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"Pleasure" Satzu ||COMPLETED|| by TZJJANG_CHOU
"Pleasure" Satzu ||COMPLETED||by CHAEYUNIE
Warning!!! Gender bend alert!! Read on your own risk and please if you're still innocent like me read this because this is so interesting and to those who are not, you'...
100 Days Military (Satzu) ||completed|| by TZJJANG_CHOU
100 Days Military (Satzu) || CHAEYUNIE
*Completed* Genderbend😉 Highest rank #38 in random and #74 in fan fiction. (ongoing) Sapphires??
The Rendezvous ||COMPLETED|| by TZJJANG_CHOU
The Rendezvous ||COMPLETED||by CHAEYUNIE
Sana is inlove from the girl she met at her most favorite place. After almost 10 years she met a person who have the same name with the person she love but they are defi...
It's not Fine (SaTzu)  by TZJJANG_CHOU
It's not Fine (SaTzu) by CHAEYUNIE
How could Jealousy change everything? When we're perfectly fine? Short story of SaTzu ❤
White Dress | Complete by chwkwi
White Dress | Completeby sheesh
White Dress [WD] SaTzu short story "I trust her, I love her, but am I ready to lose her?" - [Date Started: January 6, 2018] [Date Ended: January 6, 2018(Also)]
A Moment To Remember ||SaTzu|| by TZJJANG_CH0U
A Moment To Remember ||SaTzu||by SaTzu Stories
There's this one moment I will always remember. "My love for you" ||SaTzu||
Schizophrenia  by TZJJANG_CHOU
Schizophrenia by CHAEYUNIE
SaTzu one shot story. This story was originally inspired by a Filipino movie "A perfect you" and almost or some parts are actually from the actual movie scene...
LOVE LINE  -  TWICE | SATZU by redj_ashy
(M) Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Momo, Chaeyoung (F) Sana, Nayeon, Dahyun, Mina, Jihyo Satzu, 2yeon, Dahmo, Michaeng, GodJihyo This is a genderbender fanfic so four of them are guy...
Like Sapphires - Reader x Shu Sakamaki by TheReaderX-er
Like Sapphires - Reader x Shu TheReaderX-er
Y/N doesn't realise that she is sent as another sacrificial bride as her friend Yui to the Sakamaki household. She thinks she was sent to meet her old friend as she ha...
Sapphires: Niall Horan (1D Fan Fic) by shazam47
Sapphires: Niall Horan (1D Fan Fic)by Zoe
Cecilia recently came out of a relationship. Niall witnessed his girlfriend cheating on him. These two people meet, wounds still fresh. Will they be able to put the past...
Sapphires by munchy_kinz_16
Sapphiresby Munchy
It's over. The war is finally over. What am I going to do with my life now ? I spent all of my time fighting for my blood and what I believe in. Except this was no human...
The Choice | Satzu by redj_ashy
The Choice | Satzuby R E D ♦️
A story of Sana choosing the one she truly loves. This is only a short story so will probably consists of few chapters.
Hurtled into the Chaos, We Fight (Dragon Age: Inquisition) by Gingerale_addict
Hurtled into the Chaos, We Fight ( Sav & Tess
(Pre-inquisition) Because I'm so hyped for DA:I I needed some drabbles of my inquisitors before the events of the game. Here will be my first, who is going to be Lidya...
I'M FINE by Tzuyu_Gucci
I'M FINEby Tzuyu_Gucci
I can't believe jealousy can turn everything into a disaster. I ask you to start over again but how? When you already gave me a million reasons to let go.
Sal Houdini Lakes Roses And Love  by Naynageo
Sal Houdini Lakes Roses And Love by 💎 IcyCold 💎
A book about my favourite underrated singer Sal Houdini
Love & Sapphires by SaphiraStark
Love & Sapphiresby Saphira
Saphira Alpha is the perfect agent: brought into a life of intense training during the days and lovelorn, lonely nights after being separated from her best friend and th...
Stormfall Saga of Survival Hack Unlimited Sapphires by TainaVelasquez52
Stormfall Saga of Survival Hack TainaVelasquez52
Stormfall Saga of Survival Online Hack and Cheats Stormfall Saga of Survival Hack will let you to buy all items for free. Below you will see all the cheats needed to hac...