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Parched: A Guide to a City in a Water Crisis by HermioneTheRavenclaw
Parched: A Guide to a City in a HermioneTheRavenclaw
To most it would sound like something out of a SciFi movie; something that belongs in the distant future, but in Cape Town, South Africa it is a reality: We are nearly o...
Struggle for water by iSaveEnergy
Struggle for waterby Campaign I Save Energy
There's always someone who is deprived of water out there. Those of us who have enough are often oblivious to the plight of the 'have-nots'. Let's pay attention before i...
Songs underwater by bluestonesh
Songs underwaterby bluestonesh
For the #TalesoftheDeep and #WorldWaterDay writing contest A poem about saving water.
Water Insecurity by EkBoondhPani
Water Insecurityby EBPISE Campaign
At times, happy families don't realise how quickly things can go wrong if the water crisis worsens further. Here is a glimpse of what awaits us if we don't conserve wate...
Girdle Creek by LewisChesterfield
Girdle Creekby LewisChesterfield
Martha loved the stories her father would tell her about Girdle Creek. The Girdle Creek was a wonderful spectacle of jewel blue, welcoming to the touch as her father tel...
Water - An Emotion by EkBoondhPani
Water - An Emotionby EBPISE Campaign
There's always someone who is deprived of water out there. Those of us who have enough are often oblivious to the plight of the 'have-nots'. Let's pay attention before i...
Reduce water pollution in your home by iSaveEnergy
Reduce water pollution in your homeby Campaign I Save Energy
Have you ever realized how a single wrong step can unknowingly pollute our waters and cause irreparable damage to the environment? Here's how the consequences might unfo...
Day Zero - Water scarcity by iSaveEnergy
Day Zero - Water scarcityby Campaign I Save Energy
Watch how a major water crisis is looming large and why our cities are not too far away from experiencing the Day Zero scenario. Your simple actions can contribute to a...
I Choose my Mother Earth!! (#planetorplastic) by SnarkyRosie
I Choose my Mother Earth!! ( Snarky Rosie
A shocking experience for the 22nd century scientist, a surprise indeed. Destruction ahead;bestowed with great responsibility upon his shoulders. Edward an amateur scien...
Raging Thirst by mysmallvoice
Raging Thirstby mysmallvoice
What would we do if our world ran out of water? And how could a raging bull help cure our raging thirst? A humorous poem for children with a message about climate change...
MARMORIS by Yutinaha1
MARMORISby Yuti Naha
I have always been mesmerized by water and beaches are naturally my favourite places. Marmoris was one beautiful word I came across recently. It originates from a Latin...
Where Are The Rains? by Champak_Magazine
Where Are The Rains?by Champak
There were dark clouds in the sky and a strong wind but not a single drop of rain had fallen. Rivers and lakes had dried up and the jungle appeared barren. All the anima...
The Change Starts With 'I' #PlanetOrPlastic by naina9413
The Change Starts With 'I' Nancy Goel
We all know that we are facing global issues, however we don't work towards it thinking how our little effort would solve such a huge problem. This short story helps you...
Smart Cities for a Smart Future by EkBoondhPani
Smart Cities for a Smart Futureby EBPISE Campaign
Making a few smart choices at home can help a great deal in conserving water. Take a look at some innovative solutions that our smart cities can adopt to enable easy rec...
DEPARTING FROM BLISS by Madupathisanjana
There's no dreams exist without earth Where do you survive rich and what you do with the money without water or food?