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Call me princess Zelda by SethDragon
Call me princess Zeldaby Sammy Olsson
(SIDON X LINK) (Finished) This is a story about Link who has to take over Zelda's duty to get force married with prince Sidon. zelda got a letter from the Zoras there t...
Hold Me Tight || Revali by howasinine
Hold Me Tight || Revaliby 𝙢𝙤𝙢𝙤
When you were but a young child, you traveled to Rito Village with your mother and while you were there for a small break, you meet a small, dark (navy-ish) blue rito wh...
Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshots by Wolfie_is_ROOD
Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshotsby Wolfie ROOD
This will include mostly Breath of the wild characters, but I do accept requests for any legend of Zelda character you dare to throw at me. My favorites are Revali, Vaat...
Perfectly Imperfect (Sidon X Reader) by Flamefix14
Perfectly Imperfect (Sidon X Flamefox
(Book 2 is out!) _____, the younger sister of The Hylian Champion Link, was thought to have died along with the rest of the Champions. That was until Link found out sh...
Gloomcaller (The Legend of Zelda BoTW/ToTK x Male Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
Gloomcaller (The Legend of Zelda Only The Snazziest
(Cover designed by @Imitoni) All, without exception, look back to the days of the Calamity with dread. Over 100 years ago, when Calamity Ganon awoke despite the best e...
Empty Promises (BOTW LINK X READER) by x-B1TCH1N-x
Empty Promises (BOTW LINK X READER)by 𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔶
"Sir Link, I appreciate your affection, but you do know that I am promised to another." - Princess (Y/N) of Hyrule, younger sister of Princess Zelda. Life wa...
Misguided Nobility || Sidon x Female Reader by BrynTro
Misguided Nobility || Sidon x BrynTro
[2nd book is out!] Ever since the calamity began, Hylians and Zoras never truly lived in harmony. Anger and hatred fumed between each other. Even when your father and mo...
Forget Me Not | LoZ: BotW/LoZ: TotK {Link x Reader}  by LivFreely
Forget Me Not | LoZ: BotW/LoZ: Queen Of The Clouds
Write your own fate in the stars, I will be here to pick you up should you fall while finishing your story, and if all else fails us, ...
Constellations | LoZ x Reader One-Shots by -naydra
Constellations | LoZ x Reader -naydra
Short stories about you and our beloved hero clad in green! Any other characters you want included from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Breath of the Wild...
What is Not Seen || Sidon x Female Reader by BrynTro
What is Not Seen || Sidon x BrynTro
[2nd book to "Misguided Nobility"] Sidon has been sentenced to eight years in prison. He must serve all those around Hyrule to atone for his unwillingly grueso...
The Hero Of Hyrule by KarkatVantabulous
The Hero Of Hyruleby Karkat Vantabulous
Link did all he had to do. He defeated Calamity Ganon he activated and completed all the shrines. He was done. However when Princess Zelda perishes after the battle with...
Standing Alone [Botw Link x Yiga Clan! Reader] by _redacted_
Standing Alone [Botw Link x Yiga Ember
As a child, you were abandoned in the middle of the Gerudo desert. A yiga clan member came across you and delivered you back to the yiga clan hide out. There you grew up...
Breath of the Wild - One Shots by Minsyal
Breath of the Wild - One Shotsby Minsyal
One-shots supplied from my tumblr "Minsyal." Not open to requests currently. *****AUTHOR IS NOT CURRENTLY WRITING FOR LOZ*******
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐆𝐎𝐃𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒' 𝐋𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 | breath of the wild by mumspice
botwxgn!reader (she/her are used in 3rd person until chapter 13) present-day mc is transported into botw this is my first story ive written on wattpad! slow updates ~Mat...
The Baby of the Group by Stilest101
The Baby of the Groupby Stilest101
~Most Impressive Rank~ #1/1.9K in loz- 1/25/21 BASED OFF OF MY ONESHOT !MILD SWEARING! You are the 5th champion, an archer and bow maker, and the youngest of the champio...
Age of Calamity scenarios (Inspired) by Itz_Echo_
Age of Calamity scenarios ( Echo
The cover is mine. Loz is not mine.
Sidon X reader ONE SHOTS by GroovyS
Sidon X reader ONE SHOTSby GroovyS
Zero Chances (Sidon × Zora!Reader) by WafflesCureSaddness
Zero Chances (Sidon × Zora!Reader)by Cal
ZERO CHANCES (Prince Sidon × adventurer Zora! reader) She was fierce. He was in love. She was a fighter. He never gave up. But what happens after she suddenly leaves an...
Legend of Zelda Oneshots and stuff 😋 by Lilliie09
Legend of Zelda Oneshots and Lillie
⚠️Does contain spoilers⚠️ HA you all thought I only write creepypasta! Nope! Also this is mainly gonna be about the games I've played. I'll only do stories about the gam...
Too Far | Botw Sidlink/Zelink by TheLionNeverRoars
Too Far | Botw Sidlink/Zelinkby Leo
Zelda loves Link dearly, but sometimes she can get caught up in her duties and forget to give Link the credit and appreciation the Hero of Hyrule deserves. The Princess...