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Adopted By All Time Low by milk_fry
Adopted By All Time Lowby milk_fry
(This contains triggering and mature content, and I do my best to put trigger warnings up.) Twelve year old Blake Mason was put in an orphanage after her mom died. She d...
Thanks To You 》Alex Gaskarth by Dinosaur132
Thanks To You 》Alex Gaskarthby who cares lmao
((Previously Aiutami)) Bailey Mathers has lost a lot in her life, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. After a bad introduction with some band loser, she ends u...
Take Chances - Awsten Knight by sixfeetunderthestxrs
Take Chances - Awsten Knightby Em🖤🥀
Violet grew up in the Barakat family, and now that she's done with high school, she doesn't have a clue as to what she wants to be. When her older brother asks her to jo...
Beautiful Scars (A Jack Barakat Fanfic) by Dxxths
Beautiful Scars (A Jack Barakat Fa...by dxxths
"You don't know what you've got till it's gone" Those words echoed through Nora life. The scars lacing her skin had not only killed apart of herself but destro...
How It's Going To Be - Adopted by Alex Gaskarth by sixfeetunderthestxrs
How It's Going To Be - Adopted by...by Em🖤🥀
{Book 1} Emerson had a tough life growing up and she thought was that it was all only going to get even worse. But a certain person (or more so, band) changes everything...
Paper Moon by oh_my_Jinxx
Paper Moonby oh_my_Jinxx
(Part 2 to Adopted by All Time Low) Haley has been living with All Time Low for a while and has had many adventures and can't wait for the many more to come.
How It Has Been - Adopted by Alex Gaskarth {book 2} by sixfeetunderthestxrs
How It Has Been - Adopted by Alex...by Em🖤🥀
{Book 2} Life had definitely changed for Emerson. School, friends, all of it had changed for the better. Until events take place and change it for the worse.. {WARNING:...
Memories That Fade Like Photographs (Jack Barakat - All Time Low fanfiction) by heyitsmeeeh
Memories That Fade Like Photograph...by heyitsmeeeh
Amelie and Jack were bestfriends since kids. One day, Amelie and her dad got in an accident which forced her family to move in New York. The boys didn't have a clue abou...
Adopted by Alex Gaskarth by bandsb4life
Adopted by Alex Gaskarthby xoxo
after being adopted by alex gaskarth, hazel find her self mesmerized by life and seeks help from her past. there is love and loss but always love.
Hearts On Fire {Alex Gaskarth} by ughabuggabandlife
Hearts On Fire {Alex Gaskarth}by Neeeeeerrd
Grace Adams started a new school. She left a place where she knows and started new. The only thing holding her back is her shy nature, she talks to nearly no one except...
Walls // Jalex by hothoneydrizzle
Walls // Jalexby Jalex Christ
Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat hated each other throughout high school. They both look forward to college as a fresh start. Though their expectations come crashing down...
Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends (Jack Barakat) by jackb0nerbarakat
Never Felt Right Calling This Just...by jackb0nerbarakat
What's gonna happen if Rian finds out how his best friend Jack feels about his younger sister Liz? Is Liz willing to love someone again? And what about her secrets?
DIRTY LAUNDRY - ALEX GASKARTH  by brendonuriesgal
"what, never seen a gal with pink hair?" aka that one where a shy girl with pink hair with a bad at home life and a boy with a "shitty" band who has...
Therapy ~ Alex Gaskarth by sixfeetunderthestxrs
Therapy ~ Alex Gaskarthby Em🖤🥀
Scout Gaskarth is the sister to the band All Time Low's lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. But when things happen and Scout has to live with Alex, what crazy things will happen...
Make Me or Break Me ✖️Muke by sk8rgrl76
Make Me or Break Me ✖️Mukeby Katie
All time Low and Five Minutes to Midnight are planning a joint world tour that is to be kicked off in May. Only problem is they don't have a supporting act and the tour...
Behind The Lies (Alex Gaskarth)  by piercetheprice
Behind The Lies (Alex Gaskarth) by piercetheprice
[ COMPLETED ] Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer for All Time Low. On stage he's loud, excitable and full of energy, but off stage it's completely different. Alex is severe...
Your Sick Little Games- Jalex by EnderRoses
Your Sick Little Games- Jalexby Erika Reichart
Alex has a head time trusting people. So when none other than Jack Barakat walks into his life and won't leave he thinks things are starting to look up for him. Jack is...
Walking Travesty (Jalex) by anakin--skywalker
Walking Travesty (Jalex)by Maggie
Alex is always bullied by Jack. Constantly. Being beat up and insulted. Jack may have taken it a little too far one day, and Alex decides to let him know. (I'm sorry. I...
Forced Eternity (Jalex) by SanctionedHell
Forced Eternity (Jalex)by ksw
Jack is clumsy, lanky and awkward. He's constantly screwing things up. He doesn't think much of himself, but that changes when he's dragged to hell to be Alex's pet mort...