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Soul Fragments by yami_6878
Soul Fragmentsby ¹³⁴³⁴⁰
On Wei Wuxian's special day, after returning back to lotus cove along with Jiang YanLi and Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian is caught by Madam Yu, leading to him being punished f...
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise from Disgrace by Diamondragon23
A Fall from Grace, and His Rise Diamondragon23
Izuku Midoriya had a weak quirk. In reality, his quirk was actually perfect for Heroics, but his parents preferred his sister's incredibly powerful Telekinesis quirk. To...
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knight by Joyyboyy
Izuku Yagi: The Emerald Knightby Joyyboyy
"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"
The heavenly prince [Wangxian] by Hizuka_Not_Cipher
The heavenly prince [Wangxian]by A.L Reyes
Hua Ying, courtesy Hua Xianle. Born from a very wealthy family, sired and raised by Hua Cheng and Xie Lian. But they had unknowingly neglected him, leading him to flee.
Consuming Shadows by theslytherinread
Consuming Shadowsby theslytherinread
His attention moved to the politicians' pavilion after passing the students. His gaze was locked with crimson. He almost faltered under the pressure of the hunger in tho...
👻 Danny Phantom 👻                       Trip into the Ghost Zone [HIATUS] by ThePurplePanguino
👻 Danny Phantom 👻 ThePurplePanguino
Another Danny Phantom Field Trip story! Under major revision Expected completion date: 2023
Liability by queenofthewips
Liabilityby Queenie J. Alexander
[BxB] In the eyes of the public, Rhys Martinez is the darling boy of the governor of New York, who has an angelic smile and charming wit. The people of New York and the...
Loki One Shots (Discontinued) by AnukuLee
Loki One Shots (Discontinued)by Anonymously Yours
One shot with our favorite trickster it will usually revolve around an OC. In these Aus Loki is an avenger because I like that idea and him dying isn't an option whatsoe...
The Best Mom Ever! by IceyBlossom133
The Best Mom Ever!by IceyBlossem133
Yellow is trapped inside the family home with no chance of escaping. Throughout the panic and the chaos, Yellow Guy finds a loophole. They wanted him to be their mother...
Amygdala (Vinsmoke brothers) by real-majima-hours
Amygdala (Vinsmoke brothers)by Kevin
In the New World, a scientist ambushes three Germa 66 vessels and captures Ichiji, Niji and Yonji to pry in their brains with his devil powers. Afterward, they begin to...
The Creepypasta Hero by Showagoji_076
The Creepypasta Heroby Showa Goji
Izuku Yagi wanted to be a hero, but sadly he was diagnosed quirkless, this caused his sister and his friends to bully him harshly, and his mom and dad to neglect him. H...
Family Line | Toziers by toziierrs
Family Line | Toziersby it >>
Basically family line by Conan Gray but as Richie's life-
Barely Justified (Young Justice Fic) by Far_kay
Barely Justified (Young Justice Kay
****Young Justice Fiction**** The rising villain Cancer has sent his apprentice, Alex, to Gotham Academy without giving her a task however the Justice League is comple...
shadow by Pai1619ge75
shadowby Paige
Juggling life, a job, and vigilante activities, Izuku Midoriya must keep it all a secret if he wants to make it through the school year. Will he be able to keep up the l...
Brotherly Love by SkyGarmadonWalker
Brotherly Loveby Padfoot
What happens when Morgan Starks father ignores her after he's been dead for 10 years? Will she get his attention before it's too late? When HYDRA takes her and Peter awa...
Happy together by Shellzabie
Happy togetherby
In honour of Cruella coming out exactly one year ago today (28 may), I have written the wedding of our lovebirds, Cruella and Jasper! This fanfiction makes references to...
Who's child is this? | (Mostly Endeavor x OC/ implied Aizawa x OC) by CherryVampire96
Who's child is this? | (Mostly CherryVampire96
She ran, directly into the chaos. He was talking, his voice so changed, nothing like the sweet tune that liked to call her "mom". Enji wasn't a perfect man, he...
Random BNHA One-shots by Emtail
Random BNHA One-shotsby DISCONTINUED
Ships; Bakushima/Kiribaku, Tododeku, Serokami/Kamisero, Momojirou, Tsuchaco/Tsuchako(is that right?), Erasermic Bakusquad and Dekusquad **AFTER BAKUS GAY PANIC STYLE C...
Summer Upstate (Avengers x Male OC) by StrawberryPlutonium
Summer Upstate (Avengers x Male OC)by StrawberryPlutonium
Nicholas Daniels gets dusted. After being blipped and disappearing for 5 years, he spends a month in a shelter before authorities could track down one of his parents. Tu...
Kaleidoscope Of Scars by drishti_09
Kaleidoscope Of Scarsby drishti
"Every child deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a child."