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The Popular Charms by HotShotStories1234
The Popular Charmsby BlankSpace
Never underestimate how the popular boys run the school. First we have Andrew (Drew) Walker, popular jerk number one. Captain of the basketball team. Then, Matthew (Mat...
Meant to Hate, Destined to Love [BoyXBoy] by jade_riddles
Meant to Hate, Destined to Love [B...by Jade🐉🦋🐸🍄🦚
[WEREWOLFxVAMPIRE] Dmitry is a Russian vampire who fled to the States in hopes of safety. Kennedy is an American werewolf whose heart is set on becoming alpha and findin...
One Truth by bookishgrace_
One Truthby ꨄnaja™☽
Journey Goodwin is a good girl, so much so she has never had a boyfriend. This will all change when her and the schools biggest player, Beau Thompson, get locked in a cl...
Three Hearts, One Love(Entangled Hearts Series) by ajroker
Three Hearts, One Love(Entangled H...by Aj Roker
Caden James King is a popular and attractive high school student who seems to have it all: a beautiful girlfriend, athletic prowess, musical talent, and a wealthy famil...
Witches and Demons ✅ by kookie611
Witches and Demons ✅by kook
Moving into a new town, she started a new life as a college student. She was really excited about everything at first but soon she got tangled up with the popular but st...
Sex-Ed by alpha_sapien
Sex-Edby Alpha-Sapien
Ever thought about what happens when the popular fuckboy in the campus has to get some sex-ed? Read to find out what happens then... Disclaimer: The pictures used in the...
Just So I Could Call You Mine by APHRODITE__x
Just So I Could Call You Mineby AphROdite
What happens when you have spent the past few years building up walls to keep people out, and one person is able to tear them down completely? Mac has closely guarded hi...
If Only by httpthatrandomgirl
If Onlyby Ally J. Jackson
You know that boy, the most popular one in school, the one every girl wants and every guy wants to be? Well, he has a secret, one that he'll do anything to keep. I'm th...
Standard Love by lulunumnum
Standard Loveby ur mom
ᥲᥣᥣіs᥆ᥒ 𝗍᥆rrᥱs is your average 16-year-old girl, at least that's what it seems like. Despite being both Arab and French, she attends an American highschool and is known...
School Bully (Jikook) by AShookyforyou
School Bully (Jikook)by A.Shooky
Yoongi and Jimin are new transfer students at Bighit High school. Yoongi gets into a Bad boy popular group called BTS. Jimin gets bullied by BTS and also gets abused by...
Love Percentage by TrustTheGirl
Love Percentageby Trust Me
This is a world where you could see what chance for someone to like you. * * * * * Just open the app Love Percentage, and show someone within ten meters. Even towards a...
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 | woosan ✔ by moonbabey
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 | woosan ✔by 𝓼𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓱
[COMPLETE] ATEEZ wooyoung/san "he's just so perfect. do you know heather? for me, that's him." "..dude, heather's a girl." (full synopsis inside) -a...
Can't be Bought by InLoveWithU2
Can't be Boughtby Vanessa Faye
Cammie Newman, a junior at UCLA, volunteers to auction a date for her university's annual fundraiser. She never imagines she'd get a bid, much less one from Maddox Brown...
*accidentally*Being His Dream Girl by PoshDo11y
*accidentally*Being His Dream Girlby PoshDo11y
There was a party. There was a girl. There was alcohol. There was a boy. Then, there was a mistake. When Cassidy's dream boy falls for her, she doesn't remember what hap...
Heathers | A TMF AU Story by Evaarchheart
Heathers | A TMF AU Storyby ^ Archie ^
This is a Heathers x TMF AU story. Luke Peterson, Alexzander Wickham, and Drew Miller are the popular boys in school. Together they form a group of young, immature, 17...
Wounded Popular Boy by OrcanousOrca
Wounded Popular Boyby Nex
(Completed) Two boys meet, one is a quiet little emo boy, the other a popular jock. One has a good home life, the other not so much, their love grows with a few obstacl...
'3 𝔻𝕀𝔽𝔽𝔼ℝ𝔼ℕ𝕋 𝕎𝕆ℝ𝔻𝕊' - | In-Yeop X Reader X Taehyung FF| by AESTHETICMINFFs
'3 𝔻𝕀𝔽𝔽𝔼ℝ𝔼ℕ𝕋 𝕎𝕆ℝ𝔻𝕊' - |...by KimStatuesque
Choi Y/N, a normal Journalist. 20. She lives with Taera, her best friend. Who is also a journalist. Both of them are huge fans of BTS. Y\N is a huge fan of Actor Hwang I...
I'm not a popular girl | ✔️ by shimmeringpearls
I'm not a popular girl | ✔️by ✨ E M Z ✨
"Whatever. Now, what is it?" "I've already got a girlfriend, that's why." She stared at him blankly. "What?" "Yup. I really like her...
{Todoroki x Female Reader} The Popular Boy by Luna_Yakamoto
{Todoroki x Female Reader} The Pop...by Luna_Yakamoto
Word around U.A. went around about one of the new students would be a transfer from a private school. The word was that he was a child of one of the most influential bus...
Life with friends  by animelovegirl2
Life with friends by Hailey
the unpopular girl who wasn't recognized the day she moved in everyone thought she was a boy, but highschool begins and she has no other place to go so the guys let her...