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Joker | Dokkaebi x MaleReader by DMPYNSYY
Joker | Dokkaebi x MaleReaderby DMPYNSYY
Just read the book. its so good
To Love a Hunter (Reader x Caveira) by kyloren24
To Love a Hunter (Reader x Caveira)by kyloren24
Y/N "Eir" L/N is a new recruit of Rainbow, and catches the eye of everyone's favorite Brazilian Huntress
Scanned (IQ x Male Reader) by kyloren24
Scanned (IQ x Male Reader)by kyloren24
Y/N "Blade" L/N is a U.S. army soldier who transferred to the Spartan Corps to wipe out terrorism. During a mission, however, he looses everything, leaving hi...
The one who brings karma by jackthesaiyan
The one who brings karmaby Ryku/Mozzie main
Ryan is a silent and unknown person who doesn't talk. His parents were both delta force soldiers who went MIA. Ryan joined the Delta force and surpassed every solider in...
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic] by TheMaximus2K
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]by Max
Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests...
Rainbow six siege nokk x reader by thepoopcollector
Rainbow six siege nokk x readerby thepeacekeeper
Y/n who is a former Jaeger Corps operative is called upon rainbow. There he meets an old "friend" both have been given a second chance and it must be taken. I...
A fire that Always Burn (R6 x Joshua Graham Reader) by Raxlebane
A fire that Always Burn (R6 x Josh...by Raxlebane
You are r6's Joshua Graham from fallout
Hitman reader X r6 woman by danniel_briggs
Hitman reader X r6 womanby Danniel Briggs
Y/n (KillMonger) was the best spentsnaz Russia had. He then was submitted into a super soldier program. The experiment worked but he could not be controlled through mind...
Misshapen (R6S Fanfiction) by Spirit_W4lk3r
Misshapen (R6S Fanfiction)by Nightfall
Y/n is just like any normal person born and raised in America. Y/n had a very tough life and now he is getting recruited to a top secret organization and he is just like...
Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Story) by sneaky_lynx
Fallen Fate (A Rainbow6 Siege Stor...by Lynx
Nicknamed Geist, A man who served in s.a.s special forces gets recruited into team rainbow after being tracked down by the team leader. dont own any r6 seige related st...
just friends. // BanditxJager fanfic by Jagerbabey
just friends. // BanditxJager fanf...by Marius Streicher
Marius Streicher & Dominic Brunsmeier have been in a happy; healthy relationship for three years. But .. Dom decides to say seven simple words that will destroy Marius f...
The Story of "Watcher " Team, A Rainbow Six story by lngefara
The Story of "Watcher " Team, A Ra...by lngefara
An Elite Observation Team of the NZSAS are sent to track down the people behind the terrorist attack on ANZAC day that would become known as "The Blood Soaked Remem...
"Brothers" R6s x male reader by shoeatrings
"Brothers" R6s x male readerby shoeatrings
Your mutes brother
The Carmine of Rainbow by Growl37
The Carmine of Rainbowby Growl37
You're the 4th of the Carmine Brothers. Unlike your brother Clayton you took up the position as medic. while your older brother is more ruthless against the Locust for t...
Rangers of Rainbow by Raxlebane
Rangers of Rainbowby Raxlebane
You and your sister are rangers of the NCR, you two volunteer for an experimental teleporter. Things go wrong and you two go to another universe.
Feel The Heat (Male reader x Genderbent r6 siege harem) by WalkingBiohazard
Feel The Heat (Male reader x Gende...by WalkingBiohazard
A pyromaniac is given the chance to join the legendary Team Rainbow, and accepts Question is, will he burn down the world before the White Masks?
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Rising Shadow (Male Reader X Nøkk) by Nokk_Main
Rising Shadow (Male Reader X Nøkk)by Nøkk_Main
Y/N L/N codenamed Nova has been with Rainbow Six for a few years now. Hes been able to become friends with the FBI SWAT operators and a few others, even Caveira views hi...
Rainbow Six Siege x OC by JinReaper
Rainbow Six Siege x OCby Jin
Josh "Reaper" Baker a Ghost Recon member and one of the best operator being only 36yrs old. After having a nightmare of his friend dying in front of him, will...
I Will Watch over You Till The End.                      Valkiry x Reader by shadder38
I Will Watch over You Till The End...by Carter Payne
(So I love R6, I play the game to much, and alot of the people I follow make R6 books and have alot of views so Im trying it to.) Operation Ghostbuster was a high skille...
A Bait - Rainbow Six Siege x Oc by Caspear3124
A Bait - Rainbow Six Siege x Ocby Caspear3124
Rainbow six from Ubisoft, OC is mine