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❤️fluffybird oneshot💚 by RedGuysHot
❤️fluffybird oneshot💚by <3
credit to dameganzone on instagram for cover this story wont be updated and im logging out of my account srry 💞 : fluff ⚠️ : smut 🔞 : nsfw 💔 : angst ☁️ : other
Family :D - [DHMIS x Child Reader] COMPLETED by nyum_underscore
Family :D - [DHMIS x Child Reader] nyum_
Gender neutral Y/N :) They're all humans in this book, and Y/N is a child so this is NOT a romantic xreader. I'm obsessed with DHMIS right now hhhhhhh- I'll update/write...
DHMIS X Reader (Human World AU!) by SunLunette
DHMIS X Reader (Human World AU!)by Alfiebia
INFO: The Human World AU is where the teachers are still in their Object 'n Arms forms but they're now In the Human World instead of the Puppet's Universe
(OLD) ђэℓρ мэ (DHMIS Reader Insert) by PlaidCherries06
(OLD) ђэℓρ мэ (DHMIS Reader Insert)by Frankie🫀
I MADE THIS FIC IN 2018, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE _____________ ❝ΔŘ€ ¥ØỮ PŘØỮĐ Ø₣ Μ€ ŇØŴ, ĐΔĐĐ¥?!?❞ _*_ All you wanted to do was to go to College, Nothing More, Nothing...
DHMIS Red guy x Y/N by RedMan3695
DHMIS Red guy x Y/Nby RedMan3695
WOOPS! You dropped into the Dhmis reality by accident! now you have to like the rest of your days with them until you find a way out.. unless..
Stay With Me // [Red Guy x Reader] by jesus_davito13
Stay With Me // [Red Guy x Reader]by Abomination.
[This book has a non-binary reader, but you can imagine different pronouns for Y/N if you prefer to, I really can't stop you and it's not like it's wrong.] One night, Y...
red guy x reader screwed together/a dhmis fanfic by alexandra98743
red guy x reader screwed Alexandra waston
its a red guy/harry x reader its comedic at a point and agressive at another, so yeah? read if you may
DHMIS Red Guy x (male) Reader by Cocoo299
DHMIS Red Guy x (male) Readerby Robbie
Im sorry. I had to do it. (No sex. Maybe some sexUAL stuff but no ACTUAL sex because idk how tf that would work tbh)
Freedom In A Colorful Town  by Brooklyn470669
Freedom In A Colorful Town by Yellow Guy_Lover
Instead of ending up in Clayhill (in episode 5) the trio ends in Welcome Home and why does that guy look so much like Doi? (Yellow guy) This is my first story on this ac...
Deploy - Lampnold Fanfic by scooby_doo_700
Deploy - Lampnold Fanficby WESLEY
Paige, Tony, Shrignold, Colin, Steve, Veg and Lars were all cramped up together in a small apartment in an English countryside. After their old boss, Roy, got cut out of...
A Journey through time  by mlpfnaffan
A Journey through time by mlpfnaffan
Manny (yellow guy) thought it was all over. His friends gone and the house being taken over by the "teachers " all he could do was stay in his room with the do...
random shit by 0R4NG3Z_M0THZ
random shitby GHOST
do you like object shows? aus? ref sheets? art, memes perhaps? you've come to the right place lol also pinterest image dumps sometimes
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Welcome to ClayHill!. by Fallenangel560
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Welcome Yingyang
It's summer vacation, The dhmis trio move away from their old home. Years past and you decided to pay them a visit. You found a small town called ClayHill where you foun...
🖤Bottom Tony One-Shot🖤 by Meloon_Cutie
🖤Bottom Tony One-Shot🖤by Sakura Solos
Hello everyone! This is a bottom tony one-shot! You can give me your requests here and I'll do it! It can be anyone x bottom tony but I won't do reader x tony. Sorry! RE...
Dhmis oneshots and head cannons by youreverydayidoit
Dhmis oneshots and head cannonsby 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣
I've read to many of them and want to do my own. These are my headcannons no hate will be tolerated. Idk when I'm gonna start writing oneshots but it'll happen so... I d...
It Feels So Wrong (A Lampnold story) by PoisonedPencil
It Feels So Wrong (A Lampnold PoisonedPencil
Human Au with some animal/object like features Going against his leader's word, Shignold starts having feelings for a certain lamp after trying to avoid him for so long...
Dhmis Headcanons / Scenarios  by Y3llooww
Dhmis Headcanons / Scenarios by ♡☆ Yellow guy ☆♡
this are dhmis headcanons and some of headcanons I've seen on tiktok so uh yea (idk what else to say 😅 🥲 😭)
『 COLOUR POP 』 by fizzysodazzz
[ DHMIS x WELCOME HOME ] " weren't we supposed to go to Clayhill ? " " this is Clayhill . " " no , it's not . " " well , it's close en...