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Just One Punch || BNHA by isabelmicaela20
Just One Punch || BNHAby Yumi
F! Reader Insert ; No quirk, but she still wanted to be a hero. 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km of running for just about 2 years. Without knowing, s...
A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA) Slow Updates by Avacomix
A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA) Slow Avocado
This is a rewrite of my OPM x MHA story called a hero for fun. Izuku Midoriya. A name too many people know as a quirkless nobody. A boy with an unreachable goal. His...
Unchained melody by astr0nomika by yun-jins
Unchained melody by astr0nomikaby yun-jins
THIS IS NOT MY BOOK, It's by astronomika, and if she wants me to take it down, I will 100% respect her decision, and take it down. It's unfinished, so I will update when...
Why Are You Leaving (Republished.) by Ghosteiye
Why Are You Leaving (Republished.)by Ghost
A plan Sebastian finally thinks up can finally work to get away from these. Freaks. These sickos. Specifically Randal Ivory. He can finally be free and live his life as...
the golden trio and jonginie's plus one; hunkai - chansoo by hissinfullips
the golden trio and jonginie's pretty papi
Banyak yang berkata bahwa keluarga Kim Jongin adalah unik; mendekati aneh, lebih tepat dikatakan. Do Kyungsoo adalah papanya yang berusia 8 tahun lebih tua darinya; (mam...
merry go around; hunkai by hissinfullips
merry go around; hunkaiby pretty papi
Ada sebuah tradisi dikatakan menikah muda-tidak lebih dari usia 21 tahun-akan membuatmu menuju pintu ajal dengan tempo lambat. Hal ini tertanam erat pada keluarganya dan...
My Step Brother, Boyfriend, Or Friends With Benifits? by kaylin9001
My Step Brother, Boyfriend, Or kaylin9001
What happens when you meet your dads girlfriends really cute and flirty son... And a boyfriend?!?!Well you will have to read and find out?! (Wrote this at 13 kinda gross...
Notes and Words (7/27) by YureiRF
Notes and Words (7/27)by ゆreiRF
This story is Raw and Unedited. It also serves only as an English practice for the creator. Written by : ヒヨリ Synopsis : Rei, a novelist, encounters Ren, a frustrated m...
Cassandra - Book 1 by eggandccheese
Cassandra - Book 1by eggandccheese
[This story has been republished from my previous account: secretpearl. This was written sometime in 2015 - 2016. I might make a few edits especially with the grammar.] ...
Hollywood's Lie by qish_everlyn
Hollywood's Lieby qish_everlyn
Tyler Owen is one of the rising international idol . He has the perfect looks, the undeniable style , the successful career and the spotlight of fame . He's everything t...
Welcome to the factory republished from old account: @Jessica050605 by Jess050605
Welcome to the factory Jessica Daniels
Hi hope you enjoy my story y/n:your name h/c:Hair colour f/c:favourite colour h/l:hair length You are Charlie Buckets big Sister a 20 year old with a big personality an...
Mystic Magic Oneshots! by RinChiryu
Mystic Magic Oneshots!by RinChiryu
A reupload of the same story from my other account, Reader_ChanX. A series of Oneshots from TrashyCatt595's Mystic Magic!
Run. Just Run. by _jessej_
Run. Just Jesse
James is a typical country boy, growing up in a great home, his closest friend living next door, everything in his world seemingly perfect. But nothing stays perfect for...
drawing random crap And Some Other Trash by PathettiSpaghetti
drawing random crap And Some Salapl Laphettè
Random stuff and art Technically just trash Also i'm republishing this. Cause well Wattpad deciced to be an idiot and deleted like 99% of my book. I wanted to just make...
Ash (trans story) by beatlegeuse
Ash (trans story)by beatlegeuse
There is a TRIGGER WARNING on this entire story for self harm and suicide, please do not read if you are likely to be triggered. This is really important. Ash feels the...
Canon Hetalia Facts ・Republish・ by MagicTrioLover
Canon Hetalia Facts ・Republish・by Bluebell
I own absolutely nothing, the book does not belong to me too, this is just a republish A thank you to @Cazypup, who also is the original author of this book, for agreein...
Couples and Classmates Republish by JacquileneFaith_
Couples and Classmates Republishby Jacqui Burns
On its 1 year anniversary I thought to republish the deleted book just to look back on the past and have a laugh 😂 I won't be making more chapters cause that's lame af...
Hate That I love You by itsuhlisuh
Hate That I love Youby ...
First son of Jaycob and Destinee Smith 19 year old Kingston Smith never liked the pitiful Rachel Evans ever since age 7. But things change once Kingston gets older and l...