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Energy Conservation by EkBoondhPani
Energy Conservationby EBPISE Campaign
Imagine a time in the future when the lights don't turn on and our cars fail to start because there's no more energy left to consume. What can you do to help safeguard y...
Day Zero - Water scarcity by iSaveEnergy
Day Zero - Water scarcityby Campaign I Save Energy
Watch how a major water crisis is looming large and why our cities are not too far away from experiencing the Day Zero scenario. Your simple actions can contribute to a...
Smart Cities for a Smart Future by EkBoondhPani
Smart Cities for a Smart Futureby EBPISE Campaign
Making a few smart choices at home can help a great deal in conserving water. Take a look at some innovative solutions that our smart cities can adopt to enable easy rec...
Under The Great Beech Tree by isthathrl
Under The Great Beech Treeby Harry
I was reborn 'Under The Great Beech Tree', then by the hacking of the axe it was lost. But hope isn't always lost.
Planet or Plastic by this-random-writer
Planet or Plasticby this-random-writer
What would you choose. Keep littering or save the planet? !!!WARNING!!! SOME DISTURBING IMAGES. Feel free to criticise and leave comments. There is a video on the page...
I Have No Title by mangalover13
I Have No Titleby mangalover13
I just saw the thing with you writing a 500 or less story to prevent plastic litter so I wanted to do something like that but not so here is a little mini-rant to protec...