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Our past, my present,your future. by Idlelayn
Our past, my present,your Idlelayn
Qi Xiao came back five years before she died, looking at the girl in front of her she take a sharp breath and stand up to bow "Miss Shen I am sorry for the previous...
Area Codes // dreamwastaken - Reuploaded by Area-Codes
Area Codes // dreamwastaken - Area-Codes
Original Summary: a text sent to the wrong number. a conversation between two strangers. their lives changed forever, even if they don't know who's on the other side of...
Sanders Sides Omorashi/Pissfic! RE UPLOADED! by i_dont_hesitate
Sanders Sides Omorashi/Pissfic! Hamilfan
My previous Omorashi story was deleted from Wattpad due to sexual content, but I was able to recover these ones from another website that had my book copied onto it for...
From Murder to Dust by Clichely
From Murder to Dustby Cliche
It wasn't as if he didn't care for them. He did. That's why he did it, after all. He couldn't watch them suffer, so he did something about it. Dust Sans story with Nigh...
WATCH THEM BURN | RDR2 by KaleStillLivesHere
WATCH THEM BURN | RDR2by Cheesecake
Fairy Tail - Eyes of Ice by seanscribes
Fairy Tail - Eyes of Iceby seanscribes
(reupload from its original posting on in 2020/2021, story request from user sketchywolf) Kai Hope is an Ice Dragon Slayer capable of great and terrible t...
Knight of The Remnant Wind(Male Human Sonic Reader x RWBY harem) by MEME-Corp
Knight of The Remnant Wind(Male Swagmaster4209
After a tough battle with Dr.Jaclyn one of her machines explodes and sends you to another world!!This world is nothing that you've ever seen before either and the Chaos...
Lovely~🩷(Dc X Marvel Crossover)  by blackgirlmagic09
Lovely~🩷(Dc X Marvel Crossover) by Ilikepinkbirds
(there is no use of y/n in this book!) 🩷
Camping Relationships - (Yuru Camp S2 X Male Reader) (REUPLOAD!) by CrazyPlatinum1899
Camping Relationships - (Yuru AJMasion1937
After the events of Yuru Camp Season 1, (Y/N) (L/N) was now in a relationship between Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara. So right now, there are more camping trips for...
❝ Y/n has stooped so low to fall in love with someone who could never even love her back! ❞ ━ Human Monokuma x female reader Started : Nov 6, 2021 Ended : - ━━━━━━━━━━...
Eyes Every Where (Countryhumans) by RattusDomestica
Eyes Every Where (Countryhumans)by ☆atl☆
Safety does not exist; be careful on what you do, it might come back to haunt you; eyes are everywhere... ---- There has been an increase in cameras around the world to...
we could be enough (scorbus) by beetlegoose01
we could be enough (scorbus)by beetlegoose01
Scorpius and Albus are starting their fifth year hoping to improve from last year's disaster. But with their growing feelings for one another, that may be easier said th...
Bruise (Chanyeol Angst) by peachykaix  by mikoteows
Bruise (Chanyeol Angst) by maria🦋
chanyeol angst fanfic (M) *not written by me but posting it here since it got deleted on tumblr*
Good for you Rindou x reader ✓ by Rainahaitani
Good for you Rindou x reader ✓by ʚ✿ɞ
a girl fell in love with someone but That guy is in love with my friend.....
six feet under • tommy x fem!reader (Original Version; Reuploaded) by SugarCookieQwQ
six feet under • tommy x fem! SugarCookieQwQ
The original transcript (Reuploaded) Thank you so so so much @scooped-loser for helping me save the story. Please, check her out! ----- The music discs chime filled the...
Tokyo Revengers Oneshots 18+ by Ice-Panda
Tokyo Revengers Oneshots 18+by Pani
Read the info chapter
roshidere fanfics  by turquoises_1984
roshidere fanfics by turquoises_1984
roshidere fanfics I've uploaded to A03, but now on Wattpad, a quick note: some fics will be smut, and those will have warnings.
bird is a scaredy cat 𝓒𝕆𝒩𝓯𝘐-𝓡𝐌𝑬𝓓 (re upload) by dranger78
bird is a scaredy cat 𝓒𝕆𝒩𝓯𝘐-� dranger78\ドレンジャー78
a beyblade x one shot book about bird being scared. bird may be a brave boy, but deep inside he is a scardey cat. he has a lot of scary moments in his past, consisting g...
My Enemy  || Gonkillu (Weekly Updates) by ameria__flower
My Enemy || Gonkillu (Weekly 𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐀 𖤐
| DESCRIPTION | Transporting into a different world? Like killua would believe that. That was until he was sucked into a portal with gon on their way home. This new worl...