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New Life (scp reader) by AbelQ2704
New Life (scp reader)by Abel Q
Y/N was Captured when they were around the age of 19 years old. Y/N never had an average life even before they got captured by the scp foundation. Before they got capt...
how NOT to summon 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 by Demonic_dragon_god
how NOT to summon 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐂𝐀𝐑� Vritra
This is going to be a "how not to summon a demon lord x op male reader" fanfic Any photos or videos I use in this story are not mine the credit goes to their r...
The Corrupted Sun's Sister (SCP-179 x Male OC) by adamabyss12
The Corrupted Sun's Sister ( adamabyss12
(This story takes place in the When Day Breaks canon, where SCP-179 is alive and will play an active role in aiding the human race against what was once her brother)
SCP x FReader by yunnaXX469
SCP x FReaderby galaxy*
Warning!!! The book is hell fluff read it on your Own risk contain some angst about yuna's and y/n's past also some my hero academia , anime .
The Return Of A Hero (SCP reader) (Part 2 Of SCP New Life) by AbelQ2704
The Return Of A Hero (SCP reader) Abel Q
hey guys this is book 2 of new life (SCP reader). I'll probably give a small summary of book 1 for those who need a reminder of what happened in the previous book and fo...
The Anti-Anomaly by CosmosDestructor1
The Anti-Anomalyby Cosmos Destructor
A collection of short stories where SCP-001: Izuku Midoriya, aka, the anti-anomaly interacts with other SCP's, stories where this Izuku gets inserted into SCP end of the...
Newscapepro/ Cory x male reader by eyeless_angel6632
Newscapepro/ Cory x male readerby nightmare005422
This story will be well though through and pre planned for your pleasure of reading I hope you enjoy love the author
SCP Foundation Manuscript by Joojyohncel
SCP Foundation Manuscriptby Joojyohncel
The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) Foundation Manuscript brings all discovered SCP findings from the laboratory to the internet for public use. Classified information i...
The Scarlet Kings Mysterious Son by That_one_girl_07
The Scarlet Kings Mysterious Sonby Ava
I knew he didn't belong in my world but what could I do JUST LET HIM DIE?!?!
The Sun Went Beautiful by rjnehhbwgwtb
The Sun Went Beautifulby anxious rewind
SCP-001 has now started it's xk class end of the world scenario. embrace the darkness,fear the light. we used to die in the dark,but now we will die in the sunlight. rew...
Fear the Light by SavieBooks
Fear the Lightby Savie_book's
The light is dangerous the sun has been compromised and now we must try and find a way to escape planet earth or reverse the effects that the sun leaves with people the...
A SCP-001 story (when day breaks.) by hotdog_yee
A SCP-001 story (when day breaks.)by Hotdog_yee
And you watch the sun rise for probably the last time in your life.....
Fundacja SCP by KazperRG
Fundacja SCPby KazperRG
Pewnie kazdy zna fundacje SCP. Jezeli nie to pozwolcie ze wam opowiem o niej. Fundacja SCP zajmuje sie zabezpieczaniem i branie informacji z nie ziemskich podmiotow/krea...
The Worlds Gone Beautiful "Lily's Proposal" by TeamSCP19
The Worlds Gone Beautiful "Lily' SCP Site 19
Instead of SCP-001 called "Lily's Proposal" - Site 19 O5
Secure Contain Protect: Apollyon by SCPApollyon
Secure Contain Protect: Apollyonby Secure Contain Protect
In a world where anomalies threaten normality as we know it one group seeks to contain and neutralize these anomalies, the SCP Foundation.
An Unexpected Friendship by THEREALGOGITA
An Unexpected Friendshipby Gojita
In the SCP Foundation, there was a termination attempt on SCP - 682 yet again. However this time, the attempt was led by SCP - 001....The Gate Guardian slashed it's lege...
SCP Handbook by hrollins
SCP Handbookby Hrollins-and-Slappy
When I have time to write, but not enough to write You Can't Hide I will update this book. This book will hold all know knowledge about all know SCPs.