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book 2 of FATE Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung just got out of school for summer. Yoongi graduated. Namjoon released the mixtape and his relationship with Jin. Hoseok c...
Teacher's Pet  by lovewriteread
Teacher's Pet by Angela
It's the last year for Alex Reid. The last year for the soccer player to make here mark at the high school level. The last year of stress and teenage gossip. The last y...
Just Trying to Survive by -MarabelletheMoose-
Just Trying to Surviveby Marabelle
Madilynn Fernandez's main goal for her last year of high school is to make it through the year without any crazy boy drama. Obviously that doesn't work out, and it's wor...
Quarterback's Study Buddy by Armani_Cares
Quarterback's Study Buddyby Armani_Cares
Noelle Cartwright did everything by the book. Some call her 'stuck-up.' But, she never cared. She's a high-school senior with a lot on her plate and no room for romance...
Always been mine💓 by Kmarie1228
Always been mine💓by Kmarie1228
Darius and Alani Have been best friends since birth. What will happen when things heat up between them and they do something neither of them would have ever done?
Senior Year by StrummingMendes
Senior Yearby ♡ Sidney ♡
♡ SEQUEL to My Brother's Best Friend's Baby! Please read that first! ♡ ----- "Hi Kennedy, you've gotten so big," the man smiled as he stood in the entryway wit...
The Life Story of a Teenage Assassin by MichelleS0805
The Life Story of a Teenage Sam0108
Thea is your typical student, she lives on her own, goes to tons of parties, has the schools bad boy on his toes. I mean cliche, right? Wait, did she forget to mention...
Lover's rock punznap by specklove
Lover's rock punznapby ❥✿
Punz and Sapnap go to a prom and somehow, they ended up in Punz bedroom, shirtless and listening to the same song they heard at the prom. (SPOILER ALERT: THIS BOOK CONNE...
The Good Boy | ✔️ by ReflectionWaves
The Good Boy | ✔️by Hope Lubbers
[Completed] His name is Axton Dale. He is a senior in high school and has never dated anyone in his life. He has a major crush on Olive Janson who he has had his eyes on...
Mutually Beneficial by undecided_dreamer
Mutually Beneficialby undecided_dreamer
Giulia Montenegro and her boyfriend have been dating since the start of Sophomore Year, and in the almost three years they've been together, the furthest they've gone is...
Her 3 Boys by simply_nina13
Her 3 Boysby simply_nina13
After losing her twin brother in a car accident Katie's friendship with her brothers 3 friends grows stronger. *** "Li, don't cry for me" I wrapped my arms aro...
Back in town by Dove_hart
Back in townby Robyn
Allison was bullied, she looked ugly. She was a loner. Her brother didn't talk to her at school. She had no friends. That all changed the day she left to go live with h...
Breaking Tradition by ConfusedGirl7794
Breaking Traditionby Thia K.
Rylee and Theo are finally together. With a new season on the way, there is nothing that can stand in their route to happiness. Or is there? A friend from the past is ba...
Enemies with benefits by teens-read
Enemies with benefitsby Teen fiction
(SEXUAL CONTENT) This is a story about two people who hate each other but seem to have sexual attractions to each other yet their separated because they both believe th...
Missing You by onedirectionlover4
Missing Youby P.S.
I've always been told that I'm intelligent. I'm not the type of girl they fall in love with, and for him, every girl does. How did I end up falling when I knew that? I h...
Kisses With The Good Girl by chrissyMaistry13
Kisses With The Good Girlby Crystal Maistry
HIGHEST RANKINGS~ #1 boypov #44 seniors #132 projectbadboys #715 teenage Peaches Valentine was practically the golden girl of Willow heights. Yes, she had all the good g...
TUG OF WAR (COMPLETED)✔️ by ict_fanfics
TUG OF WAR (COMPLETED)✔️by ict_fanfics
What happens when our very own MSD is the rope in a tug of war. But a tug of war between whom? His bros and kiddos? This book is a work of fiction and I obviously dont...
18 by rosegoldlaurent
18by r o s e
Maybe all those pranks and dares could soon be something more.
Pedestrian |✓ by clumatic
Pedestrian |✓by Cassandra Mae
| e d i t i n g | Pedestrian adjective; \pə-ˈdes-trē-ən\ Not interesting; dull - ordinary. Ordinary Anna Jones have always wanted to be a part of the scho...