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Inside the Sketchpad & Notebook by KiZuTsu
Inside the Sketchpad & Notebookby KiZuTsu
For years they have always been close together. Namikaze Naruko and Uchiha Sasuke's relationship has always been a little special, being friends for a very long time the...
Naruto of The Sharingan by LORDGABEN11
Naruto of The Sharinganby LORDGABEN11
What if Minato was A descendant of Madara? What if Minato was a Pure Blooded Uchiha? note- Pure Blooded Uchiha get their Mangekyou in Life or Death situations and dont g...
Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze by Akahana_9
Naruko Uzumaki Namikazeby Jessica
Basically a story where Naruto is a girl called Naruko. Naruko trains with Tsunade and Jiraiya before the academy, and there is no Uchiha Massacre. SasuFemNaru! Sakura B...
YOU'RE A WHAT!?!? by rapdaddyhoseok
YOU'RE A WHAT!?!?by rapdaddyhoseok
this a sasunaru story, so if you're not into that shit or you don't like this ship then don't click it Met the Kyuubi at the age of 3 Became ANBU captain at 5 Naruto is...
@Dattebayo_9 has logged on by Omega_kitsu09
@Dattebayo_9 has logged onby Omega_kitsu09
Just something that came to mind. beware of rare and unexpected updates. I will update this one when I feel like it
The Yamagakure by Yaoi-kunUwU
The Yamagakureby Crop top squad
🏳️‍🌈~Art credit:Helenwong_le on Twitter~🏳️‍🌈 (This story will contain Sakura bashing because honestly in the first Naruto series she isn't very likeable how she is i...
Naruto - The Prodigy by yeetuselite
Naruto - The Prodigyby Elite Yeet
Hello everyone, this is my very first story so please don't hurt me :'( Itachi and Shisui were walking to the graveyard in Konoha after their comrade died during a missi...
Wow. by moneygiveme
#8 money💵
"Wow." "Wait! Sasuke-Kun! I-I can explain everything!" "How can you even explain thi- y'know what, just get out." *** A sudden love betwe...
Naruto- Idiot or not? by HirokiAngel
Naruto- Idiot or not?by Hiroki
Naruto's an idiot, right? Wrong. Naruto is a strong, sweet, shy and quiet boy. He loves animals and is actually quite friendly. How do the others take it when they find...
Only mine and never yours by gabyloweheart
Only mine and never yoursby The _Yaoi _MASTER
🍥 This is a naruto boy love story 🍥 Don't like DONT READ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naruto comes home from a doctors appointment and is informed that he is pregnant,h...
The Unseeing Eye by George_Brown99
The Unseeing Eyeby George Brown
For as long as he can remember, Naruto has always been the centre of the citizens of Konohagakures hatred. One fateful day the villagers attacks went too far. Will Narut...
Kitsune of one thousand strings by Arbiter_lex_ultionis
Kitsune of one thousand stringsby Otiosis
When Naruto was young he learned of the respect that people had for medic ninjas so he dived straight into medical ninjutsu. At first it was great but then he ran into a...
Kitsune and Neko by black_fox_200
Kitsune and Nekoby black_fox_200
"Hey Naruto, it's been a year since the village announced you as dead. I don't believe them; I don't believe them at all." Ino said on the verge of tears. &quo...
It's Agent not Ninja by Ninetailedfoxkura
It's Agent not Ninjaby TailedFoxKurama
Naruto left the Hidden Leaf Village for reasons unknown to everyone including Team 7 and the rookie 9. The only one who knew why and where he went was the Third Hokage a...
Kawaii!!! by StrawberryCurtain
Kawaii!!!by Lemonjuice
Itachi uchiha is a mysterious man sasuke the popular hot male is his brother. After the death of his parents itachi is rarely seen but it is soeculated he is not alone h...
Naruto and the eyes of the Sage of Six Paths by Yoda_Shmoda
Naruto and the eyes of the Sage Jedi GrandMaster Yoda
Naruto, in his life and death battle with Sasuke in the Valley of the end, awakens the fabled Rinnegan, and succeeds in returning Sasuke to the village.. What will happe...
The Bleach Card Master by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
The Bleach Card Masterby Naruto Namikaze
When Naruto was a child, running away from a mod, he ends up in the forest of death. There he found a gadget with a pack of cards inside. Naruto accidentally summons a c...
Just Because I'm Different {Gaanaru} [Complete] by Cielo_Caldo27
Just Because I'm Different { Mr.Oh_Sangwoo
Naruto Uzumaki (Namikaze) as you hear this name you will immediately think that he is a bundle of sunshine Well we need to sign him up for acting since the bundle of sun...
Narusasu oneshots (In Progress) by SexyNineTails1320
Narusasu oneshots (In Progress)by Kitsune Reaper
just a bunch of oneshots between Naruto and Sasuke and there's no smut (feel free to comment on any oneshots you wanna see)
A Demon's Bride by Shadow122894
A Demon's Brideby Shadow122894
When Naruto returns from his training trip his friends were expecting a lot of things from him they expected him to come back stronger and for him to maybe come back mor...