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Sirius black daughter by luckyy_y19
Sirius black daughterby Lucky
You are Sirius black daughter but he dose not care or love you like he dose Harry his Godson what will happen . ? What if you fall in love? What if you leave and comeba...
Death to my dreams || Fred weasely  by babypinkelephant
Death to my dreams || Fred weasely by babypinkelephant
Cassiopeia Black was left at muggle orphanage at the age of three with a promise from her father Sirius Black that he will came back when the sun rises to take her back...
abditory by padfoot_5996
abditoryby padfoot_5996
31st October 1981 Godrics Hollow. Tom Riddle murdered James Potter and Lily Potter. Sirius Black was sent to Azkaban. Peter Pettigrew was proclaimed dead. Remus Lupin wa...
Shine Snape and the Final Storm by libitinaa
Shine Snape and the Final Stormby libitinaa
The end is finally here. Everyone is gearing up for war. Sides are already chosen and defined.The Ministry has fallen. And the storm is finally here. It has already torn...
Gryffindor Princess (Book 1) Completed by PrincessOnlyMe
Gryffindor Princess (Book 1) PrincessOnlyMe
Ana Malfoy is Draco's twin sister. What happens when she doesn't get into Slytherin? What will her father say about this? Will Draco protect her? What will happen when...
Serendipity (Fred Weasley HP) by littlemunchkinz
Serendipity (Fred Weasley HP)by E.Holliday
Halley Black knew her life would never be normal. When you live surrounded by magic nothing ever is, but nothing could have prepared her for the whirlwind of events that...
A Sirius Family Reunion  by Sophiahogwarts
A Sirius Family Reunion by Sophia Black
(Calypso: She who hides (Greek) When Calypso Black was just a baby her mother died and father went to Azkaban she then stayed with Nymphadora but ran away at age 9. Now...
The Golden Five: Year 1 by wingardiumleviOsa77
The Golden Five: Year 1by Goldie and A.M.
DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of J.K. Rowling's characters, plots, or stories. This book has some bad language (Aura) but it's quite mild and, like the original books, a...
Orchidee by Dino_MB
Orchideeby M.B.T.
Orchidee [ INCOMPLETE ] "We should have been together when we could." [THIS IS A GEORGE WEASLEY HOGWARTS FAN-FICTION] [Sincerely don't plagiarize my work - suc...
No happy endings or is there ( harry potter fanfiction) by reatardedkllama
No happy endings or is there ( Jade do you need my last name...
When Tanith Tiger Grey was a baby her parents were Killed, her and her brother were taken to live with her aunt and uncle, but she always knew she was different yet neve...
No One Said Forever Lasted( Harry Potter Love Story) by sierrafriesen
No One Said Forever Lasted( Sierra Friesen
I was in hiding with mom and my little half sister Clary until they almost found us. I am 5 years older than Clary. I was trained as a shadow hunter and a witch like mom...
Huntress Black (A Fred Weasley Love Story) by I_AM_QUEEN_GEEK
Huntress Black (A Fred Weasley Queenie Mad Night
Join Huntress on her journey through Hogwarts. She is Fred and George's age and, she knows her father is innocent. Watch when she finds, love, who she is, and maybe even...
A broken soul- H.J.P by NovaCane_FO
A broken soul- H.J.Pby NovaCane_FO
Celeste Mae Black was the moon and Harry James Potter was her sun. Hurt and betrayal were all she had known, without her uncle to guide her she would've drowned in a dar...
Ariadne's Thread ⭒ h. potter by jackmyswag420
Ariadne's Thread ⭒ h. potterby jackmyswag420
in which james had a son and sirius had a daughter. sounds like fate, right? ⭒ ( ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦 𝑝𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟 𝑥 𝑜𝑐 )
The Rebel in Leather by Branmuffin1618
The Rebel in Leatherby Branmuffin1618
Jade black, a girl with a pretty face. Who had a very sad fate. Left with only one thing,a name. Sirius Black. I update sorta slow sorry :/
Wolfstar's daughter  by Permanentlysimping
Wolfstar's daughter by Eleanor
Being the hunted-down daughter of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black is stressful and dangerous... Can Fred Weasley be the one to change that or will his brother George get in...