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CSS NC II by CaptainZephyr99
CSS NC IIby Zephyr Achillea Zamia
ict related stuffs. Computer System servicing, computer networking, etc.
The Frozen Empire - An Empires SMP AU by TheMilkman2021
The Frozen Empire - An Empires TheMilkman2021
With Scott lost in the Ice Spikes, and his eternal frost growing from Nexus points, the other empires must scramble to rebuild and protect the server - or face the conse...
stong bunny~ by Kingofanime27
stong bunny~by Paxton
My whole body hurts!..why does it hurt so much?! I groan sitting up...I rub my head...what?..I shot up looking around for anything I could use for a reflection... I foun...
Memes by DemonOrAngel1441
Memesby Angel Faith
Story memes and server memes Memes made by people on the Hellion Haven server. No I do not own things :)
The adventures of the LCE by mugfart
The adventures of the LCEby mug
lce means laughability community experience (the discord server) ( ! I don't support Laughability or his actions) I kinda just took my friends/m...
Behind The Smile -=- A DreamSMP/Mcyt fanfic -=- [Discontinued] by IAMMAYALILYPAD
Behind The Smile -=- A DreamSMP/ Maya Noor
Read to find out. Cover art not mine! It belongs to !Possible Triggers Warning! Gory Descriptions Angst Abuse/Torture Fear Trauma Panic Attacks Flashbacks I don't have...
Adopt Me Roblox: How To Be a Pro at Adopt Me! UPDATED 11/18/2020 by thatsmolgrape
Adopt Me Roblox: How To Be a Pro 天上月亮
Hey, everyone! This isn't my usual genre, but here we are! A guide on how to be a pro at Adopt Me. !!NOW ANSWERING QUESTIONS. COMMENT YOUR QUESTION ON THE LATEST CHAPTER...
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying People by Twinklin_Lights
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying ツ
Welcome and beware this book may change your life :3 CAUTION: Please keep in mind that this book is purely fiction and anything deemed inappropriate in this book is pure...
Being Drista's Best Friend by leahnottaken
Being Drista's Best Friendby leahnottaken
you and dream's sister (drista) are best friends. you are over at her house and you discover something... what is it?
A Lesson in LAW - an Empires SMP Season 2 AU by TheMilkman2021
A Lesson in LAW - an Empires SMP TheMilkman2021
Tired of being ridiculed by his fellow Emperors, Jimmy seeks new ways to gain respect, but after a close encounter in the mines, he vanishes for weeks, but arrives a new...
The Big Surprise! by Sonadow7CE
The Big Surprise!by Sonic x Shadow = ❤️
Read and see what I have done for all of you! It is a great alternative and can actually benefit me and you guys a bunch! Warning: IT CONTAINS SOMETHING WITH SONADOW IN...
Server Error MCYT X BNHA Discontinued Will Be Remade by Roseina_
Server Error MCYT X BNHA ace
-Server error- -teleporting everyone to UA high school in 3 2 1- - teleporting now-... -teleportation complete- Discontinued story read A/n to find out why I discontinue...
Hollowberry Cafe! by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Hollowberry Cafe!by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Cale always was judgey of food Nothing Satisfied him He never knew why He was walking on the street when he smelled smelled so good Cale followed the sme...
His Favorite Worker by ang3la57
His Favorite Workerby ang3la57
Melissa was just a cook and server in the magnificent, 5-star, hotel in the center of Austria. She came from a small household in the countryside, consisting of her pare...
The God of Chaos.. (Godinnit !Au by doingurmom_finley
The God of Chaos.. (Godinnit !Auby Finley
Tommy makes a deal with the God of Chaos that Tommy will get his powers but the God can take over his body whenever he pleases. What happens when the God takes over infr...
VOICE ACTING FOR OMORI! by cuddlemebun
A casting call of sorts seeking out demand for a voice acting group of Omori! I'm definitely interested in making a server but I wanna see who would enjoy joining! So th...
Agere / Petre discord server! by RiverFreedom9
Agere / Petre discord server!by RiverFreedom9
This server is a completely SFW server meaning no NSFW anything is allowed. We are a place where you can make friends with others in the community and look for a caregiv...
Objects on Discord by PuffballFromBFDI
Objects on Discordby *Insert name here*
The characters from the BFDI series get a discord server. (Cringe warning)