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【Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - Headcanons!】 by lucidgaze
【Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - everyday I’m sufferin
just a lil' headcanon book i made because I absolutely love toying with the obscurity of this show! ^^ do not be afraid to start debates in the comments as long as they'...
Fluffybird oneshot|| POVS || YOU HAVE TO READ ISCRETION IF YOU GIVE REQUESTS by JupiterMyrick3
Fluffybird oneshot|| POVS || YOU JupiterMyrick3
ok ok lemme explain my headcanons, Harry is red guy Robin is duck Manny/doi is yellow guy David is smart yellow guy Harry is married to robin and there always getting d...
!dhmis red guy/harry x female reader SMUT! by Martyarts
!dhmis red guy/harry x female Martyarts
red guy smut for all the red guy simps out there, different smut ideas, But also if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable with this type of subject, and if you don't...
(OLD) ђэℓρ мэ (DHMIS Reader Insert) by PlaidCherries06
(OLD) ђэℓρ мэ (DHMIS Reader Insert)by Frankie🫀
I MADE THIS FIC IN 2018, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE _____________ ❝ΔŘ€ ¥ØỮ PŘØỮĐ Ø₣ Μ€ ŇØŴ, ĐΔĐĐ¥?!?❞ _*_ All you wanted to do was to go to College, Nothing More, Nothing...
"There's 3 of us...R-Right..?" DHMIS by Sandoroppu
"There's 3 of us...R-Right..?" ~**D3M0N1C G|@$$**~
This contains MAJOR FluffyBird, Red-Guy had been planning to go on a date with Duck for a while, He loved Duck, and he knew it, but he would feel bad about leaving Yello...
The Price We Have To Pay.  by Quinnthefin
The Price We Have To Pay. by Quinnthefin
A DHMIS Fanfiction which was originally based around a Romantic relationship between Harry (red guy) and Robin (Duck) but now will also include characters and story of D...
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Freedom In A Colorful Town  by Brooklyn470669
Freedom In A Colorful Town by Yellow Guy_Lover
Instead of ending up in Clayhill (in episode 5) the trio ends in Welcome Home and why does that guy look so much like Doi? (Yellow guy) This is my first story on this ac...
☆ Step by step we can complete ☆ Dhmis story/Human/FLUFFYBIRD by Epikkyledude
☆ Step by step we can complete ☆ Your a b**ch
Red: harry/25 Yellow:manny/10 Duck:robin/24 Other are involved too ☆ ☆ Harry lived comfortable with Manny away from Roy, Harry went to get groceries leaving Manny home a...
『 COLOUR POP 』 by fizzysodazzz
[ DHMIS x WELCOME HOME ] " weren't we supposed to go to Clayhill ? " " this is Clayhill . " " no , it's not . " " well , it's close en...
[DHMIS TEXTING] by Dumb_Dead_Ass
[DHMIS TEXTING]by Pavle Lukovac
I'll be making texting stories since It doesn't really take much effort. (DANG MY MOST POPULAR FANFICTION EVER? MMM 😦)
Fluffybird One shots  by Radio_Boi666
Fluffybird One shots by TheRadioVillain!
As you can see this is a Red Guy x Duck Guy oneshot book! :) Just a warning I'm not the best at writing stories so I'm sorry if the stories don't sound the best... Anywa...
.~Why Love Me?~. []FluffyBird[] by Gremlin_Demon_Child
.~Why Love Me?~. []FluffyBird[]by gremlin demon child thing
{{Duck guy = Robin. Red guy = Harry. Yellow guy = Doi}} Robin. A straight male. But, if he's straight, why did he fall in love with his best friend, Harry? But, soon, s...
Don't Hug Me I'm The Chosen One: Bound With Fate (Book 2) by Endergirl221
Don't Hug Me I'm The Chosen One: Yellow Porkchops
As Manny and his adoptive dads were on their way to the realm of critters, they got kidnapped by some unknown enemies. Fighting for freedom, they realize what more you-k...
Don't Hug Me I'm The Chosen One: The Prophecy Begins (Book 1) by Endergirl221
Don't Hug Me I'm The Chosen One: Yellow Porkchops
an 11-year-old boy named Manny grew up in the living care of Harry and Robin, who served as his foster parents as he didn't know who his real parents are. in school, he...
DHMIS Oneshots by dhmis_redguyyy
Hello!! I am really into DHMIS (Dont Hug Me. Im Scared) and I enjoy writing! So, why not make the best of both worlds? Feel free to dm me requests!! And if I ever miss a...
Warren x Reader (FINISHED) by cashhat_52
Warren x Reader (FINISHED)by peps
(Contains no gendered pronouns or descriptions.) This is old, so please PLEASE don't read this. Im gonna rewrite all of this and im gonna post this both to Wattpad and A...
my new Dad  by chch_u45
my new Dad by chch_u45
Yellow Guy is sad and Red Guy is trying to make him feel better Yellow Guy wants a new Dad but he doesn't know anyone but he remembers Red Guy cares about him he's perfe...
Red guy x Y/N by Bananaman119
Red guy x Y/Nby Bananaman119
You've always been lonely Never really having the confidence to say anthing to anyone you like. Until you saw him, where everything changed.
Red guy dhmis x reader! (fluff) by TiredCloudy39
Red guy dhmis x reader! (fluff)by TiredCloudy39
One minute you're peacefully in your bed and the next you wake up in what seems to be the world of don't hug me I'm scared and it looks like red guy is here too... I'm j...
Another friend | a lovebug remake  by fruityassjerms
Another friend | a lovebug remake by fruityassjerms
So I made that story last year, and I have to say My creative writing has not improved 😭 but I want to fix the story up and make it alittle better. I'm not that apart...