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Tantei High: The Second Generation (FANFIC) by xxxKurumixxx
Tantei High: The Second lowkey_masochist
[This is a FANFICTION, I made it out of (@purpleyhan)'s books in the Erityian Tribes Series.] Akemi and Hiro got married and conceived twins. They lived a contented life...
the SIXTH SENSE ▹ twilight by illisius
the SIXTH SENSE ▹ twilightby 𝐀.
❝ i see dead people ❞ for love, i will face your ghosts. and for peace? for peace, i will show you mine. ( COPYRIGHT! - aka - DO NOT STEAL! ) illisius Ⓒ 2020 & , twili...
 © Seventh | ExoPink KyungJoo by bigbadb2st
© Seventh | ExoPink KyungJooby sad•girl•autumn
When a top star Do Kyungsoo lied bedridden in the verge of his death, he starts to regret about a lot of things. But nothing could be done. Nobody can see him, nor hear...
Happy Hills and Forlorn Fields by Denishea1
Happy Hills and Forlorn Fieldsby Denishea1
Nature is beautiful, but never kind. The Monroe family finds this out firsthand when they get fed up with Forlorn Fields and leave for Happy Hills.
Different  Jungkook X Reader  by taehyungs_galaxy
Different Jungkook X Reader by Taehyung’s_galaxy
In which Park Y/N is able to see dead people Ranks: #99 six sense
A Ruined Legacy by charitythewriter
A Ruined Legacyby Charity Lewis
An ordinary-seeming summer break. A cold case from the 1980s. A small town with dark secrets. Jaime Jordan has always thought she'd never be a detective. She just wante...
Seventh Sense by soul_writer_17
Seventh Senseby Ricia
For as long as we have known there has only ever been the five senses. Some cases of being deaf, or blind, or other situations have caused senses to become void and stri...
Unique Academy: A Powerful Kingdom by MonsterKookiee
Unique Academy: A Powerful Kingdomby MonsterKookiee
Nymffidor. Oxadam. Myntaphor. Horlames. Four groups. They are classified according to their powers. Which group will be the best?
Emerald Academy by AngelaRose206
Emerald Academyby AngelaRose206
Isang eskwelahan na nasa itaas ng bundok, a school where there the students have Gifted Abillities and has the Sixth Sense. Samahan natin si Alice sa mahabang kwento na...
Seance by SamanthaAimee
Seanceby Samantha Aimee
Imogen Grim and her twin brother are so inseperable, even death can't keep them apart. So when Leo dies in a fatal accident and Imogen continues to see and speak with hi...
Extraordinary Sixth Sense |Completed| by cookiesncreamii
Extraordinary Sixth Sense | somwi
Peculiar Series #2 Book after TNIMTFBE. The experimentation continues. The saga didn't end yet not the tree but their fruits. How would they stop the goal? How would th...
The Gift of Sight by commoncapricornpoet
The Gift of Sightby commoncapricornpoet
poetry channeled from the soul, please enjoy
Ultra Nova - Prophecy by paulalexgray
Ultra Nova - Prophecyby Paul Alex Gray
An intergalactic adventure of courage, destiny and hope told across the star filled sky. Ultra Nova - Prophecy is the first book in a trilogy. Inspired by my love of epi...
Life Prediction by sixthsense18
Life Predictionby thank you💫
Not story, but as human who have sixth sense i told you something prediction of our life.
Love Search by eccentrichopes
Love Searchby 🤪
Avielyn Woods is a 17 year old red haired bookworm who dreams about characters in fictional books, an avid reader who holds passion for fantasy at its finest. All her li...
Royal Blooded Fae (Hiatus) by Midnight2127
Royal Blooded Fae (Hiatus)by Saphora Midnight
A princess of a fantasy world that we all know does not exist come to our world when her kingdom was attacked and taken control over. A simple male teenager, with his po...
The Gambling Addict by JayshawnM
The Gambling Addictby JayshawnM
A lonely gambler cannot catch a break against the ways of optimism. He meets a mysterious man that has been dominating the casino games while going unnoticed The myster...
Fall For The Spirit by carissamardn
Fall For The Spiritby Carissa Mutiara Ardina
Actually, I grew up normally. Until, I noticed something's different about me.. And everything's changed.. I'm alone, because I'm different? There are no people like...