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Tony x Colin dhmis ( fanfic) by PresentPuma5723
Tony x Colin dhmis ( fanfic)by PresentPuma5723
Tony Mets the new teacher ( Colin ) and well it's like most fan fics Hi creator here , I'm small and would like this to be read a little :( plz vote maybe if you kind e...
Finally, someone who understands me [Digital Time] DHMIS by JLeaff
Finally, someone who understands Local Diaappoint
This is old in my opinion, but all the nice feedback had me astonished! Man I'm surprised! Tony is a stubborn talking clock who teaches time to three kids, the other tea...
human!dhmis x emotionless reader by grape_gacha123
human!dhmis x emotionless readerby grape
!!COVER ART NOT MINE AND I DO NOT OWN DONT HUG ME I'M SCARED!! This is about you(the reader) getting some things for your house since your parents passed away when you t...
A Journey through time  by mlpfnaffan
A Journey through time by mlpfnaffan
Manny (yellow guy) thought it was all over. His friends gone and the house being taken over by the "teachers " all he could do was stay in his room with the do...
Clever Boys [DigitalTime] by wynsiri
Clever Boys [DigitalTime]by wynsiri
Starting back at the very, very beginning of DHMIS - A certain clock meets a certain computer. Throughout this little series, time WILL pass and we will get through som...
DHMIS: New Addition to The Family! (with Baby Y/N) by AstrageneOfficial
DHMIS: New Addition to The 💫Astragene💫
You were dropped off at the doorstep of a bright pink house in the middle of a cold and rainy night. To their surprise and worry, Harry and Robin take you in to ensure y...
DHMIS Oneshots by the_person_me
DHMIS Oneshotsby The Person
Includes: Digitaltime Lampnold Fluffybird Fluff💗 Angst🌧 Smut⚠️ Created: October 30th, 2022 Milestones: 100 reads (November ?, 2022) 500 reads (November 18th, 2022) 1k...
Don't hug me, I hate you by BisexualPinkGoddess
Don't hug me, I hate youby Hamgelica Shipper
Read to find out what this is about 🙃🙃🙃 Tw: Suicide attempt, abuse,
Dhmis X Teacher!reader by creepydolly95
Dhmis X Teacher!readerby creepydolly95
some will be your best friends, some could be your enemies, and some could even fall in love with you. I wonder how things will work out for the dear reader
DHMIS Groupchat AU by AwkwardDreamer31st
DHMIS Groupchat AUby trash
I just made this for fun lol Warning: Lots of cringe
Dhmis • The Teachers = Chaos.  by Zanderxxc
Dhmis • The Teachers = Chaos. by Zanderxxc
The dhmis teachers move in together, what chaos will they unwind?? :)
Dhmis by Monsterbunny04
Dhmisby CR4CKH34D_K1NG_04
The main trio gain a roommate, what kind of chaos will unfold?!
DHMIS Tony & Colin x Reader by demonic_narwhale
DHMIS Tony & Colin x Readerby Big Baboogie
DISCONTINUED AS OF NOW! WRITING A "UPDATED" VERSION "Lessons to Learn" 💙◾▫️◾▫️◾💚 Hi there! This is going to be mainly either a Colin and/or Tony x...
Dhmis One Shots  by Henryzbiggestsimp
Dhmis One Shots by Vincent
this a dhmis story so yAh it'll have tony x Colin, Steve/steak x Fridge, Paige x Electracety, Shrig x Larry, etc.. and this with have the tv series teachers as well😊
DHMIS oneshots by jfudbrufhfj
DHMIS oneshotsby jfudbrufhfj
could Contain smut/NSFW, gore, fluff, lemon, about anything. Credit to the photo artist if I use any 🫀Fluff ❤️‍🔥smut 🕳Angst 💭Other
Ask the Dhmis squad!! by Yellowguy123
Ask the Dhmis squad!!by Yellowguy123
I have seen others do this, and I want to do it too sooo -------------------- Here are the majors characters ( aka my favs ): Manny/Donnie/ Yellow guy. Harry/ Red guy La...
Just 3 fellas in a random house || DHMIS oneshots (human AU!)  by Sillyorchid
Just 3 fellas in a random house || <3
I'm gonna be honest here. This is just a bunch of random little headcanons coming to life :D
Don't hug me I'm scared boyfriend scenarios by Cotton_Candy_Field
Don't hug me I'm scared Cotton_Candy_Field
Dating the characters of don't hug me I'm scared