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the cabbage merchant x a cabbage by kuroosl3ftasscheek
the cabbage merchant x a cabbageby Lady who hit your car
the cabbage looks a little like gordon ramsey
You Are Mine Always by Phannah2022
You Are Mine Alwaysby 17yroldRegrets
what if Lan Zhan was reincarnated with all his memories intact. So he decided to take advantage of what he couldn't back in Gusu. dark Lan Zhan. Non con, omegaverse do...
Pregnant in College - MalxEvie by MalPlusBenHaveNoChem
Pregnant in College - MalxEvieby MalPlusBenHaveNoChem
Mal had the perfect life. She has a boyfriend, the perfect major, and the perfect friends. However, her life goes downhill when she finds out that she is pregnant. Ben a...
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge Story by im_a_p0tat0
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge im_a_p0tat0
The way Spongebob's hips shook made Mr. Squirdward's tentacle's shiver with ecstasy. Those luscious hips would be the death of him. Maid AU All smut. Porn without plot...
OCEAN (disc) by -KUROMIS
OCEAN (disc)by ⋆ ★ six
and i keep pushing people away because the one i wanted to keep didn't stay. kaedehara kazuha / reader modern au [will get rewritten when I get a grip on my life, I prom...
yelan x reader by faye_f
yelan x readerby faye
there is an extreme lack of yelan smut/yelan content in general on this app and i plan to fix that. also heads up! gender neutral pronouns will be used. i don't necessar...
Pretty Little Thing by weatherlarry
Pretty Little Thingby Rainha do Inferno
Bucky gets home from work. Shameless smut.
Not The Carefullest Of Girls by Astarothian
Not The Carefullest Of Girlsby KassieDassie
Uh this will probably never get posted because im super nervous about this and feel very cringe, so if anyone sees this wow ur super lucky or im dead and one of my frien...
Souls, Spells, and Shadows by BiancaHuntress391
Souls, Spells, and Shadowsby Crow
Alys Vesper is three fourths god, which isn't as awesome as it sounds. Her power just means she's hunted by monsters - and haunted by the shadows of her past. Join Al...
Summer Vibes by Summer49Vibes
Summer Vibesby Summer49Vibes
Being a nyphomaniac isn't easy, especially when you're a hermaphrodite like Gayde.
Goose by TheAstrologersCat
Gooseby Darksky
Just R E A D it
Wait...WHAT?!- Tenkai Knights x Readers TEXTING by -prettycybergirl
Wait...WHAT?!- Tenkai Knights x (*´ω`*)
But i was alive -young Remus Lupin by lostinsadwords
But i was alive -young Remus Lupinby theodora
Updates every day or every two days! "He was the sun and she was the moon" Theodora shifts to Hogwarts and attempts to save everyone, but failing to rescue her...
endless → ziall by softlou
endless → ziallby softlou
a world full of ups and down, much like the roller coaster.
Sleepy Little Angel by superswexysabriel
Sleepy Little Angelby superswexysabriel
a short -maybe a one shot- destiel fanfic. fluff. the fluffiest thing I have ever written. I just thought this up in my math class because I was bored. not really sure w...
Smut (Boyinaband x Roomie) by girlinaband69
Smut (Boyinaband x Roomie)by lilith constantine
Literally pointless plotless smut. Originally written for numb but can be read stand-alone. One of my first in about 2 years sorry if its bad, and uh yeah enjoy :) i ha...
-BillDip-Trust No One #1 by BorlagTheToaster
-BillDip-Trust No One #1by TheRandomMachine
(Bill x Ford for Plot Fuel) (Bill x Dipper) When Bill returns and enters his last form, Dipper is stuck with his presence. But is that the worst thing that could happen...
My Hero Academia Smutshots for my horny friends by mazewritespoems
My Hero Academia Smutshots for Maze
My friends asked me to write smut one time so now this is my life updates daily
late night love by astrynyx
late night loveby nothing important
she looked at the stars as if they were her life. he looked at her the same way. short little drabbles of two lonely teenagers. warning: all written after midnight when...