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Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shots by T-Night
Sonic Boys x Reader One-Shotsby T
Oh no. I did it again. Got into another fandom. Welp, we're here now, and I've got ideas. Requests are strict as usual. But at the moment, they're closed.
Sonic Boom! by PennyJoy19
Sonic Boom!by Penny
Adapted from my Quotev account. Penny's back, this time in Sonic Boom! When she meets Sonic and Tails, her new life in Bygone Island couldn't get any better. Or could it?
✩ " SONIC BOOM X READER INSERT (𝐧𝐨 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞)" !!  ✔ by ruevssp
want to know what it's like being friends with sonic and his team on an unnamed island where bad stuff always happens and mobians may have died but becuz it's a child's...
Wendy Marvell: Fastest Thing Alive: Season 1 (REBOOT!) by DaDoodler25
Wendy Marvell: Fastest Thing Ved Chanda
What if Wendy wasn't just a Dragon Slayer? What if Grandeeny the Sky Dragon gave her the blue chaos emerald and told her to find the rest? It's Fairy Tail, but Wendy has...
We Aren't Friends || Sonadow Boom Fan Fiction by Ace_PNGdottNet
We Aren't Friends || Sonadow Ace
(This is set in the universe the Sonic Boom Tv show is in) After Dr.Eggman does what was thought to be impossible and captures Sonic, Shadow does the unthinkable and re...
Sonic Boom "Saved by Shadow" Shadow x sticks love story by Sonicfan010
Sonic Boom "Saved by Shadow" Roar The Lioness
( Based off of The lion king 2 ) Sticks is just a federal badger from the woods but what happens when she saved by none other than Shadow the Hedgehog from Eggman's robo...
"Attitude" (SonAmy Boom) by _-Mizzy-_
"Attitude" (SonAmy Boom)by AlziaStarz
When Sonic had problems involving Amy Rose and his nightmares, he acts distant. Especially towards Amelia. Hurt, Amelia does something immature and goes on with her lif...
Sonic Boom: Ask or Dare! [DISCONTINUED] by The_Otaku_Empress
Sonic Boom: Ask or Dare! [ The_Otaku_Empress
DISCONTINUED! It's on hold for now...... But, might be open again! Thank you!
Sonic Boom: Evil Heart by GothNebula
Sonic Boom: Evil Heartby GothNebula
Sonic and his friends found an ancient black heart gem from the tomb chamber. They just thought it was an ancient artifact but when Sonic touches it, an unknown black en...
Sonamy Boom One shots by me-style2002
Sonamy Boom One shotsby Sonic-Boom-Style
Well, this is a collection of Sonic and Amy's secret relationship before Sonic Boom : Friend or Foe. They had a sweet and simple dating life before Shawn came in and slo...
She's Mine! Sonic x (cat)reader x Shadow (sonic boom) by am3000000
She's Mine! Sonic x (cat)reader am3000000
You are a cute Siberian cat mobian with two big fluffy tails that was created by tails' grandfather before he died. You were mainly his mother figure and took care of...
The Werehog: Sonic Boom by EmotionLover1
The Werehog: Sonic Boomby ✨Sonella Central✨
After finding a strange gem in a cave one day, Sonic suddenly goes through strange changes. His senses are heightened, he becomes a bit aggressive, and wakes up every mo...
Stranded| Boom!Sonic X Reader by Pomegranate_Pen
Stranded| Boom!Sonic X Readerby Starlight
the sun felt horribly hot on your face, the sand on the ground wasn't making it any better. a mix of voices with different pitches and tones ran through your head, but y...
Love In Boom (Sonic X Reader) (DISCONTINUED) by _-Otaku_Ash-_
Love In Boom (Sonic X Reader) ( NOT AVAILABLE
You were just an ordinary Mobian that moved to Bygone Island. Your best friend was Amy Rose. But what happened if you met a really nice, cute and blue friend of hers? P...
Sonic Boom: Shadow x Sticks - How it started by StarFormer3757
Sonic Boom: Shadow x Sticks - StarFormer3757
Eggman always thinks of a plan to defeat Team Sonic, which always ends on a fail, but one day, one of his plans will start something unexpected...
Fickle Hedgehog Village by RoseyDanes
Fickle Hedgehog Villageby Dana Rose
Following two dystopian adventures with Modern Shadow, Boom Sonic returns to his world to learn why Boom Shadow has been acting like such a jerk to everyone. Ⓣ Format:...
Sonamy Boom: Amy's secret by Lilli0161
Sonamy Boom: Amy's secretby Lilli0161
Amy was at some old ruins from the ancients. There, she found a necklace, after she put it on, she got a new ability. Scarred of what her friends will think of her new a...
Eggman VS Sonadow by RoseyDanes
Eggman VS Sonadowby Dana Rose
When Sonic and Shadow decide to go Sonadow on everyone, Eggman becomes jealous of the attention Sonic no longer has for battling Badnicks and mechs. With hopes to diver...
Doubles by BlossomKawaiiGem321
Doublesby ☆* ฿ɭʘ$₷⌀Ⅿ *☆
Two different universes, yet same goals. One's the protector of a planet, the other, a village. What chaos will ensue when these two worlds meet? Read, to find out. A mo...
Love Another | Taiream and Sonamy by zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
Love Another | Taiream and Sonamyby zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
~💛~ Taiream ~💛~ There is always a war when it comes to love, freedom, and justice. But what happens when you feel like hiding, when you feel alone, and when you fe...