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Althea Salazar is a STEM student, academic achiever and most of all, a future pharmacist. Since she was child, she is asking why she didn't even encounter such a problem...
When You're Tired, Rest With Me by flowerbust
When You're Tired, Rest With Meby 🌙
Everything starts with curiosity. That's what happened when Thevion Rhealle Caprino wondered why the ever-so-academically active Ellienne Assiana Schulze suddenly went o...
An Eternal Flame (Completed) by aceviell
An Eternal Flame (Completed)by AV
Aimi Yajima doesn't care about Dwight Maximus Walterson's attitude toward her. She just did nothing but ignore it and continue to bother him. Never in her life has she h...
Admiring from Afar (On-going) by mitsypad
Admiring from Afar (On-going)by mitsyy
I admire you since the day that i met you, i am always here for you but you always have to choose him. That's why i promise to myself that i will still admire you but fr...
marahuyo by athrevs
marahuyoby mika
To be enchanted. A youthful kind of love. In which Ashlyn Haven, a STEM student who loves to express her emotions through words because she's afraid to be judged by ever...
Valle University  by goddess_seb
Valle University by goddess_seb
The first girl who attended at an all boys school! Kaillene attended at an all boys school disguising herself as a male person. The Valle University, where every smart a...
Diam-Diam di Kejauhan by DHoseki
Diam-Diam di Kejauhanby Dai
Lihat, dia yang ada di sana. Menarik untuk diperhatikan, bukan? -Ooo-ooO- Genre: Short Story Kumpulan Cerita Pendek Status: Tamat -Ooo-ooO- Warning: "M...
JungHae FF by Quasi-Sabaw
JungHae FFby Johan 🍠
A fanfiction based my OTP JungHye.
encounters  by seareyestwhy
encounters by good to be back...
stories about him from jhs to shs...
Pages by dullifs
Pagesby zy
a witness of stories
Yep! I'm his fan by binibiningnatatangi_
Yep! I'm his fanby Binibini
My imagination became reality, what should I do?
Mallory Castro, an ABM student finds her way coming back to the guy he met during that one night of September. She considered it as magical. After having break-up to her...
Intertwined (An Epistolary) ✅COMPLETED by seoulphia
Intertwined (An Epistolary) ✅ sophie
INTERTWINED - an epistolary. Aleatha Renielle is one of the most cheerful students at PUP. She's a Senior High School Student in Humanities and Social Sciences. Until t...
Truth in your Eyes (COMPLETED) by shiningdescendants
Truth in your Eyes (COMPLETED)by pitchy weins
Sheen Guevarra, a senior high school student who met three engineers in her life, but still can't move on from her former crush. Will age gap could be an obstacle to th...
Happy Camper, Who?  by Saoirse_Libelle
Happy Camper, Who? by SaOiRsE
A story about a high schooler who is about to graduate from high school. She fell to this particular guy-but gay. A story yet not, for it is a series of poem that creat...
Odyssey of SHS STEM Student: Journey Through Academic Validation  by PsychButSike
Odyssey of SHS STEM Student: John Durango
Story Revolves From a STEM student who pursue to chase her dream in a dystopian society, lives in Manila City who continue to be persistent amidst of global crisis. Form...
The edge of the starlight by ishibewithme
The edge of the starlightby ishibewithme
Estel, the woman who doesn't believe in love. She believes that love will only ruin everything, she'd rather stay single till her last breath rather than to fall inlove...
HUMSS Phenomenological Research by BinibiningMesArt
HUMSS Phenomenological Researchby Mes Art
PRACTICAL RESEARCH Humanities and Social Sciences 11 Research Title: "Perceived Cognition and Continuum Vaccine Hesitancy Among Minors Amidst the Fight Against Co...
A Priceless Treasure  by aela_suspiciousgirl
A Priceless Treasure by 🌻
Anim na tao, iba't-iba nang kurso, ngunit pagdating sa pangarap, iisa ang gusto. Join me as we enter another story of love, friendship, and dreams.