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Doctor Fu, I am honored to marry (H) by FelicityYuzuki
Doctor Fu, I am honored to marry (...by Felicity
Author: 小不点爱吃肉 alternative name: 傅医生,有幸嫁给你 Artist cover used: @aoseagrass the rebirth sweet pet article. Sexy slut actress vs pathological paranoid doctor. Subdue Tempta...
The young commissioner's pet slave (Ayato×Thoma)  by LittleCatSnu
The young commissioner's pet slave...by LittleCatSnu
This is the story about the young commissioner Kamisato Ayato and his loyal pet housekeeper Thoma's love between master and pet. The fox in gentleman's clothing bullies...
Ang Barako Kung Ama by Jumburat
Ang Barako Kung Amaby Jumburat
Warning: This story contains mature themes, explicit content, and graphic violence intended for adult audiences (R-18). Reader discretion is advised.
Taming The Sky by inspirationalavery
Taming The Skyby Avery
Winslet Luna Juarez who doesn't believe in love, fell inlove with the Adair Quardruplets.
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter H) by Mirei_Loiroyel
Lonza Jewels (Father and Daughter...by Mirei_Loiroyel
Auhor: 蕴屾 Title: 龙沙宝石(父女H) Introduction: He suits and wears shoes, defends money, stands on the opposite side of innocents, helps tigers to eat, and does all the bad thi...
Fate/Harem Antics by Gundamboi
Fate/Harem Anticsby MrBruh
[Warning:This Not My Book,But this One Rightfully Belongs to (Authour:Kamenriderhero25). I Am Simply Righting this Book because of the Orginal Book was Unavailable to Ma...
It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero! by YgbraleCoso
It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-i...by BLANK__
Just one step in the wrong direction, and I managed to cross over into a different sphere. A newly-made world of a God. In the distance stood a small house surrounded by...
Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil Extra 3 by XieGege
Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil...by XieGege
Translation not mine for offline purposes only. Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Extra 3 "The Fox Demon and the Regent" Translated By : White Sky
WILD WANSHAT  by Amber_Dyer
basta R-18 toh!!
the seraphim navy by dragon_samurai_13
the seraphim navyby the dragon shogun
the sunken fog ships have been resurrected by unknown means, I-401, under orders from the new admiral of the entire fog armada, was placed back under the command of chih...
B A K U M O M O   Oneshots by Dumpstercchi
B A K U M O M O Oneshotsby Reverial
A Book of two completely but not so different authors who shared ONE interest together. A collab with @JOYtheFunny
Urban Legends In Japan by Loli_God
Urban Legends In Japanby Loli God
Urban Legends in Japan that will freak you out!!! Don't forget to vote and share!!!
When Lips Collide - A Itazura Na Kiss Fanfic (On Hiatus) by matchalatte247
When Lips Collide - A Itazura Na K...by matchalatte247
[ N E W D E S C R I P T I O N U P D A T E D - 2 0 J A N 2 0 2 1 ] Irie Kotoko and Irie Naoki have been married for some time now and are getting the hang o...
the angelic knight by dragon_samurai_13
the angelic knightby the dragon shogun
the battle against the eighth angel goes worse then originally foreseen as EVA unit-01 is gone, not damaged not destroyed but utterly gone, what happened is unexpected a...
POSSESIVE GAY SERIES 1 (Charles Kurt Monteverdi ) by MaxTINAxx
POSSESIVE GAY SERIES 1 (Charles Ku...by Maxie_Writs
[WARNING MATURED CONTENT]⚠ This story is More MATURED CONTENT that can't read for all 13-below...but if you want to read this! Make sure that you will never report this...
Try Crying Prettier  by CECANIAH_07
Try Crying Prettier by Cecaniah
Sleeping with him was a very impulsive decision. Yesterday, Damia's first love that usually filled her with anxious joy, broke her heart with a cruel rejection: "Fi...
Boku No Hero Academia Ship by renjumon13
Boku No Hero Academia Shipby Wolfinsheeps
Los ship de my hero academia, imagenes de personajes,yaoi,yuri......bueno de todo un poco.
harry potter the dark phoenix lord by jexishere
harry potter the dark phoenix lordby the dragon samurai
what if sirius black wasn't the only one to escape from prison what if in a different prison someone else broke out as well for a similar purpose upon learning of his gr...