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My Mafia Romance by Cherrylove12
My Mafia Romanceby Cherrylove12
Apollonia DiMarco is the quiet and polite homemaker in training daughter of Benito DiMarco. Benito is know all throughout New York for being ruthless and cold. But no on...
I'm a Hyuga, so what? (The Wise Man's Grandchild | Oc Insert) by AkwardLizardDance
I'm a Hyuga, so what? (The Wise AwkwardLizardDance
Kasumi. A genius who lived in the year 8029 and was an esteemed noblewoman. She had invented all of the technology that lived up to all of the expectations placed upon h...
Short and Lost by LilStarryGal
Short and Lostby ❤ S O P H I E ❤
'when one, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Leprachaun shows up on her doorstep to deliever the truth, will she she listen?' What would you do if you found out that through all...
The Wise man's grandchildren by fanficwriter_53
The Wise man's grandchildrenby ZerO
On the very fateful day, Merlin Wolford found two kids being stuck under the carriage after a demon attack. He took them in and raised them as his own grandchildren, tra...
Ten Things I Hate About You , Jess Mariano by sleaterskinney
Ten Things I Hate About You , ‎
Who needs affection when there's blind hatred? © / sleaterskinney
Underground Sicilian by JahnviBhateja12
Underground Sicilianby Jahnvi Bhateja
A PERSON IS MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK HE IS. Este is the topper of her University. She is very popular and have a lot of friends. She is also the president of her Univers...
ON HOLD - Silent Whispers - Family Secrets by Sicilian-Sensation
ON HOLD - Silent Whispers - Sicilian Sensation _______________✏ This is the story of Claudia, Francesco and Giovanna from Silence in New York and Whispers in New York. Although it...
Vincenzo's Territory (Book 7) by royal888
Vincenzo's Territory (Book 7)by Sarah Royal
Read this story after a Mob Boss's Heirs and A Mob Boss's Territory. This is after the college years of Vincenzo. Vincenzo is a mob boss. One of the most powerful and on...
The Wrong Brother ✏️ by JessicaMorel0
The Wrong Brother ✏️by Jess M.
Alexandria Romano was always her family's golden girl. Her father taught her everything he knew in the hopes his restaurant in the heart of Sicily would one day be hers...
A Mysterious Arrow by saMarieP
A Mysterious Arrowby saMarieP
15 years after the second Great War, Galleous Sendaris was still mourning the loss of his son, Hubris Nestoris-Sendaris. But ever since a new threat showed up in Sendari...
The second reincarnator in a world of magic. by Rimuru5506
The second reincarnator in a Rimuru5506
In a room full of trash , a young man only in his twenties is seen playing in his video game. He is Jonathan Smith , a student , a pro gamer , a prodigy in his generatio...
Mr. Corleone by hannahedouglas
Mr. Corleoneby hannahedouglas
Elizabeth is a young 21 year old who has just moved to Sicily, Italy from the UK. She starts working as a waitress in a small café and a young man comes to the café. T...
The Dons Maid by Roya955
The Dons Maidby Your_mum🥶🥶🥶
Tara Dolat, 23, has always wanted to go to Sicily, ever since her mother told her about it. she finally gets to go and have her dream come true. She expects to do the no...
The Myth of Typhon by TashWharton88
The Myth of Typhonby Natasha Wharton
'The electric glow shone out from the bulb that hung above the Doctor’s head. He stared up at it, his worries confirmed. There was a creature living inside Mount Etna.'...
Sonic's Arabian Nights (A Silvaze Story)(Discontinued) by CuteTails
Sonic's Arabian Nights (A CuteTails
This story is pretty much based on the movie Aladin (so warning about spoilers) but with Sonic characters replacing the original ones. And this is the first time I did a...
Want U Back by LeslieMiracle
Want U Backby Leslie
Charlotte Sinclair was the grumpiest person you’d ever meet. Toni Romero was the happiest person you’d ever meet. So how in the world did these two ever manage to become...
Sicily|H.S.| by OsamaBeenThottin
Sicily|H.S.|by OsamaBeenThottin
In the once beautiful county of Italia, a war has been raged. The ruthless king, Harry Styles, will stop at nothing to defeat his enemy, the French. In a poverty s...