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Daddy by friendsgoldengirl14
Daddyby friendsgoldengirl14
"Mmm you're so wet for daddy." I moan and grind my hips against his fingers trying to give myself some relief from his slow torture. "Please daddy. Please...
 Seducing the Billionaire by HinogNaSingkamas
Seducing the Billionaireby Dinosaur
🚫W A R N I N G🚫 READ THIS WITH YOUR OWN RISK. Cristlea Dlein Montisor is a deadly gorgeous lady. She has a rights to do whatever she wanted. She has the rights to have...
ဆရာ့ကိုထိန်းကြပါဦး(မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်Manhua) by Hanzinhtet
ဆရာ့ကိုထိန်းကြပါဦး(မြန်မာဘာသာပြန် OH!My Yaoi God
အခွက်ပြောင်လွန်းတဲ့ ဆရာ နဲ့ အင်နိုးဆန့်တပည့်လေး တို့ရဲ့စတိုရီလေးပါ😝 Name;Seduce & Subdue/Hold my master Type;Boy'Love/Comedy(On Going) I don't won any part of this manh...
 Seductress (Levi x reader) by bakabakanekoUwU
Seductress (Levi x reader)by neko chan~~
A Seductress from the underground known as 'crimson killer'. No one has ever seen her face, no one knows her real name except for her mother, her trainer Kenny Ackerman...
Seduce That Guy by iamnsc
Seduce That Guyby iamnsc
Highest Rank Achieved #39 in Humor Sino nga ba ang mag-aakala, na aalukin ako ng kasal ng lalaking hindi ko naman kilala. At sinong mag-aakala, na papayag ako sa gusto...
"GHOST OF YOU" by AmeliaAshin
"GHOST OF YOU"by Amelia Ashin
Three main leads- Min yoongi, hwang y/n and Jeon Jungkook. yes I, hwang y/n, can see ghosts. I met a ghost named min yoongi, he and I made a DEAL. I'll help him get back...
(MY ELF GIRLFRIEND!) _Malereader x elf girls by Nagaraya_Nuts
(MY ELF GIRLFRIEND!) _Malereader Mr.Pog
Managing your parent's coffee shop can be difficult, especially if you're a student. But a chance encounter with a mysterious girl changes your life when you find out th...
i love you › seduce me the otome by lunarnanami
i love you › seduce me the otomeby 🌊
Noelle Cyrene is troubled; having to deal with her brother's mischievous and criminal behavior, and with the last bits of senior year around the corner, she hasn't thoug...
Treat You Better. by Swxstikx
Treat You Piiixiiiee
[FINISHED] A story of a time when a cold husband's heart took a turn and went all sweet for his wife <3 © Swxstikx 2021 release
Second Male Lead Syndrome by SweetStyle8
Second Male Lead Syndromeby Hanah
[Quick Transmigration] Ru Wei is addicted to all things that involve stories: dramas, novels, series, and movies. And every one of which, she always root for the second...
Demons Love For A Human (Sam x reader) (Seduce me the otome) by AnOldIdiot
Demons Love For A Human (Sam x AnOldIdiot
You and your sister: Mika. We're moving into your grandfathers mansion. And you didn't have a choice. But as you enter the house you and Mika find yourselves in a sticky...
mr ceo is possessive (ongoing) by mrgalaxywu
mr ceo is possessive (ongoing)by vixen
Christian Andrew Grey is the CEO of Grey Corporation. owned many business branches all around the world and was one of the richest bachelors. he was not to mention a wom...
Attention✔️ by jikookever97
Attention✔️by ParkJeon JiKook
Jimin really a busy husband,so his wife jeon jungkook wanna his attention badly..many things and way he do to get his husband attention.So will the baby wife get what he...
Take it slow detective J.JK ff by DaddyKook_69
Take it slow detective J.JK ffby _jeonddy
"I hope you are ready to take the deal with girl"He whispered in your ear.
Bubble Gum Kisses by RiosMorpheus
Bubble Gum Kissesby Thalassá 🌊
Highest Rank achieved: #10 in Teen Fiction "What the fuck do you want, Friso?" I asked, saying each word slowly. "My condition is very easy to comply, lo...
THIRST by Alluring_mess
THIRSTby Author Z
He wiped glistening dew off his forehead as he dived in me deeper, "Shh...Just a lil more", he mumbled leaning more over me while slowly biting my ear.
butchercup SEDUCING HIM by kaxncj
butchercup SEDUCING HIMby ★ur demonic princess<3
butch replaces buttercup in the football team and she gets very angry she wants revenge.. she becomes a cheerleader and she seduces him.. but she soon becomes the one wh...
Sam's baby by OverlyObsessiveGamer
Sam's babyby Morgan Elizabeth
You go into labor with Sam's baby. Experience first hand what having a baby with Sam would be like!
It Follows |Geoff Wigington fanfic| by MyLifeIsWhatIMakeIt
It Follows |Geoff Wigington fanfic|by M
Houston Texas baby !