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Fluffybird oneshot|| POVS || YOU HAVE TO READ ISCRETION IF YOU GIVE REQUESTS by JupiterMyrick3
Fluffybird oneshot|| POVS || YOU JupiterMyrick3
ok ok lemme explain my headcanons, Harry is red guy Robin is duck Manny/doi is yellow guy David is smart yellow guy Harry is married to robin and there always getting d...
Dhmis X Teacher!reader by creepydolly95
Dhmis X Teacher!readerby creepydolly95
some will be your best friends, some could be your enemies, and some could even fall in love with you. I wonder how things will work out for the dear reader
Tony x Colin dhmis ( fanfic) by PresentPuma5723
Tony x Colin dhmis ( fanfic)by PresentPuma5723
Tony Mets the new teacher ( Colin ) and well it's like most fan fics Hi creator here , I'm small and would like this to be read a little :( plz vote maybe if you kind e...
Don't hug me, I hate you by BisexualPinkGoddess
Don't hug me, I hate youby Hamgelica Shipper
Read to find out what this is about 🙃🙃🙃 Tw: Suicide attempt, abuse,
Dhmis by Monsterbunny04
Dhmisby CR4CKH34D_K1NG_04
The main trio gain a roommate, what kind of chaos will unfold?!
(OLD) DHMIS Groupchat AU by JanTheCrow
(OLD) DHMIS Groupchat AUby trash
I just made this for fun lol Warning: Lots of cringe
[DHMIS TEXTING] by Dumb_Dead_Ass
[DHMIS TEXTING]by Pavle Lukovac
I'll be making texting stories since It doesn't really take much effort. (DANG MY MOST POPULAR FANFICTION EVER? MMM 😦)
A Journey through time  by mlpfnaffan
A Journey through time by mlpfnaffan
Manny (yellow guy) thought it was all over. His friends gone and the house being taken over by the "teachers " all he could do was stay in his room with the do...
Demons & Angels [A Digital Time Fanfic] by MegaSceptile2006
Demons & Angels [A Digital Time Mega
Demon!Colin X Angel!Tony Tony was raised by his family of Angel's, he was constantly told that demons were nothing but bad people/creatures that cause violence and troub...
Clocks and Computers (DHMIS Digital Time) by IntoTheSinBin
Clocks and Computers (DHMIS 100% Sinner
Tony and Colin finished their lessons. Now what? They decided to get to know each other and that ended up more than they expected. (This contains a little bit of Padlock...
DHMIS Tony & Colin x Reader by demonic_narwhale
DHMIS Tony & Colin x Readerby Big Baboogie
DISCONTINUED AS OF NOW! WRITING A "UPDATED" VERSION "Lessons to Learn" 💙◾▫️◾▫️◾💚 Hi there! This is going to be mainly either a Colin and/or Tony x...
Dhmis Lyrics by cupidsotps
Dhmis Lyricsby shipping
It's 2am, I'm really bored, and I like dhmis
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Oneshots  by scribblesofshadow
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Oneshots by ScribblesOfShadow
Wakey wakey... (I don't own the coverart or any of the fan art used)
Our Time Together (DHMIS Digital Time) by Rayn4242
Our Time Together (DHMIS Digital Rayn4242
Cover by: Rani the Clock on Amino CW: Mild homophobia, swear words Important info: This story contains trans Colin, biromantic Tony, non-binary and aroace Sketchbook (an...
This prison is hell(A DHMIS Story) by hugs4caseyjones
This prison is hell(A DHMIS Story)by Casey
This is a story based off of an old DHMIS au of mine where all the students and teachers where placed in a experimental prison where'd they'd be put in situations inspir...
The Big Book of DigitalTime by AngelicaSchuyler424
The Big Book of DigitalTimeby *Smokes in German*
Just big book of the cuties! (Again) like last time, There will be Fanart, Headcanons, and oneshots, but NO absolutely NO; Smut, nsfw, or Lemons, ok? Ok! Let's get to i...
Finally, someone who understands me [Digital Time] DHMIS by JLeaff
Finally, someone who understands Local Diaappoint
This is old in my opinion, but all the nice feedback had me astonished! Man I'm surprised! Tony is a stubborn talking clock who teaches time to three kids, the other tea...
human!dhmis x emotionless reader by chaotic_goose_irl
human!dhmis x emotionless readerby Chuuya
!!COVER ART NOT MINE AND I DO NOT OWN DONT HUG ME I'M SCARED!! This is about you(the reader) getting some things for your house since your parents passed away when you t...
It's Time To Love (Tony the Clock x Reader) by LethumTauri
It's Time To Love (Tony the Lethum Tauri
New school year, new you. And a whole batch of weird and wonderful teachers. But one particular teacher takes interest in you and devotes his time to winning you. (All o...
pacify her ; digital time dhmis by butter_s
pacify her ; digital time dhmisby butter_s
tony and paige get into a relationship while colin isnt taking it so well. someone hears colin talking about how he likes tony and shit tony stops talking to colin and c...