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Kamen rider Zero-One x Symphogear:Yume no Uta (Male reader insert) by VigoOtaku
Kamen rider Zero-One x Vigo Otaku
This a Story of a 18-year Old boy Who suddenly got woke up in Another world that He didn't recognized. He Found A Briefcase That Contain The "Zero-One Driver"...
The Armored Nexus Warrior (Netflix! Ultraman X Symphogear) by ShiroKasada
The Armored Nexus Warrior ( UltraMaster5672
The World as we know it has been threatened by an Alien Army called the Noise. Monsters that Wipe Out all of Humanity. The only way to fight against these Monster is to...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zero-One x Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Toward The Dream by KR_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Zero-One x KR_Fanfic
The story is about Hiden Haruto - Hiden Aruto's younger brother. Haruto arrives in a parallel world where a deadly alien race known as the Noise exists. These creatures...
The Song Of The Heisei Era by JakTsu3
The Song Of The Heisei Eraby JakTsu3
(Y/N) have lost his family by the Noice the only family that he have left was his sister Snow. But sadly she died, before she die. She left something for (Y/N). She left...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x Senki Zesshou Symphogears: Trio Swordswomen! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Saber x Ten_Fanfic
The story is set 1 year after Symphogear's battle with Shem-Ha. Right now, Hibiki's group lives their normal days and spends their days peacefully. But one day, Hibiki a...
Kamen Rider Build X Senki Zesshou Symphogear by SamSVS
Kamen Rider Build X Senki SamSVS
Kagashi Yutaka and his childhood friend Tatsuya Ikari were just living a normal life until one day a portal out of nowhere transported them to another world where monste...
"Our Dreams and Futures" Symphogear x Zero-One by Kamen_Rider_001
"Our Dreams and Futures" GrimReaper
Takiyama Hiden is the new president of Hiden Intelligence after the recent death of his father Aruto Hiden. Now, on a mission to find his mysterious mother and rebuild t...
The Song Of Survive  by JakTsu3
The Song Of Survive by JakTsu3
8 friends have a normal boring lifes until each one have an accident that cause them their lives. When they throught that their lifes where over someone grave than a sec...
Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Song of Eternity by HeiseiReiwa_50
Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Song RyuuKenshin
(WARNING SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T WATCHED THE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MOVIE!!!) Over 20 years have passed since Kamen Rider OOO, Hino Eiji's, final battle. Now in the...
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Ex-aid x Symphogear: Game of Destiny! by Tensei_Fanfic
[Fanfic] Kamen Rider Ex-aid x Ten_Fanfic
Three years ago, in another parallel world, humanity was infected with a new virus, the Bugster Virus, and turned them into creatures known as Bugsters. In the present t...
Symphogear x Kamen Rider Zero-One Rp! by Kamen_Rider_001
Symphogear x Kamen Rider GrimReaper
simple rp of two amazing series!
Kamen Rider Kiva x Senki Zesshou Symphogear : The Crimson Violinist by DRAG_Overdrive
Kamen Rider Kiva x Senki Zesshou DRAG
Hoshida Akira was a normal young man before he suddenly died in an accident. He is reborn in a strange new world where a deadly alien race known as the Noise and monster...
Song of a dream (Male Silver child reader) by Smg4fan8
Song of a dream (Male Silver Sonicfan101
Y/n Tachibana is the little brother of Hibiki Tachibana who is living with her after his journey of being singer in a world that is threatened by creatures know as Noise...
Symphogear V (Discontinued) by HinaUchiha56
Symphogear V (Discontinued)by Hina Uchiha
[Book 1] *Discontinued* What if giotto along with his guardian and Cozzato were send into the future as idols? How would the story change? Will they ever get there memor...
Of Songs and Magic by CazTheWizard
Of Songs and Magicby CazTheWizard
He had been in a number of odd situations, but being stuck in a world were creatures can turn you into dust just by touching you and girls fighting said creatures with a...
A Song For A Best Match. (Doing A Rewrite!) by RocketFourze2
A Song For A Best Match. (Doing Bored Aether
Suddenly transported into an alternate universe while doing something amazing. Kiryu Sento turned back into 17 years old and now he has to fight the Noises with the help...
Kamen Rider Blade x Senki Zeshou Symphogear by BlasterGil137
Kamen Rider Blade x Senki Zeshou Blaster Gil137
Ryuusei Kenzaki and Ken Hajime was transported to symphogear world. The Joker Undead have taken Hajime'sister to Symphogear world. The Undead are back and the Battle Roy...
Autoscorer's Symphony by LightTempezuki
Autoscorer's Symphonyby LightTempezuki
UP FOR ADOPTION Gamindustri A land protected by the five Goddesses Vert, Blanc, Noire, Plutia, and of course the "Protagonist" herself Neptune,But she's not th...
Ultraman Z X anime crossover  by Sunnithestupidgirl19
Ultraman Z X anime crossover by Sunny bales
This story is my idea so read my story okay