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Stars and Diamonds by GreenEndai
Stars and Diamondsby Endai
Highest Rank: #1 White Pearl #4 in DiamondAuthority and #9 in StevenUniverse Brought into the world by Pink Diamond, Orange finds being raised to be a Diamond isn't as p...
♢My Little Songbird♢ ~AU Diamond!steven x Fem!siren reader~ by sammytheskitty33
♢My Little Songbird♢ ~AU Diamond! Samantha Szyperski
this book is kind of an experimental take on how far I can take things... more info inside since not many people read descriptions
Life After Steven (Steven Universe x reader) by CharlottesFiction
Life After Steven (Steven CharlottesFiction
You are a normal Sapphire. No different from the rest of the others. You are a/an (pick a color) Sapphire, who is in White Diamond's colony. You're a fairly new Sapphire...
Home Isn't Where I Belong (A Steven Universe FanFiction) by EilyQuinn
Home Isn't Where I Belong (A EilyQuinn
Apatite is a gem among the others of her kind in Blue Diamond's court: all they do is fill in temporarily for missing gems, depending on their type. When she has the rar...
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVES by LadyMusketeer435
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVESby Lord of Darkness
This is a story if Pink Diamond agrees with Rose that gems should do what they really want...and if Pink wasn't shattered.. NOTE: This is just a theroy! IF it turns out...
Dark Diamond by Bro_Its_Sera
Dark Diamondby Seraphina
10 year old Kianna has recently moved to beach city, where the rebellious Rose Quartz lived. Kianna always wanted to meet her and hear her tell the story of how she beca...
My Human, My Jasper (Jasper x OC) by StacyWiener
My Human, My Jasper (Jasper x OC)by Starrie Dirose
Serena was a shy young 17 year old girl visiting her cousins in Beach City for the first time. Little did she know about the many magical beings known as gems, or that s...
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female Reader [Steven Universe Future] ☆ by bitterganache
☆ Yandere! Steven x Female bruh
In light of the new episodes, I thought that Steven's new character arc would fit nicely in a possessive yandere story. Cover Art by danyve16 on Tumblr
Hands of creation (A steven universe x original male character story) by Toxicologist-
Hands of creation (A steven Toxicologist-
Subsequently dropped into Godhood with no explanation or warning at all, our once human now ascended young adult was given the chance to create and destroy anything at t...
Ask or Dare the Diamonds, Spinel and their Pearls  by LynoleyTpayne
Ask or Dare the Diamonds, Spinel Stay hydrated
White: Yellow, Blue.. Blue: mhmm? Yellow: yeah? White: .. I'm bored. Blue: *gasp* Yellow: You? BORED? Me: well, surely we can do something to cheer her up! Volleyball:...
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe x reader) by CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire is different, instead of seeing the future, she can make one. After an outburst of rage, Purple Sapphire give Pink Diamond a fate of shattering, and she...
♦.Black Diamond.♦ by LifeIsSatire
♦.Black Diamond.♦by Ur mom.
Blue, Emotion. Yellow, Diligence. Pink, Defective. White, Clarity. Black, War. She was supposed to come out alongside White, but years turned to decades, decades turned...
The ice and fire diamond ( bnha x female reader x steven universe ) by steven326977
The ice and fire diamond ( bnha steven326977
y/n todoroki aka shoto's twin sister. y/n had a bad past with her father beating her up, she can't see her older siblings and her mother crying over her and her brother...
Gemsona AU: Black Diamond by Jss2141
Gemsona AU: Black Diamondby Jss2141
The youngest and most disrespected of the Diamonds, Black Diamond wanted nothing more than to be treated as an equal, colony and all. Yet, after centuries of proving him...
Pink's Remorse by Craftfury
Pink's Remorseby Craftfury
When Steven meets his mother in a dream, he's met with the most difficult question. Cover art not mine.
You and me  by ModernVibrator
You and me by Sandwich
During the birth of Steven, Rose's gem splits. One half stays with her, but Steven inherits the other.
Pearlswap  by anchovy-villager
Pearlswap by bee nha
An AU in which Pink Pearl is never taken away from her Diamond.
Every Rose has its Thorn  by Fandom-Shift
Every Rose has its Thorn by Dolores Madrigal
The Corrupting Light causes Rose Quartz to relive her past memories as Pink Diamond.
Gem HighSchool by Nighttra
Gem HighSchoolby Nighttra
Basically all Steven Universe Character stuffed into one high school. Disclaimer-I do not own Steven Universe it belongs to Rebecca Sugar Credit to the artist for the c...