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The Architect or The Lunatic Fringe by Lunatic_Princess_66
The Architect or The Lunatic Fringeby Lᴇxɪ.ఌ
Ever since Seth Rollins has won the MITB, he's been letting the power go to his head. His girlfriend, WWE Diva Lexus Purdy, has been really sad and lonely. Her best fri...
The Rockstars Adopted daughter, (BVB Fanfic)DISCONTINUED by XIdobelieveinfairies
The Rockstars Adopted daughter, ( Typing Fairy
Rose is in a foster home one day someone famous comes into adopt read n find out who :)
Life(Andy Biersack) by eil1345
Life(Andy Biersack)by lesli
Heaven was a six year old girl who life was perfect but then few nights ago her mom got into a car accident and died her dad was never the same that day he would always...
Will He Always Love Me? by kiwiaries
Will He Always Love Me?by Keleigh Saunders
Alex has just turned 20 and she has a band called "As We Break Away". she meets a girl, elizabeth (19 years old), that has had a rough life. they go to a black...
No Idea (A black veil brides fanfic) by BlackVeilRocker69
No Idea (A black veil brides CJ
its summer and CJ is finally going to the camp of her dreams. Fallow her as she makes friends with the guys and Sammi Doll and falls in love. How will being away from ho...
Ride Home |Completed!| by bigxxgirlsxxcry
Ride Home |Completed!|by Cat
She was walking through the rain when he pulled up in that old Chevy that she remembered
My Biggest Fear REWRITING by AndyBiersackLovers
My Biggest Fear REWRITINGby We Love Black Veil Brides
He shook his head and kneeled in front of my brother. I went to move towards him but I was grabbed by Kells. "If you're going to kill me motherfucker, I want you to...
The Mortician's Daughter *rewritten* by band_saviors666
The Mortician's Daughter * band_saviors666
Angel was just your average girl, only she had one slightly different fact about her. Her brother is Jeremy Ferguson, otherwise known as Jinxx, the guitarist for the roc...
Love Isn't Always Fair by yoyi007
Love Isn't Always Fairby GHR
She was in debate with herself; she was in love with Andy or in love with Ashley?
Adopted By Black  Veil Brides by brightwin_bby
Adopted By Black Veil Bridesby Kenan Asher
A 17 year old girl gets adopted by her favorite band and she gets a crush on her dads friend
Stronger in new ways (Black Veil Brides) by FramingJenny
Stronger in new ways (Black Veil Framing-Jenny
. “Now well what have we here? Is it not the emo fag Liz?” I knew who it was. The guy from school. While he talked he hit me in the stomach, face, and slammed my body at...
Days Are Numbered by Hstowe
Days Are Numberedby H.Stowe
Growing up in a strict household. Eighteen year old Haley, had never been to a single concert except for a Blood On The Dance Floor one, she had always dreamed of seein...
Burned ||Completed|| by bigxxgirlsxxcry
Burned ||Completed||by Cat
He TRIED to make her breakfast
From Death To Destiny  by HeavenSentAustin
From Death To Destiny by Austin Carlile
Andrew has many problems in his life but will moving away from his home in Ohio be an escape? Almost all the way across the country, Samantha sets up her new job in hope...
My Saviours (Black Veil Brides) by sophiealyx
My Saviours (Black Veil Brides)by sophiealyx
Sophia finds herself beaten in an alley outside a Black Veil Brides concert. But when her best friend Sammi finds help does she make it through the night and find out wh...
Laughing Jack's Girl by VampireG
Laughing Jack's Girlby Psycho Kitty
What if Elena and Jeremy and a sister, who was younger than Elena but older than Jeremy. What if she knew Laughing Jack. Natalie Robin Gilbert is the second oldest of th...
Mixed up with the Band by Ashee97mythlover
Mixed up with the Bandby ZombifiedGhost
An 18 year old girl named Addy finds herself rudely awoken one night and then her life is never the same. She and her best friend Roxy move in with Black Veil Brides. Wh...