hades has been fostering an attachment to the mortal Kore's story. This attachment only grows after Kore gets attacked and Hades breaks up with his girlfriend, Minthe. ...