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Devil | A Solomons by champagnepoetry-
Devil | A Solomonsby eva
"I didn't think the Devil walked among us until I met you." [mature themes throughout]
Tom Hardy Imagines by authenticmiya
Tom Hardy Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Just some imagines written by yours truly
Another Paradise | T Shelby by champagnepoetry-
Another Paradise | T Shelbyby eva
"There wasn't a single second that passed that I wasn't thinking about you." [mature themes throughout]
In The Bleak Midwinter | T Shelby by champagnepoetry-
In The Bleak Midwinter | T Shelbyby eva
"You might as well shoot me, you've already ripped out my soul." [mature themes throughout]
The Sun Will Rise | T Shelby by champagnepoetry-
The Sun Will Rise | T Shelbyby eva
"I know it's hard, dear, but the sun will always rise again in the morning."
Out Of Time | A Shelby by champagnepoetry-
Out Of Time | A Shelbyby eva
"Maybe nothing's wrong, maybe our worlds are just spinning out of time."
Peaky blinders Imagines. Mostly Aflie. by MySweetGangsters
Peaky blinders Imagines. Mostly Elsie Emerson
This is kind of a book where I try out some imagines and preferences, I'm still practicing and studying the characters way of speaking so it might be crappy at first.. ...
FIRE AND POWDER | Thomas Shelby [3] by somekindofstardust
FIRE AND POWDER | Thomas Shelby [3]by ˗ˏˋ hopeless ˎˊ˗
"and in their triumph die, like fire and powder." - in which tommy and tessa face their biggest challenge yet: politics [peaky blinders] [tommy shelby x oc] [b...
Alfie Solomons- DISCONTINUED by Gingerninjar98
Alfie Solomons- DISCONTINUEDby Gingerninjar98
He treats her right. He loves her proper. Ella, Mrs Ellanora Solomons. The woman who caged a wild man to her side; till death will they part. All rights to the wonderfu...
A Man's World - Alfie Solomons one shots. by clarke_writes
A Man's World - Alfie Solomons Rose <3
A compilation of 'x reader' stories about Alfie Solomons, these are mostly fluff but I just write about whatever inspires me. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy...
Memories // Peaky Blinders: Alfie Solomons // FF by Luria-Anic
Memories // Peaky Blinders: Ana
There are many stories surrounding Irene Coleman's life. Some consider her to be the heiress of an enormous fortune, and others think that she is a dangerous criminal. N...
Unsteady by peakyme
Unsteadyby Phillie Milagros
[ a Thomas Shelby love story ] #peakyblinders | Loraine Wood - also known as Lora - is a naive brand new british baker who just moved to Small Heath with her family afte...
Peaky Blinders Imagines by _J_Evans
Peaky Blinders Imaginesby _J_Evans
Just a group of imagines based around the Peaky Blinders! They aren't formatted like typical imagines with the y/n because I'm not a huge fan of it so the OCs do have na...
Imagines by Emerson-Ryan
Imaginesby Emerson Ryan Morales
A bunch of imagines that I am writing. Requests needed! I'll write about pretty much any character or situation like Peaky Blinders, Riverdale, Marvel, The Dirt, The Hus...
ROARING TWENTIES ✧ peaky blinders; by renvelvt
ROARING TWENTIES ✧ peaky blinders;by irene
"The future's uncertain
The past on the pavement below me
Maybe I'll elevate, maybe I'm second rate
So unaware of my status" A Peaky Blinders One Shots Book |...
Run and Hide: by NewYorkStateofMinddd
Run and Hide:by green tea & writing
When Y/N Dermont turns up at Alfie Solomons' bakery demanding room be hired; the truth of her past begins to unfold when Alfie offers her help. In the midst of a war wit...
"Let's stay home" | Quarantine AU  by clairecrive
"Let's stay home" | Quarantine AU by clairecrive
The title is pretty much self-explanatory but anyway: a quarantine AU with all our favourite boys. Since Emma moved to San Francisco she would always invite friends over...
Solomon's Ring by Dsnake1
Solomon's Ringby Dsnake1
Luon is as "normal" as any child of a super athletic pastor and the perfect pastor's wife can be. Well, that is until something invades his house and changes h...