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The Potter Brat by TwilightHPTWA
The Potter Bratby Saaji321
When Harry comes to Hogwarts thinking he'll finally be able to fit in he was mistaken. Does he find comfort in the most feared Potions Master at the school? Does he surp...
In Somnis Veritas by myramcqueen
In Somnis Veritasby myramcqueen
When 11 year old Harry Potter arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there is something very familiar about the dour Potions Master sitting at the teache...
Snapmint // severitus  by drxrryship
Snapmint // severitus by Spine:)
What happens when between Harry's 5th and 6th year summer the Dursley's go a little too far and Harry gets spit out of His professors fireplace? How will he deal with hi...
my escape (severitus, drarry) by Alesha_1605
my escape (severitus, drarry)by Alesha white
drarry and fatherly Snape what will happen when Severus is called to check on the Gryfindoor golden boy? follow the heart wrenching story of Harry Potter, the boy who l...
Little Harry by blueotter55
Little Harryby blueotter55
Harry is a little and as people learn of his home life, he has to find a new guardian. Who better to step in than our favourite potions professor of Hogwarts. Happy rea...
As Potter is to Snape by ScarlettWriter91
As Potter is to Snapeby ScarlettWriter91
Severus Snape has agreed to take in Harry Potter during the summer before his Third Year. Temporarily. Just until the end of summer and not a day longer. But secrets abo...
A new home by ClairePQA
A new homeby ClairePQA
It took place after Harry Potter finished his first year at Hogwarts. He asked Dumbledore not to make him come back to the Dursleys but didn't tell him how bad the abuse...
Caught Between by TheLostBoys333
Caught Betweenby Kelly Hoey
In his 4th year, Harry feels like he has lost everything while also fighting for his life in the Triwizard Tournament. However, he may find that, perhaps, he has actuall...
The Boy The Snake and The Stone by Demondog136
The Boy The Snake and The Stoneby Demondog136
A retold story of book one. What if Harry had some help before school? What if he meets someone who can help him achieve greatness? What if he has some looking out for h...
Hating me (Discontinued) by PhantasiaWriter
Hating me (Discontinued)by Nyx
(Cover image from Pinterest) My first fanfiction ig. Harry Potter suffers from the constant abuse of his Aunt, Uncle and his cousin, Dudley. When his (normally resentful...
Milky Tea by myramcqueen
Milky Teaby myramcqueen
Severus Snape knew a great many things about his adopted son. AU, Severitus fluff - written as part of the 2021 Winter Fic Fest over on Potions and Snitches, using the...
The Golden Boy by lethalPopcorn
The Golden Boyby LethalPopcorn
"Blairry. Blaise Zabini and Harry Potter." I looked up at the front. Professor Sprout gave me a kind smile. I took a deep breath and shyly made my way forward...
The Boy Who Changes Everything by AkaChaoticMind
The Boy Who Changes Everythingby Deb
A skinny boy named 'Harry' gets beaten and starve by his relatives for years. But On 5th August 1991, Albus asked one of his professors 'Severus snape' to check on the...
Snape's Unknown Secret by moonfics_03
Snape's Unknown Secretby Kristine
(Abandoned) It's Harry's first year at Hogwarts. While Harry searches for Nicolas Flamel he stumbles on the mirror of erised. When Harry looks in and sees his family, i...
Through the Dark by AshesandAvery
Through the Darkby AshesandAvery
Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. How Severus Snape hated him. Always showing off, too much like Potter. Why can't Severus find an inkling of Lily in him? Pompous, a brat...
Back In Time by tejashreepinjala
Back In Timeby Teja Shree Pinjala Ravi
After the war, Harry finds out that Dumbledore had decided how his life would be until his death. He also found some heart shattering facts about his so-called best frie...
🤍Fallen Angel & Her Demons🤍 by Prince-Noya-Senpai
🤍Fallen Angel & Her Demons🤍by 🖤Russian-Fairy🖤
🖤💙Female Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy Fanfic.💙🖤 Hello, my wonderful Problem Children! I love Harry Potter so I made another fanfiction! Plz, read!!! I promise it'll b...
I Will Always Be With You by thebanddragon
I Will Always Be With Youby Alex
Severus Snape received a visit of Lily Potter in a dream and asked him to take care of his eight-year-old child. Severus accepted, but the world is a much more dangerous...
I'm Sorry, What? by thatonefandom_69
I'm Sorry, What?by thatonefandom ™
"Believe it now Snape? So, what are you going to do now? Insult me further?" Harry found himself in a situation, Snape doesn't believe him. He soon learns that...
Harry Potter and the War of Morgan le Fay by TheLostBoys333
Harry Potter and the War of Kelly Hoey
After being captured and tortured for days, Harry and Snape are about to be killed by Voldemort. However, they manage to escape only to discover they have been brought b...